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  1. Honestly have to say that this event felt like a complete drag. The first mission was a 20 wave defense with lots of eximus units and Hyenas. Nothing special, in my eyes a bit too long, but at least still enough enemies to keep you sort of engaged. The second mission, a sortie-style interception for three rounds, was horrendous with at most about 5 enemies present at any given moment. 99% of the time in that mission was spent just sitting there doing nothing. The third mission was also plagued by a significant lack of enemy spawns, and also dragged on for way longer than it needed to. Bored by those three missions, I didn't bother with the fourth, since the reward isn't actually enticing to me. And the lack of any meaningful context for the event that tells us why this is happening doesn't help, either. Why are the Crewmen being replaced? And more importantly: Why is it called a Rebellion? Who's rebelling? Are the robots turning on their masters? So overall, there's no lore and the missions are boring. Sorry, DE, but this wasn't really fun. It felt more like an extended "Gift of the Lotus" alert than an event or at least a tactical alert... unless of course it was meant to just be a little handout. I'd suggest to increase the enemy spawns, especially in mission #2, shorten the defense and survival and give us players some context. For an event it would have been more engaging to do a different sequence of missions that plays like a small quest. Do a Spy to gather intel on the happenings in the Corpus faction, do a Defense to steal some of the robots for analysis and finish it with a sabotage/Raptor fight to put a dent into the robot production and finish with a beefed up defense mission for those who want to go nuts and get that Rift Sigil. Also: Don't take this as me saying that the missions should be harder. I think they should simply be more engaging and keep the time players spend just twiddling their thumbs to a minimum.
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