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  1. And if I'm not a Partner, but I do warframe streams, do the drops reach my viewers?
  2. it is sad that you say that, any error that affects a game or program, should not be used for your own benefit, and its use must be penalized ...
  3. Only a child thinks that by using an exploit they will not be caught thanks for the hard work of correcting the bugs and keeping the game as it is !!!
  4. Hi, my entry!!! ¡Hola, este es mi envío! https://youtu.be/tMJzEb6WQp4
  5. Thanks for the Fix, its very appreciate. Nice Work !!!
  6. No, I left the transmission in the background, some streamers broadcast 24/7. At this moment I am farming her. but I do not understand why you think I'm complaining about the drops, on the contrary it seems a very good way to encourage the community.
  7. 168 drops, 3 khora helmets, some nitain and a lot of 7.500 credits, nothing about khora jejejejeje
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