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  1. There is a trading section on the forum, this should be in there. In no way is this Feedback.
  2. If you're asking about which one to buy then no-one else's opinion should matter. Aesthetic preference is entirely subjective so this is a decision you should make on your own.
  3. There is no option to have the game remember your password, you have to type it in every time. If you want that to change then perform a quick search of the forums to make sure there isn't already a thread requesting it (if there is just add your support to that), and if there isn't then create a (clearly worded) thread requesting it yourself.
  4. Is that + or - recoil? If that's your 'negative' stat then that's a good one to have it land on. From what I can tell, it's usable. Multishot is always good and Toxin isn't a bad element. This site can be used to determine riven prices. It tracks actual trade prices (not just buy/sell offers) and also what exact stats it had. It also keeps track of the more desirable stats for each weapon. Unless you have a particular utility stat you like, the aforementioned site will tell you what the meta stats are. It's then up to you if you want to roll it based on if you're keeping it, would be rolling to sell it, and how much kuva you have.
  5. What about the group of people who get annoyed when they suddenly (through no action of their own) can't kill the thing they had lined a shot up for, and then have to either move out of the bubble or have to roll before they can continue to be effective in the manner they wanted to be? Some of us want to be close to the defence objective while not being annoyed by this factor. Limbo is the main Warframe (the only one that comes to mind) that stops you from making a kill in some way other than the target simply being killed before you can take the shot. On the rare occasion I jump into a public mission (usually defence) and find a Limbo that is a hindrance to the way I want to play, then I leave at the next available mission success opportunity (so not abandoning, but leaving at the end of the 5 waves/5 minutes/round).
  6. Because DE want people to buy the whole bundle to begin with. At least you didn't say there is literally no reason.
  7. They wouldn't do this because unless someone invests heavily into Rivens, none of the rewards would be useful to them if they've been playing for a long time (say 2 years). Warframe already has an issue with content for veterans/experienced players so "focusing" on these universal rewards would be DE shooting themselves not only in their foot, but their shin, kneecap, thigh, so on and so forth until they finally blow their brains out.
  8. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/137-jugadores-ayudando-a-jugadores/
  9. Your discord ID is the name + numbers that show in the bottom left of the discord app. So it will be something similar to 'BobEveryman#5928'.
  10. Are you meaning the overall BP or the specific component BP? If the former, then head to Simaris in the relay to see if the component blueprints are available to you.
  11. If you believe it to be a bug then the correct place to post would be here. Providing images would assist DE.
  12. Honestly there are two situations in which you will have negative plat. 1) You bought illegitimate plat yourself. 2) You were traded illegitimate plat, almost always without knowing it was illegitimate. The first situation (imo) should result with that person losing their account entirely. The second situation should have a fairer means of resolution. I don't think allowing people to claim daily logins is the right solution, more so it's just a band-aid on something that needs surgery. Any situation where a person isn't sufficiently punished or where a person is unjustly punished should be unacceptable.
  13. Honestly I don't see it being true cross-save if you don't also have all your purchases migrated, and it's on this matter where DE isn't in any reasonable amount of control. So from a matter of 'is cross-save up to DE' it depends at what point you call something true cross save, as well as what $ amount you would consider reasonable rather than extortionate. Also you might want to define your definition of P2W. Imo the thing closest to P2W in Warframe would be purchasing particularly great Rivens, but that's more a fact of life of a basically free market. The amount of time/effort required to earn anything that is also purchasable is so small that it's far more 'pay for convenience' or even 'pay to be lazy' than P2W. Plus there's the whole fact that Warframe is practically entirely PvE which some would say immediately rules out anything from being P2W (though I don't personally subscribe to that extreme). Then there's the part where you said devs need to get used to only selling cosmetics. Why are you making the distinction between cosmetics and equipment? Considering Warframe and the hypothetical Fortnite BR PvE would still be different genres I don't think your claim is accurate in any way.
  14. What games are those? Do they have micro transactions that carry over in them?
  15. Are you sure the DE staff on stream didn't immediately start snickering when these were shown? I have a strong feeling they were a joke.
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