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  1. I agree. And i also hope it gets inproved after we get the full melee 3.0 update. hopefully it does not send most fun or loved weapons to the fun but not very efficient section of weapons that reper prime is in now. And i agree Reaper is truly a weapon that ppl love including my self. lets ust hope for the best!!! 😄
  2. Hi! Yes its ok but you might need about 3 to 4 forma to put all the things u want in it to make it have space for things like berserker and some other thngs, i personaly recommend having at least 2 dual stat mods in there like virulent scourge and vicious frost and then u can add soem blood rush and the rest. Its not bad but keep in mind you might need some better weapons if you're going for a sortie or something a little bit more serious than your regular mission. But who cares build all the weapons you need them fr the levels 🙂 also i recommend checking some videos out then deciding on how you are going ot build it. thank you for your time and have an awesome day!!!
  3. Ye Yes i agree but look at it this way, to make the build you are suggesting you have 8 slots so. Primed pressure point,,,blood rush,,,then 2 dual stat mods of choice that add status ofc,,,condition overload shocking touch,,,sacrificial steel,,,and finally a slot for a riven or the speed mod you suggested. yes you are correct that makes the weapon good and i had a similar build but im not sure which is better they perform similarly. please keep in mind im not asking it to be a god like weapon its just not ok to see such a good looking weapon need so much forma and maby even a riven to be sure its going to be efficient enough at killing enemies before they take a bigger chunk of your helf down. and it might be the stance thats holding it back a bit but im nut sure.
  4. Lets be hones we all love reaper prime but i cant make it good enough even with a riven.Im not saying make it top tear but at least give it a bit more damage or status. But god please give it just a bit more speed. Im sure a lot of you can agree that it looks AWESOME and i love the weapon. and to be honest i vould be using it all the time but if i make it good and make it have great range then i need to use valkyr to make it fast enough. And i know all of you might suggest that i need this mod or that mod in but trust me im using a very good build and the weapon. This is getting way to long but lets be honest we all know that the weapon isnt something you would be using if you have such a huge selection of great melee weapons. Im hoping that we get enough votes and people agree that this amasing looking weapon should be given a bit more atention. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Also i am very sorry for my english i hope u could understand most of this.
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