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  1. Hi! I beleive screenshots speak louder than words: Pretty sure this is the "Acanthus prime shoulder guard" effect... thing is i'm not wearing them 🤨.
  2. Hey ! I'm the Guy ! And yeah I wasn't serious at all about this and particularly not the "I don't share my secret for free" part, i can't imagine anyone selling glitch and bug method, that would be idiotic for a lot of obvious reason. Well i was serious about being concerned that i had upset you. However ZeroZX4 after reading this discussion i hope we both learn a lesson, that I shoudn't joke about anything and that you shoudn't threaten to report people so easily, especialy in case like this, because has we can see: no one care and it's no big deal. So yeah... I don't know what to say... Thank you for the orokin cell and have a nice day ?
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