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  1. So Blade Storm clone attacks already add to the combo counter, and as far as I can tell, it has literally always been that way. As long as there have been both Blade Storm and combo, Blade Storm has added to combo. In 22.12.3 you even had to fix clone hits not adding to combo, so we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is intentional. So unless that aug lets us double dip, it's not doing much. Like currently the Blade Storm slash procs don't affect Relentless Combination, so you could enable that with the aug but that's not a lot.
  2. In general, the challenges should be things you can work on over the week. So 1-hour survival is fine if you can do it across multiple missions. The one session requirement kinda just stops people who aren't geared or nearly geared from completing it. And don't get me wrong, that challenge isn't a challenge. You either have the gear and it's incredibly long, easy, and boring, or you don't and it is nigh impossible. The same largely goes for the Hydrolyst but in that case, it's more that not many people want to run players through that aren't fully geared (which is reasonable because that fight has timegates every other second and minimizing the time used where you can is important) than it is because you need full gear.
  3. Could we get some specifics on what is happening to certain mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds in Melee 3.0? The whole of melee currently sits on them in a big way so myself and many others cannot be confident in Melee 3.0 till we know how they're being handled.
  4. There seem to be quite a few people in this thread calling for a Corrosive Projection nerf and I warn that only do that if you want corrosive damage type and the sarpa to see even more use. Infinitely scaling enemy effective health is a problem largely solved by Corrosive Projection for the cost of a single mod slot. We have to solve that problem, but you can't get any cheaper of a solution than that. If you nerf it you will only narrow the field of viable late game options in Warframe even more than they already are.
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