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  1. I just saw that, omg I would be really happy if just I managed to hit 20k for my solo clan... I never did get into the insane endurance building in this game never bothered with rivens or all the new arcanes but those trophies are just teasing the completionist in me 😕 LOL looks like that players used some bugs, now all they deleted from leaderboard and in top only 150k
  2. so, i beat 13k, after it, poison kill everyone, how get better result?
  3. if clan drop grade, rewars will be eraned with lower request?
  4. the whole halloween passed by me 😑
  5. I have only one ENG and one totaly not ENG keyboard, and i not so stupid for not check in what i mode when game dont take my password
  6. LOL! now i can run game, but game dont like my login and password, so i again can't play =|
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