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  1. I came up with a better idea for a World on Fire rework. Upon reaching rank 10 Ember, any fire damage dealt by weapons or abilities adds to an Ignition meter, similar to Nidus' mutation or Saryn's spores. When full, World on Fire can be activated and will drain the Ignition meter over time rather than energy. While Accelerant is active, its damage and Ignition cost are both doubled. The maximum capacity of the Ignition bar scales with power strength. Damage dealt by World on Fire does not add to the Ignition meter. I'm not entirely sure how the balance for this should work, but I think at default the Ignition bar should have a max of 4000 points (+100 per % strength) and every point of damage dealt by World on Fire drains one point from the Ignition meter.
  2. Ember has suffered so many nerfs throughout her near 7 year history. With so much attention drawn to World on Fire, nobody has looked at her as a frame you bring to anything other than low-level extermination. I hope to change that with some rework ideas. Firebomb - Increasing the damage and range of her Fireball (1) would make it relevant to her skill set Cleansing Flame - Accelerant (2) removes status effects from Ember, but gives her and enemies in range a fire proc dealing 3 damage per second (not scaling). Breathe Before the Blaze - Fire Blast (3) can now be charged for 2 seconds, multiplying its damage by up to x1.75. When fully charged, the ground in its wake is covered in a carpet of flames for 35% of the ring's duration. Eternal Inferno - World on Fire (4) when cast during Accelerant's effect loses its energy drain per second and it no longer suffers from range decay.
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