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  1. I've had a constant bug appearing with the True Mastery Font. I can access the font and select a blessing, but there is no confirmation to other players that I have given a blessing. Players are not given the option to thank me for the blessing, nor can they see that they have even received a blessing. Players who have been blessed can't see the blessing as a buff alongside other boosters until they leave the relay and return to their ship. They also can't see the blessing if they start a mission in the relay. Whether I can see the blessing or not, the 23 hour cooldown will be active after usi
  2. I also want to add to this. I've seen other players give out the blessings, but whenever I give out the blessing (credit, affinity, resources, doesn't matter), I get no notification, no one sees that I gave a blessing and I can't see my blessing until after I've left the relay. This only happens to some players though. I was in a relay where 4 MR30 players gave blessings and it worked for 3 of them but not me.
  3. Clan name: Tenno of Anarchy Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: Mostly just a passion project of mine after the previous warlord gave the clan to me. Despite the name, this place is actually pretty peaceful. After all, anarchy aside, Tenno look after Tenno.
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