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  1. "If you could trade... would you? Surely. But all updates require memery. For their Umbra... your blue Broberon." -Ballas or something
  2. Indeed. Although, that might be some other "form" of Ballas, for lack of a better phrase, that is speaking -- the way his eyes glow does not fill me with confidence that the original Ballas is still in there. That's more me trying to see what might stick, rather than actual speculation right now. It may just be Ballas but filled with power, after all -- power making someone's voice deeper is not that uncommon of a trope. Edit: Oh, and here's some of Hunhow's deeper voice clips. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Hunhow/Quotes#Intro_Cinematic
  3. Having gone back and looked at the header, I've realized something -- The tenno writing is on the right. Not on the left. My brain must have been fried or something.
  4. I've noticed a few things of note in this. Firstly: Up in the top right, there's mention of "subject ten". Secondly: there's a new line of tenno writing on the left. It seems to read "MDL" -- possibly "Middle"? But the middle of what? Or where? There is also some other writing, but I can't make that out, exactly. Beyond that, there are those orokin "marker stones", as I'm calling them, and the Tree, barren like in the most recent trailer. There's more of those golden lines leading down to the arm... a possible hint to the Arm Cannons Superweapons?
  5. Hmm... I suppose that's possible, but it doesn't quite make sense in my mind. I figure that Ballas is talking to our warframe -- he and Marguilis (to a degree) were the masterminds of the warframe program. Lua bringing them strength likely refers to how the seat of our power was, up until the events of The Second ream, on Lua -- the Operator, and the Resevoir, more specifically. So, putting those things together, we get "Lua brings you strength, but you cannot defy your creator" -- which, better theories pending, I'm going to assume is Ballas basically saying to our frames, "You might be powered by the Operator, but you will obey me first." As for the "Howl all you want, it won't bring him back"... I'm not sure yet. I need to start digging into that trailer more.
  6. I've been stuck on this one for a day or so.
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