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  1. The new Gauss' weapons are beautiful and would be really fun, if not for the deeply counterintuitive mechanic of the self damage, considering you'd want to sprint to reload and generally use those with Gauss. It makes no sense. Could you please consider removing it? Thanks! ❤️
  2. This is the greatest thing EVER! When can we get a table of what elements do to what while swapping mods? Even after 6 years of playing I still need to have the "Damage" tab of the wiki open at all times.
  3. Holy S#&$ the hotfix was SO FAST thank you so much DE.
  4. All the QoL updates are SO AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!
  5. Cool! Hey new players: save your platinum for slots! (and occasionally an orokin catalyst, but keep an eye on alerts and events for those!)
  6. Awesome! Thanks 🙂 Any chance to fix the sprint toggle deactivating after Revenant's 4th? It's driving me nuts xD
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