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  1. Doing the sortie 2 in the Void, I somehow ended up with everything rendered as a solid, completely grey/black screen... EXCEPT for the UI. All UI elements were perfectly rendered and colored correctly. Everything else was completely dark, with random bits of render thrown about here and there when effects happened. I made it to the extraction point using the minimap only. Once I extracted back to the Orbiter, the screen went back to normal. Went into Sortie 3, and the bug happened again, but then went away once I switched the graphics engine to Classic.
  2. This is happening to me too. May not be related, but this is exactly what I did to have it happen several times to me tonight: 1. I'm speedrunning Profit Taker 2 bounties. 2. With the bounty started in Fortuna, but before I take the elevator to go outside to do it, if I goto my clan the way OP described while still in Fortuna it puts me on the endless Please Wait screen OP described every time. Could have nothing to do with it, but it's how it keeps happening to me.
  3. Just spent an hour in Kelpie, Sedna getting my last Gauss part... earlier in the run, a lower level player who was star charting left after round 1 forcing a host migration. The rest of the group stayed and spent the next 40 minutes or so Gauss farming. Little did we know, when the player earlier left, it locked the door (yellow lights as if to need a hack) to the only exit on the map with no way of opening it back up. Everyone who was in the run had to quit the mission and lose all their loot after an hour of farming (and the last part I needed had finally dropped). Extremely frustrat
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