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  1. as a PvP-PvE player..i can't say that PvP in warframe is bad, but the need of new level or skill boundaries is there and most of the "newbies" don't get the full experience in PvP as in other games that focus on PvP. at MR22 i was a newbie there aswell, and i needed a veteran to explain to me the rules and how to move/act, also after Hurricane rank i got into the pool with the big fish there, so i know the frustration of getting a score like 2/20 for your K/D in annihilation. only thing i do not like about the current system is the matchmaking and the rewards related to that. i do not feel rewarded after a match of beating "newbies" to a pulp harder than the lvl 1-3 grineer, i want to suggest a ranking system based on actual combat stats, like the profile K/D/A, rather than Teshin's stupid syndicate, rewards should feel the same, like i get more points for killing skilled players than i would for killing lvl 1-3 grineer.
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