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  1. Even when disabled in the settings of the game and the GPU, the V-sync continues to function normally?!
  2. I agree, only playing for them to see how much bug that has Raid.
  3. All challenges of Riven Mod that present headshots as a condition of conclusion are broken (the ones of pistol, because I did not test some of rifle), the game simply does not count, thus, impossible to unveil it.
  4. It is impossible to make parts of Octavia on the Moon, there is always a bug. (Ex: The enemies do not appear; sometimes the 3 caches do not appear.)
  5. I am facing the same of "Network is not responding".
  6. Congratulations on filling the game with connection problems!
  7. I can not change the structure of my game to 64 bits. Whenever I try the game it presents an error when updating for such a structure.
  8. When I try to change the 32-bit to 64-bit game structure, the launcher starts updating (normal) and then crashes.
  9. Quando ativo a opção de 64 bits no launcher, ele começa a atualizar e logo em seguida falha. Alguém poderia sugerir possíveis soluções? Grato!