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  1. Thank god. Especially on the mastery symbols. The concept ones were good. I just didn't feel like they fit into the setting as well as the current ones do. I also don't feel it would have actually improved anything. It's still a big symbol with a number on it. The concept ones just also had a player's glyph inside of it and that just sort of felt tacky to me. Currently the mastery symbols are like a badge next to my name. It'd feel weird if my face was on it.
  2. Any plans on making Ephemera that are an actual reward for a challenge as opposed to just more RNG? How do you intend on addressing the ludicrous amount of RNG gates in Railjack. As it stands Railjack is just a slot machine with time delays and I could just drive down to a local casino to get a better Railjack experience. With Squad Link connecting multiple distinct gamemodes together, what gamemodes can we expect to get updated to make Squad Link worth playing at all? Given that mission droptables tend to be copy pasted around the starchart with only relic tiers going up and endo/credit drops getting insignificant increases, any plans to revamp those droptables?
  3. So my only problem with this update is the Blink change. I think it's a problem because it comes from an utter failure to understand what is going on with Archwing right now. The Itzal pre this update was not the best Archwing, it was merely the fastest. The distinction is important, because all Archwing is right now is a taxi cab. If Archwings are to be judged on more than their speed. The Amesha is so good that the first photons released by the big bang would not have crossed the gap between it and the other Archwings by now. It's literally the tankiness of Rhino, the support of Trinity, and the CC of Nova crammed onto one piece of equipment and then buffed. The only reason the Itzal seems so oppressive right now is because Archwing is so poorly integrated into the rest of the game that the only thing most players have to use it for is ferrying themselves around open worlds. We don't use them to fight enemies. We don't use them to protect allies. They're taxis. That brings up one last point. The Itzal still has the fastest sprint speed. That means you've not even addressed how prevalent the Itzal is right now, because in those 3 second cooldowns, the Itzal covers the most ground. It's just slower now, so the net change of the Blink update is you nerfed Itzal, and you didn't even nerf it enough to make the other 3 Archwings worth using right now.
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