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  1. Guys, Steve just tweeted and confirmed that duviri is actually about time travel so prepare for time shenanigans, there always are in time travel
  2. Idk if we got an expenation to how we got out of it (or I just don't know) but it could be that it's been there since the accident
  3. but that would involve time travel and break all that is left to break those could be multiverses, like from Onkos chatters, blending in on themselves. And that could make Hayden canon if DE decides so
  4. It's raw damage tho so it still sucks if it was something like 'true damage' that bypasses all resistances it would be neat or if it would stagger / had impact damage at least 50% of the time it would be godly
  5. Can RazorWing augment have the movespeed part active at all times? Also movespeed mods should affect RazorWing if it doesn't already Nyxes augment Assimilate should also allow to roll like Ivaras stealth.
  6. How is the rework for Nyx coming along? Can we expect Melee 3.0 to drop before Fortuna and is the new channelling system tied to our operators?
  7. And i just had a day off work and this is what I see? geez
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