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  1. So I have a few problems with this update. Things that can be changed but doubt it will happen. 1. Fix the zenistar, making the Base duration 10 seconds makes it struggle since it is not a heavy hitting weapon making it a one time use per combo weapon. That's not ok in any loadout, that and it straight up kills the UFO lord ivara. 2. Separate the requiem mods and relics to their own space in market. Having to pay up 875 plat for mainly just cosmetics isn't helpful for players who can't spend the majority of time grinding. That being said the requiem kuva Liches deciphering is ridiculous. 3. Fix the mods! Primed reach is almost as useless as primed sure footed, come on DE I understand you don't like players being overpowered stacking up those big numbers. But in all fairness that's why most veteranso stick around. Being able to enter a stupid high duration survival and brag about it. Now we are just in a state of sure we can get big numbers but on 2 maybe 3 enemies at a time. 4. Want to make requiem relics more used and have endgame content? Make them work like Tower keys, THAT would be endgame and make the endurance players happy. Maybe throw in some diffrent rewards in each instead of switching up the requiem mods... like really? Think about how much the community would adore endurance relics being able to dish out things like kuva, endo, 100,000 crews. Hell make it more costly to radiant it like 300, 500 or even 1000. In the end it would be worth it and player can have fun after they are done grinding the kuva weapons and never touch the liches again. Let's face it that's gona happen if they are gona be a pain stealing rewards. *mic drop*
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