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  1. Has anything been said about reintroducing self damage, even if it's a toggle that restricts us to solo? Nezha Prime kind of makes me want to return to Warframe after 8-months, but I won't bother if self-damage turns into a topic similar to Auction Houses (that being a topic where the answer will always be a flat "no").
  2. My favourite example of this is that many people can't talk about which type of cat they like most.
  3. Because DE's bots are trash. DE have taken a hard-line stance with their chat moderation, and other people not being suspended isn't down to policy being inconsistent but rather the tools not functioning properly.
  4. The OP covered that in their post, even explicitly naming Bloom.
  5. I would stick to keyshares where all keys are used at once rather than running them staggered. Whenever someone says they want to stagger them, I immediately become skeptical. As others have said - don't trust anyone that you don't know personally.
  6. My thought was that if the computer can't meet the DX or other system requirements, then the launcher may simply shut down.
  7. When was the last time you played Warframe on that computer? The minimum system requirements was changed more than a year ago (?) so your system might not meet them now. What are your PC specs?
  8. If you're asking if it's possible to free up an old email so you can use that email on your active account, then yes it's possible. Afaik there's no real risk involved. Everything went smoothly for me when I did roughly the same thing a couple years ago.
  9. We don't like to hear it because DE has very clearly stated multiple times that there are a few things that will never be added to the game... ever. 1 of those things is an Auction House. Some of us would prefer the Auction House over the current system, yet we still don't like to hear about it because it gets really annoying having people effectively ask over and over again a question where the set-in-stone answer is already known.
  10. I've seen a video by either tech of tomorrow or linus tech tips showing a side by side comparison of an HDD boot verse an SSD boot. 30 seconds for turning it on doesn't seem too great for me, especially when I had to wait 35+ MINUTES for my family's last PC. Thanks for the RAM info, I had switched my planned RAM in the last few days but obviously forgot to check for compatibility. Thank you to both of you regarding the monitor information, I always just assumed a larger resolution meant a relatively higher cost.
  11. I have been planning to build a new PC for quite a long time and have looked at many options, but I wanted to get more people's opinions. The PC will be used for computer program coding and (obviously) gaming. My current component list adds up to around $1500 NZ. This includes a monitor and OS. I will be using a headset so speakers aren't needed, and I already have my mouse and keyboard. An optical drive won't be needed as I will just transfer disc files from the family laptop using a USB. Any help will be much appreciated. Case: Zalman Z1 mid tower. http://www.pbtech.co
  12. As far as I am aware there shouldn't be any weapon that has only 30 total capacity that used to have 72. If you are using the Angstrum and a bow/sniper, then there is a glitch where your Angstrum affects the ammo of your primary.
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