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  1. To be honest I am quite fed up and annoyed by the current run system. Everybody wants to finish as quick as it can any given mission ,sometimes when my internet was weaker and it took some time to load I joined them 1 minute away for them to enter the leaving zone...The whole mission was 2 and half minute maybe,capture. I joined maybe someone wanna farm Argon but people just rush over anything and I am getting tired of this,luckily I main Ash so I can do any given mission solo without much of issues but maybe just maybe sometimes I would love to play a proper party with other tennos... But at a certain they are right...why waste time when there's nothing in,no better drop,nothing extra for staying in and fight. Boss missions...god forsake you for not bringing the main character of your and instead of 30 sec it takes 2 minutes...half of the team left...and these are aspects which must be changed...but this is for another topic how and what to change. Fighting more hitting tenno enemies harder and decimating them longer should reward more,I would love to play longer missions with other than friends but not even survival lasts,relic opening maybe 4 rounds etc... I hope it will be changed somehow in the future or at least ad a mode where progressing harder longer but more rewarding will be open
  2. It's hard to add anything when so many good answers were added already :D Oberon is quite good and strong in good hands the only issue he have that is not very viable as the core essence of the game doesn't have an answer for stationary,tanky,heavy defense gameplay. Right now the whole game revolves around quickness both in missions and in killing and if you are stationary for a second in high level you are done so Oberon does not really have any support for these modes. Healing is good,okay but in high endgame you are just one shot by npcs,strip armor is good always but in a good team your team already have enough to get it through,pet strengthening...your cat or dog is also one shot XD ,etc Support does not really have any serious use right now,maybe later when some missions will require it more than healing the Pod or the extractors. It's good for fun and if you really like nature based characters but everybody will prefer Titania over Oberon. I just created Oberon Prime today but I played quite a lot with Oberon,easy to fall in love with it hard to keep playing it.But it's only my personal opinion
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