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  1. It's also unequipped from my Ignis Wraith. This has got to be a bug.
  2. Still works on other guns/beam weapons. What gives? This has got to be a bug. Could you at least notify us and refund Forma used on these weapons if it's intentional.
  3. I'm having 0 issues keeping it procced. I do not want it to be longer either because that ruins the potential for long range shots.The bows I'm using it on have .5 reload and .15-.19 draw speed. So yes, my bows are spammable, and luckily for me I have the mechanical skill to keep hitting the targets to keep it going. It's a straight up upgrade over Split Chamber.. if you don't want to use it.. then don't.
  4. Are you capable of even reading? You've quoted me twice taking things out of context. Finish reading a damn sentence before you start keyboard warrioring.
  5. It is an on hit mod, which means the first shot still has accuracy, and is even better than Split Chamber for sniping since you don't have to worry about multishot arrows projecting outwards... missing targets at a distance. 2 second duration allows you to keep sniping at a distance, while getting more DPS up close.
  6. This is everything a bow main could've asked for. Seriously.. you guys made my day. Bows were really lacking in the close-medium range DPS department and this mod completely cured that issue. You might want to nerf the Mutalist Cernos elemental damage reproccing this mod though. It's a little nutso. Thank you!
  7. This is a must have mod for Rakta Cernos, Paris Prime, and Dread. It makes these weapons top tier. Nothing should be changed about the mod. It allows for long range sniping and up close-medium distance increased DPS. It is everything these bows have been lacking to make them top tier weapons.
  8. Completely disagree. The 2 second duration is there to allow for the bows to still be used as long range snipers. This mod is to increase the DPS for close-medium range engagements with bows where they completely fall flat compared to other weapons. If the duration was extended, the mod would become completely useless to bow players. Build your bow to be faster, and you will enjoy the mod more.
  9. The knockdown effect is god awful. It's ruined so many weapons. I don't know what they were thinking with this. Akstiletto Prime are basically useless now alongside any other impact focused automatic weapon. Impact should stagger, then stun. +1 for OP. This is legit the only thing that made me mad about today's update.
  10. Corrosive is still better than Viral against armored enemies. Not a single damage test I did put Viral ahead of Corrosive in that department.
  11. Whining gamer whines about whining gamers. This gud meme. Much laugh.
  12. Whenever you fire these things the revolver piece comes out. Would love to use this skin I paid for again at some point...
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