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  1. My favourite example of this is that many people can't talk about which type of cat they like most.
  2. Because DE's bots are trash. DE have taken a hard-line stance with their chat moderation, and other people not being suspended isn't down to policy being inconsistent but rather the tools not functioning properly.
  3. The OP covered that in their post, even explicitly naming Bloom.
  4. I would stick to keyshares where all keys are used at once rather than running them staggered. Whenever someone says they want to stagger them, I immediately become skeptical. As others have said - don't trust anyone that you don't know personally.
  5. My thought was that if the computer can't meet the DX or other system requirements, then the launcher may simply shut down.
  6. When was the last time you played Warframe on that computer? The minimum system requirements was changed more than a year ago (?) so your system might not meet them now. What are your PC specs?
  7. If you're asking if it's possible to free up an old email so you can use that email on your active account, then yes it's possible. Afaik there's no real risk involved. Everything went smoothly for me when I did roughly the same thing a couple years ago.
  8. We don't like to hear it because DE has very clearly stated multiple times that there are a few things that will never be added to the game... ever. 1 of those things is an Auction House. Some of us would prefer the Auction House over the current system, yet we still don't like to hear about it because it gets really annoying having people effectively ask over and over again a question where the set-in-stone answer is already known.
  9. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  10. Extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation. Maybe people are ok with how things are because it doesn't matter to them what the extrinsic reward is. If they're intrinsically motivated then the increase in difficulty (no matter how lazy it is) is itself the reward.
  11. I would report them for griefing, both out of spite and because if enough people report them then DE might punish them. Will hopefully result in either the person changing how they act, or them leaving the game. Oh and as Taiiat mentioned, you'll want some evidence. If you have an Nvidia GPU then maybe look into shadowplay. It has a feature that allows you to save the last x number of minutes (up to 30 I think) as a video. Or you could take some screenshots showing player movement, chat responses, progress screen etc.
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