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  1. I focused on making the secondary elements more simple, by having ability altering effects directly drawn from their proginating primary elements, and straight forward effects that you will know by just looking at its name(other than maybe void and spirit). The elements are supposed to represent a full spectrum of functionality that allows Walprus to technically do EVERYTHING provided you have complete mastery over all the elements, and I don't really think there is certain better or worse elements, just different elements for different purposes that works better or worse with specific abilities...which also makes this frame inherently "kind of" complex, and console players will likely struggle to get things done without breaking their fingers. I thought of a way to simplify the process, that is to make the tertiary elements exilus augments which unlocks it for Walprus, that way players will only have to worry about the primary and secondary ones, do you think that will simplify the process without taking too much away from him? And finally, thanks for the compliments! :D
  2. I remember a long time ago seeing a lot of requests for mage warframes, and it honestly never intrigued me as to young and dumb me the idea of a wizard frame doesn't really fit into Warframe. However, Lavos inspired me on how to make a mage-like frame, and with more frames released being more and more closely related to fantasy themes(Seva, Wisp, Garuda), I decided to work on a concept of a mage frame, and certainly one of the more experimental concepts. Walprus is the frame of elemental magic, featuring an extremely simplistic ability set, and in contrary, a highly complex element system. With 4 primary elements, each belonging to one of his abilities, he is able to infuse his abilities with the addition of 6 secondary elements(combined using 2 elements), and 4 tertiary elements(combined using 3 elements). With each of his ability representing a type of ability(AoE, Homing, Beam and Buffs) the core gameplay of Walprus is centered around mastering the elements by practicing over and over again, to know when and how to use each one or more of your elements, as well as the properties of the 4 primary elements. The main complexity of Walprus lies in his passive mechanic with his special spell casting system, I will try to simplify the explanation but it should still be noted for being quite lengthy and overwhelming. Augments will be coming up next but I do want to gather some feedback if anyone has ideas to simplify the process without losing the combining element part, as if right now I am slightly concerned that the elemental system could be a bit too complex. Let me know what you think! BASIC INFO Walprus, the Grand Mage Appearance : Male/Wizard Health : 75 (225 at rank 30) Shields : 100 (300 at rank 30) Energy : 250 (375 at rank 30) Armor : 100 Sprint Speed : 1.2 Description : A master of the elements, the many-faced god of wizardry, Walprus is fire and water, light and dark, life and death, destroyer and savior, a master and an ever-learning student. With his enchanted book, Walprus spins a mythical tale under the 7 colors of his magic. ABILITIES PASSIVE : SPRING SPELLCASTER ---------- 1ST ABILITY : SEEKING LIGHT (25/50 energy) Tertiary Elements effects ---------- 2ND ABILITY : SCORCHING FIRE (25/50 energy) Tertiary Elements effects ---------- 3RD ABILITY : PIERCING STREAM (25/50 energy) Tertiary Elements effects ---------- 4TH ABILITY : ENCHANTED TOME (25/50 energy) Special altar elements ----------
  3. Though looking back there were something I could have done better, I am glad you did find my feedback helpful! For the benefit you get from casting abilities inside the Snow Globe, there are multiple approaches to this, and it has to do with the how and when the Snow Globe should be used. In general, adding freeze duration to your abilities would be a nice bonus. However, when we start looking into how the ability is used, right now Snow Globe remains mostly a point-defense ability that is used on a stationary target, in this case I do think adding more range makes sense and would be beneficial, as you are casting abilities from a fixed location. You can also make it benefit the abilities of allies inside the Snow Globe to make this ability more tactical but that could be a tad bit too strong, maybe weaken the buff on allies? Oh and, maybe make the Freeze bolts ricochet between enemies when cast from inside the globe? If the Snow Globe is made to be mobile, either through the proposed augment or some other changes, then it would probably lean more towards the offensive side; Rapidly damaging and applying cold effects onto enemies inside the globe for Ice Wave, or maybe even shatter the globe with Avalanche to trigger another Avalanche at its location. And I do realize that this is no longer about casting abilities INSIDE the globe, but interactions with the globe in general, as the ability can now be potentially used offensively, which is why I think that making the Snow Globe mobile would entirely change the potential of the ability, so do keep that in mind. And to answer a question from 6 months ago, I still can't determine exactly why I didn't like channeled Ice Wave, but I don't think instant killing enemies on low health really is a "Frost" thing to do, and to make the Ice Wave attack, literally the name of the ability, only activate upon deactivation makes me feel like the attack just wont come out 90% of the time, could just be me being weird but I'm glad you changed it to be more crisp and effective.
  4. I dont really see a point of running rage/adrenaline on Inaros because you barely ever use your abilities. To charge up the entirety of his 4th up with no additional help, Inaros (this version) requires his health completely drained twice over. Most of his abilities requires setting up sand patches before their true potentials kicks in, and healing is part of that. To set up, you will need additional health cost, and once again the amount of health you have doesnt let you cast abilities more frequently, as they drain in %s, not amounts. It doesn't matter if you have 8k health or 200 health, 6 casts with 100% efficiency on either 1st or 2nd will leave you at 10% health. Your abilities drain in %s, but heals in amounts, with maybe some exceptions. And now that I have thought about it, it actually makes a low health Inaros more ideal when you are opting for a caster role, your abilities drains less health and you heal up faster in terms of %. It opens up some more build varieties as Inaros really has nothing to builld for as he currently stands for. The reason why I decided to nerf the raw survivability is honestly a question that I never thought I would need to answer, the Inaros we have right now uses his extreme survivability to cover up for the fact that his abilities are pathetic, if you are going to fix the ability part, then clearly the survivability of his should not remain as idiot-proof as it is right now.
  5. The costs of abilities are based on the current max HP, I dont get how going for 8k+ health makes the skills free, as they consume a % amount of max health that Inaros currently has, similar to Garuda's 3rd, you wont lose less health in terms of % if you have full umbral set equipped than say a 300 health Garuda, let's say you have exactly 8k health with 100% efficiency, then casting 1st consumes 1200 health; If you have 5000 health, then casting 1st costs 750 health, seeing his 1st has a cost of 15% of max HP. This combined with the removal of % heal on finishers acts as an indirect nerf to Inaros's survivability, as I do not want to touch his stats as it is right now. It also makes gives him the reason to use all the heals in his kit. However, it is worth mentioning that this is not originally my idea, and someone suggested it in my old post a while back and I thought it would be an appropriate way to address the issue that is Inaros's survivability.
  6. I have done a similar Inaros rework in the past and figure out I would clean up some stuff a bit, for those who haven't read my past builds : Inaros is a problematic frame, I would say he is the only frame that discourages you from using his abilities at all, 3 of his abilities drastically hinders your mobility, most of them are absolutely pathetic and worst part is some abilities doesn't even let your teammates do work. Inaros 2.0 introduces a new mechanic to him - to turn the battlefield into a desert, your playground. Being the ruler of the sands, Inaros's abilities interacts with the sand in various ways, the more you have managed to convert the battlefield, the more control you have over the entire map, and the more powerful you become. General changes have been made to drastically improve his flow by reducing time spent idle and increasing his mobility. With these new tools, no fortresses or mortals can escape the grasp of Inaros and his underworld kingdom. In order to make things easier to explain, we will begin with his new 2nd ability of all - Duat's Gate ---------------------- NEW 2ND ABILITY : DUAT'S GATE (15% max HP) ---------------------- PASSIVE : EMPEROR ------------------------ NEW(SOMEWHAT) 1ST : SETHIS WIND (15% max HP) Sand Interactions ------------------------ 3RD : SANDSTORM (1% max HP/0.25s) Changes Sand interactions Other interactions ------------------------ 4TH : SCARAB SWARM (-) Changes Scarab Armor Scarab Swarm Other interactions ------------------------ AUGMENTS 1ST : SETH 2ND : APOPHIS 3RD : SHU 4TH : OSIRIS --------------
  7. A voodoo doll, a vessel of misery and misfortune, Vountos is the harbinger of suffering, collecting misery from his teammates to suffer in their places, while retaliating upon his enemies for their malefaction. Vountos is unique in a way that he isn't harmed by status effects, in fact he benefits from it and his kit emphasizes heavily on the manipulation of status effects : Spreading from one to a group, collecting status effects from his allies, isolating himself to both preserve his status effects and increase his resistance, expel one's status effects out as vengeful spirits to damage enemies, and finally grow a weakening aura by collecting all suffering to retaliate in an apocalyptic attack. Vountos is the protector of his allies, he who rings the bell of justice and retaliation with corrupt power, he who cleanses the world with vile magic. BASIC INFO Vountos, the Voodoo Doll Appearance : Male/Mummified Specialization : Utility/Support/Status HP : 75 (225 at rank 30) Shields : 100 (300 at rank 30) Armor : 250 Energy : 175 (263 at rank 30) Sprint Speed : 1.15 Description : A grotesque mummy scarred by void energy, rumored to contain the lamenting dead of the war, Vountos embraces his own suffering, as it is inescapable for him, and so are his enemies... ABILITIES PASSIVE : REVILE PROTECTION VILE PURGE ------- 1ST ABILITY : SPROUTING SCOURGE (25 energy) Augment : SEEDS OF SCOURGE ------- 2ND ABILITY : SHROUD (10 energy) Synergy Augment : VOODOO'S DOLL ------- 3RD ABILITY : LAMENTING PAIN (50 energy) Synergy Augment : CORRUPT FORTUNE ------- 4TH ABILITY : ARMAGEDDON (50 energy, 1~8 energy/s) Synergy Augment : REQUIEM ------- Feel free to provide any feedback and comments you may have!
  8. Sorry, I meant True Damage all the time, which means it benefits Ripline and bleed procs mainly, as well as if an enemy is stunned for finisher, but cannot be executed, the true damage conversion of all damage it takes during the stun, as well as any true damage abilities should it be a buff to the allies. The increased melee damage on repeatedly striking a target is good but I do have one concern, wouldn't this be difficult to utilize until you have reached a very high level of enemies, when your melee weapons mostly one-shots enemies due to their obscene power? I mainly wanted a new ability for Valkyr when I decided to fuse Paralysis with Warcry, seeing Paralysis is not really the best ability but still wanted to keep it, and technically the ability is a war cry. Unable to shout repeatedly does take away some of the fun of Valkyr, I suppose I can find some bizarre way to work in the Paralysis spam. I think I will start working on some of the changes now, will probably not respond for the time being, though its not like that I don't already not respond to stuff.
  9. In that case, would speeding up the animation of Warcry be desirable? Seeing that Warcry would be the ability to get finishers off. I don't think having to individually finisher each enemy affected by Warcry would be a fun thing to do, the ability can increase finisher damage received by affected enemies OR dealt by affected allies instead of stunning them for finishers, the ability already has a slow effect to it, removing the stun should not impair the CC too much. The stacking mechanic can go to further simplify this ability, seeing that having this ability to now also be potentially used as a stun ability already adds to the complexity of this ability. Are you referring to the evasion part of this ability when talking about self defense? I mainly added that as a bonus effect for players who are more experienced with this ability. The ability works 100% fine without this bonus, but for those who are clever with their ability usage, this gives the ability extra effectiveness with mild CC and rewards players with more damage from her 1st (I assume this is also the debuff part you are talking about, since this ability has no debuff without the augment). As such, the bonus is also not easy to achieve. The core mechanics of Ripline is mobility and finisher damage (single target and AoE), with most other effects being bonus effects that takes extra dedication to achieve. I do not know what passive stunning you are referring to. Wouldn't this make her passive, too much going on? At all times she gains more agility while doing parkour stuff, deals more finisher damage and weakspot damage and now melee damage bonus for continuously attacking a target? In my opinion this should probably replace the weakspot damage bonus should it be a feature. While I plan on replacing the 3rd, there are some effects I would like to keep, and part of the Predator meter I plan on moving to Hysteria's kill counter, which unlocks additional features as you get more and more kills. I personally don't think this will increase the complexity all that much as you are just killing enemies and making abilities better at what they are already good at doing. I might move the taunt part to Warcry when you get enough kills with Hysteria, with the new 3rd being centered around benefits from attacking the target (more combo chance?). One thing I forgot to address about Warcry is how it only debuffs the enemies upon casting, which in most cases dies way before the ability itself actually expires. When used with Eternal War, recasting will affect a new group of enemies and allies. I am planning on reducing the current duration by a % when you recast with Eternal War equipped, so it still benefits you for using abilities properly and not just mindlessly spamming Warcry all over the map until you hit all enemies/allies. I have only came to realize this in this post, for what is complex and has a ton of synergies with each other, can appear perfectly acceptable to me. I always find a complex and challenging frame fun to master and prefers to play with all of my abilities. I did not realize how my taste for frames could be quite extreme for others and I have designed many frame reworks and some frame concepts before, of equal- if not higher- complexity. However, I don't think having the most complex of frames being used well enough by someone who just skimmed over the ability descriptions is acceptable. It completely defies the purposes of complex frames, they take time to master and in return, offers much more potent and unique effects that other frames cannot compete with. Sure, there are frames who can be easily understood and get hold of within 5 minutes of playing, I don't deny their existence, nor consider them to be inferior to some more complex frames. But even the most complex of frames? Those aren't meant for the new players, and they should fail a lot, get frustrated a lot, die a lot should they play after just skimming through the ability descriptions, and then fail less, get less frustrated, die less, and less, and less. The game might have complex frames that is still usable for new players, but that doesn't justify it. Do leave some feedback on some of the proposed changes, I don't want to make changes that hasn't been looked at by someone else.
  10. A frame's simplicity or complexity is part of the characteristics of it, any frame has their own freedom of being either complex or simple, just like how their abilities are free to be anything, to say that simplicity is the philosophy of frame designing sounds utterly hilarious and seems unfair on frames that are actually quite complex. To say that is to say simplicity is Valkyr's theme, which is to confuse what people like her for with her theme. Valkyr is straight forward, and I don't personally think I have made particularly roundabout changes to her, other than the 3rd, which I am looking into replacing/modifying, I will likely suggest another ability and see how well-received it is. Regarding your comment on "matching the philosophy of other frames", most new frames have an ability that is core to their kit, mainly used to deal with enemies, and benefits from the rest of the kit in multiple ways. I am doing that by making Ripline a core part of Valkyr's kit that she uses often to both reposition and kill enemies, as well as working with some of her other abilities. The word "finisher" is to only describe the animation and damage type of the attack, it is not an actual finisher and thus takes much less time to perform. I am getting quite a lot of comments on it that presumably thinks it is talking about normal melee finishers, I apologize for not making it clear. Paralysis and Warcry both do different things, considering that Warcry cannot be recast while active, the stun is either useless most of the time as you simply cannot cast it, or this change will make Paralysis much more expensive than before should the ability become recastable. Put on Eternal War, and congratulations you can use the Paralysis function every 5 minutes. Paralysis has its charm for being cheap, easily spammable CC that also interacts with your shield, allowing you to make use of Rage/Adrenaline more effectively. Simply put, removing the option to cast them independently is very questionable. Skill shotting mechanics only makes it more fluid as you can use it in the air and point it in any direction you like with Paralysis, if you consider fluidity to be complexity then maybe you are on the wrong page. I made a post above which explains some of my concepts behind the idea that ties in with Valkyr's theme. In any case I will leave the ability in the post as it is to let people comment on it before making any changes. I think the general direction of marking an enemy seems to be accepted and frequently suggested, what I got in mind right now is damage reduction and status immunity from all enemies that are not the target, and then speed boost and melee damage after the target is dead. This will bring the original features of Predator stacks into Hysteria as the meter is removed, when Hysteria is active, maybe give Hysteria a kill counter and unlocks more and more of these features as she kills? I think you missed something in my original concept, the base values is decreased because the more kills Valkyr gets with finisher damage, the more powerful these buffs will be, which makes it stronger than before when you have stacked it up. And yes, I did took inspiration from the name itself, but the entire ability I designed it myself.
  11. About Ripline changes : The animation I envisioned is around 0.7-0.8 seconds, where Valkyr claws the face off her victim(goes down to around 0.4 seconds with a fully stacked Warcry, on top of increased speed). I have added more offensive usage to Ripline as it essentially is her main tool for dealing with enemies outside of Hysteria, such as the special attack with 3 or more stacks on Predator, the slam when you aim it at the ground deals finisher damage which feeds to Warcry, and the spin which makes you continuously deal damage with Hysteria active, the ability is really not as simple as a dodge with energy and serves as a main source of finisher damage that her 2nd and 3rd will need and benefit from. About her 3rd : When I am designing this ability, I imagined it as "obsession" and "bloodlust" and "hate", and also took consideration from her feline theme and tried to give her an ability of a stalking predator. The satisfaction from killing her prey fuels her to hunt more, hence the buffs from Predator. I do think maybe it does not fit the berserker theme very well, a bit too much on the feline theme. Someone from before also mentioned how this ability penalizes you for not killing the target, and I have proposed adding immunity to allies' abilities on this one. I do think the idea of "kill more enemies to get stronger and stronger" is fitting for a berserker, maybe I can change it into some sort of channeled self-buff, but in any case I do want it to be more focused around self buffing instead of enemy debuffing, as I do think berserkers tends to be more of the self buffing type. I mainly struggled coming up with a new augment for 4th, seeing that Valkyr used to have 2 augments and having one of them removed might make people unhappy (for whatever reason), seeing Warcry already increases the finisher speed of Ripline in my original concept, I don't really think that's necessary. The transition I mentioned is a unique combo move that sees Valkyr utilize both her claws and her equipped melee weapon when (de)activating Hysteria with a melee weapon equipped. Animation is based on the weapon type and can be cast anytime during a melee combo. It can definitely be worked into the base kit because why not.
  12. Thank you for your feedback, however there are several points i would like to make. 1st : All things considered this is practically the same base ability as the one I have suggested (seeing that the ability is already a pounce), with less stuff that is. I can definitely make the attack uses mods on Valkyr's Talons, the rest I failed to see a point. 2nd : The augment can definitely be worked into Eternal War like how they did it with Vauban, thanks for reminding. 3rd : What it boils down to is a "Mark enemy for buff, kill to stack a meter that makes you stronger" ability, having a single target damage taken increase instead, with armor reduction and spreading effects locked behind an augment makes this augment almost mandatory as the base ability is pathetic. Augments are supposed to change and or strengthen an ability yes, but that doesn't give an excuse for making a base ability like, I don't know, single target damage taken increase. Can the ability be a bit too complex? Yes, the marking mechanism and all the effects around it could be simplified. Should it be as simple as a single target damage taken increase? I do have my doubts. 4th : I forgot to put Enraged here because I don't really plan on changing anything, I should have specified the augment is dedicated to replace Hysterical Assault. My bad. I decided to put it as an augment instead of part of base kit because maybe someone only uses her for her survivability, and not with a melee weapon. The fact that its an augment gives me a chance to add bonus effects to the morph attacks that also increases melee damage, which would appeal to those who wants a melee-focused Valkyr.
  13. Seeing there is a new ranged charge attack for Valkyr's Talons, I don't really think you will have much use for stacking up the combo duration for extended period of time, after all you can't use acolyte mods on her talons, and Gladiator set bonus doesn't work as well. Though I think that issue persists with other exaulted weapons as well. I have already proposed reduction in energy drain, maybe there can also be modifiers to her combo so that some moves gives you more counter? That would make it easier to actually build the combo, rather than not losing the combo counter on recasting. Part of it also has to do with how clunky her stance is, as it is possibly the most sluggish stance in the entirety of the game. Changes like that should allow Valkyr to hit more enemies with her combos as she is no longer spending 8 seconds fixed in place clawing at thin air.
  14. I like our thicc sumo wrestler boi Grendel, he is pretty fun to play and has a lot of characteristics, however I do think his kit has many issues that makes him a bit less fun and effective than he could have been. This is a rather small scale of ability improvements and some additional stuff for him, and will not be reworking how Grendel plays. PASSIVE Addition FEAST Changes NOURISH Changes Addition REGURGITATE Addition PULVERIZE Changes Addition ===== Do let me know what you think and feel free to provide any feedback!
  15. I think i designed this ability through the course of 2 days, which results in some inconsistencies in the ability itself, thanks for pointing out! I did envision the ability to be leaving the prey for the last to maximize its effectiveness. Killing it as soon as possible is the most efficient way to stack Predator, but to leave it alive just long enough to help you kill enemies and securing the kill is the most rewarding way to use the ability. I think I will add immunity to allies' abilities to the target, which would help it survive against AoE killers, I am also thinking of damage reduction from other teammates, but then that might make it too easy to keep alive, would probably need more feedback on this ability, do let me know your thoughts on proposed changes.
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