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  1. Blame Rahetalius for showcasing your idea in a video, because I got a wordwall for ya.(the "yeah" moments are me agreeing w ray-man's input) A potential endgame build for her that is a bit straight forward would be something like: (If power strength is necessary for a lot of her kit like summon survival) Aura: Growing Power(should the summons be capable of proc-ing statuses and arcanes) Exilus: playstyle choice, likely handspring for those meathead dummy moments I am bound to have... almost a guarantee Umbral Vitality (set bouns 2/3 will make this +550%) Umbral Intensify (should the constructs require to have more life like wukong's clone does(that + the main one's hp)) Gladiator's Resolve (the umbral hp mod wil tweak that health up some but since her base armour is low, I'd look to other measures of tank-ing up. Combined my prediction on hp is a lil less than 800 hp(772?)) Streamline( either in caster or tank form the 12 energy per second is bearable if combining some armours and some summons but unifying hp and energy will mean leaving some energy available in case of trouble either way) Primed Flow (That energy pools is GORGEOUS! A possible 37.5 energy at lv30. we may see around 955 energy (+/-)) Adaptation (since the hp pool is still a little on the light end, i mean free cc and dmg will keep her alive easier than others, some form of resistance/DR will IDEALLY grant her 10x effective hp) Quick Thinking (The Dmg.Reduct. layers and that SWEET ENERGY POOL, I'm not going to let her die if I have a say. Hunter's Adrenaline (see QT, and add "this mod will completer the hp/energy cycle to help do so(or rage... I also predict a lot of forma counts)" Arcane GUARDIAN (600 armour is nothing to laugh at if we have to get hit to make gains from her chestplate armour or just survivng a fatal blow Arcane AVENGER or ENERGIZE (12 energy max per second drain could be bearable but padding out the energy pains and gains can make it more bearable, but that is unless I got ham and want the frame to be a masochist/ strat boy and get my summons to proc my arcanes) Magus LOCKDOWN (I go NARAMON void dash. they open to finishers. They also pinned and/or webbed and or kd'd. I got my leotaurus gauntlets on. My melee wants to talk to you... INTIMATELY) Magus ANOMALY (since frames and operators have a tiny time of grace period, a small spammin' of in'n'out will make both LOCKDOWN and NARAMON VOID DASH(max both of them, executing and surging dash!)) easier to pull off. Melee weapon of choice: ZAW with Exodia BRAVE or VALOR or MIGHT (with the still low hp/life TOTAL the DR on melee block is another layer if tank viability along with damage with such a strong energy pool) Focus: NARAMON (if working with the armour passives then NARAMON will spike up the lethality. Plus, energy drain will mean no regen allowed so ZENURIK isn't much help unless pure caster) Play Method: Get to operator swapping or get to swinging or both, but get that 4 and 2 armour asap! 1 and 3 armour are optional but 1 and 3 as summons will mean energy cost ease and team CC support. the drain is then 4.2-ish energy/ second with 2 parts, or 6-ish with the web greaves Fun with a beast master semi-Nezha/witch-doctor/shaman-esque frame. HP: 772 (+200/armour piece) or 1172 w/ 2 parts Shields: 300 (+200/ summon) 700 w 2 summons Armour: 1820(20+600+1200) at most active times (want to say 1/7/7x if dmg calc'ing is right?) Energy: 955 Pwr Str: 155 Pwr Eff: 130 Pwr Rng: 100 Pwr Dur: 100 Run Spd: variable Dmg. Reduction: a) up to 90%(or 1/10 or 10x) Adaptation b) 80%(or 1/5 or 5x) ZAW blocking c) 1820 armour (or 1/7 or 7x) d) Quick Thinking (+240% efficiency, energy dmg as life at 2hp) Overall IDEAL life pool: SHIELDS + HEALTH + ENERGY(via QT) (700*10*5) + (1172*10*7*5) + (955*10*7*5* 2.4) 35000 + 451220 + 802200 1,288,420 effective life pool possible(IF... major if, my math is right) WHILE BLOCKING W A ZAW, no blocking will be a maybe on 257,684 life pool, again IDEALLY. The overshield will merely be 10x effective but I'd keep he 1 summon out and have the 3 summon help me with finishers unless can't live long as a summon and is a pair of spider-man boots(same for the bird). A lot of the summons sound like CC with less care for damage with mutalist moa glob puddles(may need numbers for possible corossive porc %ages and scaling), bulls and spiders KD'ing and puncturing and bleeding enemies, and a leech moa bird pretending that its mag w armour/shield strip and over-shielding/shield refreshing. IDEALLY some unfortunate sap is on the ground gooped on, debilitated, and in massive pain( I mean acid, shock and bleed procs is like rubbing alcohol and razor blade cuts a plenty on you and you are rolling and writhing about) and can't hit back as hard if they tried... but that's IDEALLY. Considering that the best CC is a DEAD enemy, 2nd best is getting them to die faster. A lot of that is answered w both armours and summons either as all summons or all armours or a combination of the two. Depending on the summons nature(we talking solid kill-able constructs or immortal spirit beasts?), will say if the frame can scale well. I like that, If going all-ish armours with more melee-centric/survival mods, the potential tank-iness possible would make for a NICE survivor. Shock will mean 2seconds of free hits and easy aura proc of growing power. Free weapon amp/steel charge and covert lethality(but better!) is a nice plus. The web mines will either bind or slow enemies, but YEAH randomness is a no-no and can keep this variant of the skill from being used... although pulling a SAMUS roll for a mine is a little funny for me (rolling was suggested in the video). Yes to needing some form of efficiency for this frame because her hold-4 will be needed on/near start to survive as a tank. This would be a frame I'd enjoy but some numbers on summons and their survival would be great. Not to mention the tank-y method is a little set it and forget it, so some benefits and management w her castings and buffings would be favorable to promote some caster play and modding. It would lean me out of mods like Gladiator's Resolve and some of the melee-centric approaches(can always balla dagger zaw w exodia might for life sustain over energy channeling melee) especially should the summons/armours have a timer I need to refresh like Nekros and Chroma do (just pls not reAPPLY), or if i can have more than one of the same summoner at a time at the same time to be given a limit. This post alone got my brain gears going what with the frame being scale-able from star chart to beyond as she shifts from caster to melee tank, but I'd not want the casters be left behind. Keep it up and refine it some more, please and thank you.
  2. TY for the part 2 ! Can the blurring when i chat w npcs on fortuna be gone though really quick before your holiday? It's nice to see them.and *spoilers*.
  3. See if you can restore energy channel toggling while sprinting. Kind of breaks flow having to walk or stop to channel. Edit: and while attacking. can't flip it on and off at will. The shift key is preventing this.
  4. Just a heads up for those, like myself, who procrastinated on finishing up 100% of the star chart until seeing this notice: All Planets w/ a Nightmare node? IIRC, minus DS and Archwing, Nightmare mode missions need all node to be cleared. If you're up to this point in the game, then you likely dealt w the junctions for the main quests, but may have missed any Dark Sector and Archwing missions( I was missing 2 DS and Kuva Fort Defense... thankfully no archwings!). When was the last time you check the Orokin Derelicts? With some help from player "Equixor", we both figured out, mainly he when looked to the derelicts and asked himself and investigated, that even though the profile stats on map xp were capped, the derelicts were/are NOT a part of map xp cap. Make a key per mission type or type that you feel like you haven't done and see if they, like our SABOTAGE and MOBILE DEFENSE, are lit blue and are incomplete. the little LOCKS over the node prevent them from being incomplete and blue lit. Sit at endgame long enough, twiddling your four thumbs, and you forget some things. Am I right? Hopefully this lil' PSA helps SOMEONE, including support staff.
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