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  1. Just some info if you are afflicted by this bug and your frame is not near enemies that can kill you, in Plains of Eidolon the k-drive bug was nullified by riding to the Cetus gate and it forced me out near the door and everything worked fine for me after that.
  2. The script problem that caused the plasma drill to stop working seems to happen every time i try to mine in the transition cave between the surface and the boss room.
  3. Mining works fine for a few minutes for me and then the drill UI freezes and after that the drill no longer detects any gems. The UI goes away if i switch weapons but the functionality is lost. Hard revive/going back to Fortuna do not fix this for me and I have to return to orbiter just to mine again. Equipment used during this time: Loki Prime, Battacor, Catchmoon kitgun, Paracesis, Helios Prime, Sweeper Prime.
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