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  1. Hello o/ first of all: Clan name : Old Habits Die Hard Clan tier : Storm Clan platform : PS4 Your Clan role : Founding Warlord now to the youtubez and imgurs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9RJHNmE_eQ https://imgur.com/a/uO4C80S the youtube-tour begins with the main hall (obviously) which isnt included in the pictures (not so obviously), because its pretty hard to capture the room with a picture. Anyways, you'll find more information to the specific rooms and the dojo in general in the imgur link. I hope you enjoy and good luck to everyone, TheWrakkar o/
  2. (PS4)TheWrakkar

    Warframe Prime Time #210: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Clan Old Habits Die Hard I tried to create a challenging but also doable run who's encouraging contestants to train some rather difficult jumps, my "guinea pigs" said they started to notice how they're getting better. All in all it consist of about 9 Different Segments with wallrunning, long distance jumps, shooting ranges and other things Its fairly long, I used about 600 Elements and I think with a perfect run it'd take about 2-3 minutes, its made with no jumpmods in mind
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    PS4 Chains of Harrow Remaster Build

    Wait, doesn't this mean that cert will take longer than usual?