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  1. As to me we must choice our frames gender just like operator because Have Male Tenno and be Ember (Female) make no sense
  2. Hi, since a little moment I've always "Fail to connect, check your info" before loging and when I play "Connexion fail you'll be logged out"
  3. Hi when Tenno will be able to speak with others when they are in squad and when we will be able to interact with familiar during mission ?
  4. All as wrote with their weapon for sure
  5. Put Catalizer, Reactor, Forma bp and Nitain instead of trash mod from assassin...
  6. Why Two Chroma cannot kombined their 2nd abilities like Ice armor with Fire Extra life ?
  7. When will we have a Great sword holster on left hip ?
  8. No just have same progress in Konzu and Fortuna
  9. We need a universal quills standing. Because both offer same thing and make no sense to have 2 split quills standing
  10. No 10 forma = 24h. So it'll not be OP as to me I go krazy when I polarize 3 thing at the Same day
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