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  1. It's hard to simultaneously cater for the "nolife farm plat to skip", "nolife in solo" and "nolife with your friend" group. The plat farmer only care about content that gives them plat more efficiently, soloist will want to easier content so they can solo it, and grouper will want harder content so they can have something to solve together. There's many "cheesy" instances when solo is somehow easier than group, but literally nobody complained about them, and DE only found out them when some streamer/youtuber made it public knowledge. And there's a common theme. It's the nolifing, people nolifed for 2k hours in the game to get to whatever arbitrary goals they set up, and then complained about lack of content, completely forgetting the 2k hours of content they just spent their lives on. You simply don't see people with 500 hours (aka "casual" by this game standard, though 500 hours in any other games would be already quite hardcore) complaining. They barely even get to the character customization screen lol
  2. You're speaking as if cooperation and competition are mutually exclusive. Newsflash: Most cooperative effort are competitive. In fact, the competitiveness is what drives cooperation in the first place. Heck, the very people on the leaderboard, cheating or not, shows incredible cooperative spirit, for organising a full group of 4 people to follow a certain strategy for 10 hours+. The majority of the playerbase can't even stay in the same mission for more than 30 minutes. And a significant portion of them play solo only. Yeah so much for a coop game. WIthout a competitive incentive, there's little need to be cooperative.
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