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  1. YES! Finally! It only took... 6 years? But hey, we finally can do that now. Thanks DE, I really mean it. It used to be until now that every time I went to choose colors and try random ones, I'd be a bit disappointed that it would only randomize colors within the packs themselves. Now if you have all the packs, the combinations it can choose from are almost innumerable! Will enjoy this going forward.
  2. I still don't understand why conclave is even bothered with. Nobody plays it.
  3. Security Override will not work right now unless you take off ALL other precepts. If you want to use Vacuum/Fetch alongside your Moa, you need to play as Khora and use Fetch on Venari. Currently that is the only workaround to this problem. Once you only have Security Override as the only precept mod on your Moa, it works swimmingly, hacking terminals in 2 seconds flat just like it says. There is, however, additional issues with the Moa's path-finding and terminal priorities. Sometimes if you're in a Spy mission and at the door just before the A, B, or C terminal, the Moa may not hack the door before it, as it's actually aiming to go hack the [A,B, or C] terminal instead, even though there's a door in the way. It may sometimes attempt to hack terminals that are inactive, as well. What DE needs to do, is add in a check for the moa, that if there's any obstructions preventing it from going where it wants, re-check for nearby hack-able terminals closest to the Moa instead. That, or simply make the Moa prioritize nearby terminals only, or ones closest to the Warframe/Operator. If waypoints worked, too, that would be great, but I doubt they'll go that far with it.
  4. The Moa pet's hacking ability doesn't work or is really buggy apparently. Can you guys fix it?
  5. Your RAM usage is 1,337, perfect for the summoning.
  6. They put a new post up on Twitter just a minute ago. I dunno if it means they're getting close or not, but maybe. Continued hype for sure, though.
  7. They have indeed said the plains will get the same treatment at the same time as Orb Vallis. Was back in a devstream or two, I think.
  8. Man, the third attempt on that is super fast.
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