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  1. GP_CoJo

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #231!

    Just a heads up: whatever you're using to pick a random Mixer user is bugged. The same winner won twice in today's and yesterday's streams for Mixer, and it's not the first time it's happened either. The statistical probability of that occurring twice naturally from a pool of 500 viewers is 0.0000000016%. To give reference, the odds of being struck by lightning at any point in your life is 0.033%.
  2. GP_CoJo

    Limbo not putting excavators on rift

    Can confirm. They destroy them despite the objective being inside cataclysm.
  3. GP_CoJo

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #224!

    I, too, only got the poster. Watched the entire thing. Even showed up early.
  4. GP_CoJo

    Warframe Builder

    Dual Keres is missing its Naramon () stance polarity.
  5. GP_CoJo

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    This is painful to look at.
  6. I feel like DE is over-complicating a very simple solution. Just make the mod usable for all companions. Done. Simple. Clean. No further questions or discussions needed. Having to go backwards and walk over loot to pick it up when your entire game is predicated on speed and agility is NOT FUN. Why else do you think Carrier is so dominantly used? It's certainly not because it's the "best" companion, it's because all the other options require us to do something we don't enjoy doing. Changing Vacuum to anything but universal just shows a complete lack of fundamental understanding of how your game is being played.
  7. GP_CoJo

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 9

    Is the Phobos Junction still broke?