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  1. - Energy Dashing after a bullet jump uses momentum.. this has got to be a bug.. it's god awful. Causes overdashing and inability to change directions when dashing. Dealing with mapfalls was bad enough.. now this just makes it more prone to dash/fall into one. - The new lighting system is atrociously bad. Black colors are now showing as dark grey on some textures. Shadows are completely absent on most decorations. - Still getting adaptive exposure blackscreening when using melee/inflicting self damage... causing migraines and creating seizure sensitive scenarios. - Handspring is broke. - Thanks for fixing/buffing bows I guess (Every bow needs a .5 reload speed though base still.. they still feel clunky without .5 or less.) Everything in this update is just terribly half baked (Except the bow fixes/changes), one of the worst updates in years. Back to my Warframe vacation while you guys iron this out.
  2. Is the ability to purchase infinite loadout slots intentional? I just bought 80 more. Please leave this in.
  3. So many people here are just missing the point completely. This is lazy balance design on DE's end, and a complete anti-consumer practice. DE knows players will keep buying/acquiring more plat to get better and better stats for their favorite weapons. They would/should be spending their time buffing less popular/weaker weapon rivens to give us more variety for late game content, not FORCING people into looking at what else they can use. They can't rework base stats too crazy because there has to be weapon progression in the game to give newer players a sense of power creep. Rivens are what allows those weaker weapons that people love a chance to become viable for late game content. This is flat out scummy EA crap and I really hope player backlash kicks them in the butt for these nerfs over the last few months. Anyone who bought platinum to purchase Rivens that got nerfed just lost a crap ton of goodwill for your company. Anyone who invested time and effort to acquire platinum to get good rivens that were nerfed likely lost just as much goodwill also. DE is like an abusive spouse, you love them and don't want to leave them.. but every once and a while they get drunk and beat you senseless for no damn reason. Anyone defending DE here is doing so out of fanboyism or personal bias against rivens because they cannot afford them or don't have the time to acquire them and roll them. One day DE, you're going to lose faith from your players and we will be looking for other live service games to play that won't punish players for using weapons they love to use. Destiny 2 is coming to Steam pretty soon and if that game even gives me half of the enjoyment Warframe does I'll be taking yet another long vacation away from this game. I will not idly stand by and support these types of changes to Warframe. It's hurting the playerbase and the game even more than ever.
  4. This is just anti consumer practice guys, just stop giving DE money and they'll quit screwing you over. They are completely oblivious that these types of changes are what drive people AWAY from the game. I'd rather spend my time and money on something that doesn't punish me for no damn reason. It's a god damn PVE game ffs.
  5. So dumb, how about just buffing the weaker stuff rather than nerfing the more popular stuff. You know people pay RL money on plat to buy these things and then you just nerf crap into the ground? That's so blatantly anti-consumer and I can't believe DE actually allows this crap to continue. Rebalance your trash and stop nerfing peoples hard earned rivens.
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