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  1. In general, the challenges should be things you can work on over the week. So 1-hour survival is fine if you can do it across multiple missions. The one session requirement kinda just stops people who aren't geared or nearly geared from completing it. And don't get me wrong, that challenge isn't a challenge. You either have the gear and it's incredibly long, easy, and boring, or you don't and it is nigh impossible. The same largely goes for the Hydrolyst but in that case, it's more that not many people want to run players through that aren't fully geared (which is reasonable because that fight has timegates every other second and minimizing the time used where you can is important) than it is because you need full gear.
  2. Could we get some specifics on what is happening to certain mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds in Melee 3.0? The whole of melee currently sits on them in a big way so myself and many others cannot be confident in Melee 3.0 till we know how they're being handled.
  3. There seem to be quite a few people in this thread calling for a Corrosive Projection nerf and I warn that only do that if you want corrosive damage type and the sarpa to see even more use. Infinitely scaling enemy effective health is a problem largely solved by Corrosive Projection for the cost of a single mod slot. We have to solve that problem, but you can't get any cheaper of a solution than that. If you nerf it you will only narrow the field of viable late game options in Warframe even more than they already are.
  4. So much effort typing in your password everyday. This isn't about wanting all the rewards without the effort. It's about the idea that a video game should not permanently remove or delay my ability to get cool things because I had family in the emergency room and couldn't log on. The system needs to be forgiving enough to not punish us because we have real life obligations. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the changes because they at least let us skip to the good bits, but don't lie to people about daily login requiring any effort or loyalty. And especially don't lie about it rewarding those things either because there is nothing it does better than punish loyal players for just having more important things than one video game.
  5. Overall I think this looks really good. I do however have a couple issues. The first is only rivens at 1000+ C rotation. I don't like rivens. Other than the fact that they don't directly take money, they're identical to slot machines, and you guys have proven so poor at maintaining them that they tend to double down on the meta which is the exact opposite of their stated goal. Fortunately you've got some time to fix that one. My other issue is the "scaling" of resource rewards. For them to be worthwhile you have to give me more than I could get on accident. As it turns out, even being a player that usually doesn't have a resource booster, my tellurium income tends to be way higher than 6 whenever I play even one mission that drops it. By day 1000 I need to be getting at least 20 of that stuff every time I get it from login. Obviously you can vary numbers by the resource and how in demand it is, but you would need to take a serious look at what blueprints exist and how much each of them costs to find that out, and if 6 Tellurim past day 1000 is your example, I do not believe you even started that.
  6. How are Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, and the Gladiator set bonus affected by the changes? Will they still affect all strikes or will they be relegated to only affecting the new heavy attacks?
  7. So I'm glad you addressed the whole Rifle versus Shotgun mods thing on Titania, but I have a more important question. What are you doing to the rest of her powers? Off the top of my head, the buffs from her 2 are almost worthless with the single target nature of the power making it annoying to build up the buffs even if they were improved and her 3 just floats off and doesn't do anything in a large tile or on Plains.
  8. There are two things I want to know. 1) How will the combo counter affect mods like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds and also Warframe powers that scale off of it? Do Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds still affect regular attacks and only the damage bonus that the current counter gives is leaving? Or will Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds only affect heavy attacks. Also if all points are spent on a single attack, why would I heavy attack when playing a frame like Atlas or Ash who have powers that scale off combo multiplier? 2) What is going to happen to Channeling mods? I know I don't use most of them but I'd like to keep Life Strike around.
  9. I feel like there needs to be some way to resummon Venari. Like hopefully its got a bleedout timer, but if it dies for whatever reason (could be a typical pet and try and fight 4 techs and a sapping osprey at once) and we miss the bleedout, there should probably be a way to get it back without dying ourselves.
  10. So overall I like this update. Especially removing the cooldown on Radial Blind. It was the most annoying thing I never realized I should complain about. Otherwise I have two questions. Why is endo in the onslaught droptables, especially the elite version? And why do Khora's parts drop in the elite version? If this is part of endgame (especially the long runs on elite), then you're trying to make droptables for players who already went to Vodyanoi. Endo is just droptable clutter. As far as Khora's parts are concerned, I understand them being in the new mode, but since they aren't tradable and Warframe parts are worth irrelevant credits, after you get them once they are just droptable clutter as well. Don't get me wrong it's cool that they're in the lower difficulty droptables cause it gives you a place to go for them if you need more Khoras, but throwing them in the elite version too just means that sometimes 15 zones in I'm going to get the equivalent of a 5k credit cache. I already don't like getting 5k credit caches when I don't have to clear out my inventory to get the money.
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