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  1. While the animation is absolutely badass and not paying energy for it is logical and super comfortable (thank you!), rolling to enter and exit the rift is very frustrating, as you can't prepare precise shots or stand on one point without falling, and it limits your maneuverability, which sucks in a game like this one. I suggest having an extra hotkey for it. The other extremely frustrating thing is the banish restriction of being on the opposite plane of existence. I would personally get rid of the fact that our own projectiles get caught in the stasis, as it makes everything unnecessarily slow, but that's personal preference, and it also looks way too cool. Everything else is great.
  2. Agreed on the custom loading! And btw it didn't come out antagonistic, I hope my answer wasn't as well :)
  3. Uhm, strange, I was with a totally wrong warframe for the mission, with horrible weapons, and didn't have much trouble. It's always interesting to see the difference of people's familiarity with controls!
  4. IT WAS AMAZING. I was mind-blown when I was ported into this... thing. OMG. Absolutely BRILLIANT idea. Thank you DE! That was a lot of fun! I'd spend more words to describe all the reasons why it was awesome but what the hell you made it, you know it! I just wanted to thank you! <3 P.S. Did you happen to take inspiration from Devil May Cry's Mundus final boss battle? It reminded me of it! So good.
  5. Thank you so much! This website is the BEST! Please keep it up <3
  6. I'm just here to say that the change to the waypoints/markers was probably the best thing that has ever happened to Warframe, right up there with the Second Dream, the Vacuum precept, Parkour 2.0, Melee 2.0, and Clem. Thank you once again, DE.
  7. AWESOME! Thank you ~ P.S. Why is my avatar not the same as in-game?
  8. Why the nerf to the radius? It's just worse like this, picking up stuff is NOT a fun thing. At least not in a fast paced game like this. In my opinion, everything should be automated, with the exception of rare drops (to get that satisfaction I guess, personally I'd rather have loot automated but I know I'm almost alone on this one, because I play for fun and not for loot). I know that's extreme, but even if you don't consider that at all, nerfing the radius just makes no sense.
  9. 2 things. I think the tiers should be at least like 5 or 4. (max 50 people, max 500) And please change the name of the tiers to something more sci-fi related? With those names it feels like WoW again xD But anyway, this is fantastic news! Keep up the awesome job!
  10. Oh my DE Thank you!
  11. "highlight effect for Mod pickups will remain until all players have acquired the Mod" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAA YEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!!!! AAAAAAAA THANK YOU!!! EDIT: Nevermind I thought it was the old glowing :(
  12. Made my day. And Patch is amazing! gz again DE! (u still have to disappoint me) (however PUT DUPLICATE TAB FOR MOD SORTING!!111ONEOENONE)
  13. Very awesome! Looking forward to participate ~ P.S. (one small thing, it's "Update 8 and ITS structure", without " ' ")
  14. o_o too... much.... content... need... longer... days............. @_@ I love you DE.