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  1. The going market rate isn't subjective, the only thing subjective about it is whether or not you consider it good value.
  2. Just because someone is high MR doesn't mean they actually know anything about the game, it might just mean they know that Hydron exists. Anyone who equates MR to knowledge evidently doesn't know as much about Warframe as they should... >.> All in all this whole situation is pathetic (including your part OP). As with many things in written text, I think tone was lost. I don't believe Guy B actually intended a serious claim that they triggered the bug and you just read into what he was saying far more than you should. Just leave the entire situation as it is, don't report him. At the end of the day you need to remember the medium through which you are communicating and realise its limits.
  3. What about Arcanes and Arcane Helmets? Would max capacity be 30 or 60 (or if you grab a paracesis 40/80)? Honestly I'm just happy that you aren't suggesting any form of PvP as end-game, and although some might be salty about starting at the bottom of the power curve each time it's a reasonable way to avoid most of the issues concerning cheese/static gameplay.
  4. When you say it had recently updated a hotfix, do you mean a hotfix was deployed while you were running the mission or was this after you had restarted Warframe? If the hotfix was deploying while you ran the fissures, then you're not going to get the items back. The instances in which your friend got the items via inbox were due to game crashes, not server related as I suspect your issue is. You can try to contact support if you have screens but I doubt they'll give you any items back.
  5. Because no one else is wanting to play Conclave. Match-making can only group you with people who are also wanting to play Conclave, it can't yank people out of PvE missions for you. Allowing people to change what the loadouts consist of while queuing for MM would be ideal. If the player chooses to use the bow, why would you want it removed? And honestly your MR/Conclave ranking doesn't mean anything in regards to mechanical skill, it just means you've farmed. And to round things off, why does it matter? Conclave is never going to be in a healthy state as long as it resembles anything like what it currently is.
  6. No, but dev teams are split up based on expertise, and if they're taking the time to make the suggested 'feature' then that's time they're not spending on something else. That is unless someone at DE takes this on as a pet project but I can't imagine anyone caring enough about it to do so.
  7. So just cosmetics for the Grineer/Corpus units? Those would be the only new monetisation options that would be palatable from what I can tell. Anymore information on the systems involved or was this just a throw away idea you had? Is it intended to be entirely separate from the core game? If it is, then that alone would most likely rule out DE doing anything like it since they've stated that they're focusing on tying the different aspects of Warframe together.
  8. I was indifferent to the entire post until you said this. What monetisation options are you talking about? The only ones I can think of that don't already exist in Warframe would be P2W. Prove me wrong?
  9. Respect should be given to those deserving of it. If you don't know what a person has to say about the subject then benefit of the doubt should be given and a base level of respect should be default. With CCs, they publicly broadcast their view/knowledge on the subject so it's easy to tell which are deserving of respect given there's pretty much no 'doubt' for them to be given the benefit of. I don't see my attitude as being bad, it's just the view I have of people. With CCs the only difference between them and any other person is (as I mentioned already) the fact we know what they think. I should clarify, when I said "the only people who care are their rabid fanbases", I meant to say "the only people who care about them (CCs) more than they do about any other player are their rabid fanbases". I never claimed that I was being made to watch/interact with them, but I don't have any say about seeing these stupid threads in the forums either. And what I'm saying (I will refrain from saying "what we're saying") is that a CC leaving shouldn't hold any more weight than any other player leaving does. What I object to is a CC being put on a pedestal simply because they are a CC. It's the same issue I have with peoples vapid obsession with celebrities who have done nothing truly deserving of special treatment/respect. I'm not saying there aren't reasons why people are leaving but instead I'm saying we shouldn't think that the reasons CCs are leaving are the only reasons people are leaving, or even that any suggestion given by a CC on how to make the game better should be given more weight than a suggestion given by a non-CC. Merit should be attributed based on the suggestion itself, not who made it.
  10. No you block them because they either respond saying they didn't actually want to buy, or they don't respond at all which can be deemed as rude. They're either liars or they're subjectively rude. Either way I would put them on my ignore list because neither are the type of people I want to do business with. Most of the time I see people asking for a pc on a riven, at which point if it's on a forum I would send them the semlar riven trade data link so they can figure it out themselves and never have to ask for a riven pc again. Sending that link through in-game chat is a nuisance because it means they have to actively type the link out if they want to go to it. In this case my explanation of what the link is might mean the entire msg is ignored because the other person sees something other than just a platinum number and thinks I'm "wanting to have a conversation".
  11. That is actively wasting peoples time and will make some people block you. This is why "pc" (price check) exists. If you aren't willing to buy, then don't say you are.
  12. You took the effort to ask the question and type the thread, but not to use basic search functions?
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