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  1. No, but both are instances where your abilities are being tested.
  2. Do you also have this view on education tests? If you fail a test, do you expect to be able to immediately repeat the same test? That's not how tests work. If they did, then it would be a test of your memory rather than a test of your knowledge.
  3. Except it serves a purpose, your inability to get past it is proof. Their purpose is to require people to learn the game before receiving MR related rewards.
  4. Disagree with you on that. If a footballer wanted to get into Chelsea but they weren't competent enough, and people didn't see them play a match what else could be said. If you're not good enough to complete something, then getting better is the only option. Is it outright bad game design? Or is it just a design choice that was made that you fall on the wrong side of?
  5. Interesting that you immediately call WhiteMarker a troll because they said something you didn't want to hear. Is the point of these tests not obvious from the name - Mastery Test, as in a test of mastery of the game. If it let you rerun it over and over back to back then that's not really mastery, it's just hoping you get lucky with one of the runs. Saying 'Git Gud' wasn't the best way to put it, but it really does just come down to you needing to improve. Practice until you feel you can reliably complete the test then go for it, but until then it seems like the test is serving it's purpose.
  6. If you're good about hitting headshots the Baza is a fun primary. For secondary you can go back to a old powerhouse like the Brakk, and I don't think Detron is meta (at least it wasn't when I last gave a damn about what was meta). For melee I would recommend a CO Wolf Sledge.
  7. I don't feel it's an issue at all. Primes were only thought of as 'prestige' items for a few months (When there was just Excal and Frost) after-which they're considered as an upgrade path. The value that people should feel from earning their primes is the fact they didn't spend any money on it. If it was actually challenging to earn a prime then I might understand, but as it stands you can earn them all within a few hours of release by being smart about it (I've had everything building within 12 hours of release for the past 3 years).
  8. You can be sure that I was (been around since U7) and in my eyes it's definitely an improvement relative to what it has been for at least 3 years prior in regards to what is being discussed. Even from an educated stand point (which I know because UI design was part of my Advanced Software Design and Dev qualification) how the purchase options are laid out is fine. We were taught to standardise the UI elements, have consistent colour/terminologies and for all options at a given stage of a process to be visible at once. In regards to the purchase page, all those considerations are met and it really just comes down to people not being as aware of things as they should be. At the end of the day no design will be entirely idiot proof - which is not me calling people in this discussion that but is rather me saying that even if a definitively perfect UI existed that there will still be someone out there who won't know how to use it. And remember that I'm saying this about actual purchase page of the market, I do have gripes with other aspects of the market UI. It doesn't at the time of receiving the Ascaris Negator, but in an inbox message after completing Vor's Prize it says "Use the credits you earned in battle to buy blueprints in the Market, then hunt down resources and craft those items in you Foundry".
  9. There is, and that's not what the OP is asking for. If you mainly want to know what damage is being done on damage build-up abilities, maybe an effect on the Warframe itself would work similar to how in Dead Space Isaac Clarke's health meter is built into the spine of his suit. This way it won't affect your sense of immersion yet will still give you the info.
  10. How is trading PvE?. Some of us like to earn our items.
  11. Unless they also give a means for those mods to be obtained in PvE there would be a backlash. Forcing people into PvP to get mods they want to use in PvE in a PvE focused game is how you make people angry. I'd be ok with more rewards being obtainable in PvP as long as they aren't obviously easier to get in PvP, or that there's nothing exclusively obtainable in PvP that can be used in PvE.
  12. This thread is pointless where it currently is. GD doesn't get much attention from DE if any. Also your use of 'need' is incorrect without any modifiers/conditions, and even with those modifiers/conditions it would only be true for a portion of the community.
  13. Your quantity of RAM is fine (up until 3 months ago I was running with 8gb) but it's speed might be an issue.
  14. Are you not using any form of loot radar? Most people I know use animal instinct (if not the prime version) and it allows you to find them easily without sound (since I have my own music playing at all times). Outside of that I think it just comes down to knowledge. If the circle closed quickly then there'd be no point to trying to find them and people would just wait for it to show them exactly where it is which would result in a game mode further devoid of interaction. Idiots are going to be idiots, that's a problem with people not the game mode.
  15. Then presumably you're just one of the unlucky ones who have to wait until DE hand it out correctly, I've got two friends in the same boat.
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