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  1. Whenever you fire these things the revolver piece comes out. Would love to use this skin I paid for again at some point...
  2. Quit nerfing rivens, almost everyone I know has quit playing because of this crap. You don't even nerf them to balance the weapon. Fulmin is mediocre at best and Pyrana is absolute trash past level 100.. WHY do you keep nerfing these weapons? Have you ever stopped to think.. hey, maybe people use these weapons because they are fun/look good? If more weapons fit the design aesthetics players want and actually performed decently you would see more variety being used. It's no wonder why players are leaving the game in droves. You're nerfing all the hard work people put into acquiring these rivens at end game. It's literally the only thing that keeps people playing this game and you continue to abuse the veteran players. Stick to buffing stuff and stop nerfing things that don't need to be nerfed. DE is already getting a terrible reputation for this and I can't even defend this game anymore.
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