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  1. Considering the numbers of bugs on how the rewards are given I really expect you to extend the event, I don't have the time (even though I'm on lockdown) to spent 3 hours in a relay to get nothing at the end
  2. Well here is another problem: I participated in several flotilla along a single invasion and only received points from the last (which was 0 as we didn't had the time to repeal all the murex)... 3 hours well spent
  3. Hey Rebecca and the team, Great modifications incoming, the only part left is to make the thrall / murmur hunting more integrated into the regular missions, at the moment it's very tedious and often done in solo (matchmaking with someone else is very rare, even rarer to stay in group at the end of a mission). Maybe by fusing Kuva missions with lich missions, or making thrall present in EVERY missions of the planet. And also, let us do 30 min survival in kuva lich mission not just 5min (and let thralls spawn up until the moment we leave excavation or disruption missions).
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