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  1. I also agree, but the lack of punctuation in the first post is... painful to read. I feel like him scaling with MR might be a bad idea, however. Scaling to gear level could be better. Putting both together might be a more optimal strategy -- Stalker gains a certain level based off of MR, and then a modifier based on the total level of the player's gear.
  2. You may have linked the image incorrectly.
  3. Gurren Lagann is probably one of the best animes overall. It completely embraces its own craziness, and is so much more wonderful for it. For example: The Gurren Lagann uses a giant f**king drill as it's finishing move. The final mech, out of the movie, also uses a drill, but it's about six to ten (There's some disagreement about the scale) times the size of the observable universe. No, I'm not joking.
  4. The artist behind this deserves a very large trophy.
  5. "We have to go deeper. Get in the robot, Tenno."
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