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  1. I really like the idea of VR support, but trust me when I say it would be very difficult to implement. I personally develop VR games and apps, and to make those I need specific SDKs and plugins for my game engine of choice. This is where the problem lies. Warframe is built on the Evolution Engine, a custom made game engine developed by Digital Extremes. This game enigne would need to have its own support for the plugins that are available, and they would need to reach out to the creators of the SDKs to make them compatible with the Evolution Engine. The developers would need access to the Evolution Engine to get it working, and Digital Extremes doesn't license its engine to third party sources. Its not impossible, it would just take a lot of time and resources to implement. It is possible that Digital Extremes could make their own VR support for the Evolution Engine, but that would take away from Warframe's core experience and gameplay. I would love to see Warframe get the Hellblade treatment when it comes to VR, but right now thats probably not their focus.
  2. I think along the way both the players and the devs forgot that the meat of the Kuva Lich system was the nemesis fight, and not the reward. Personally I would like the Kuva Lich system to act like a quest/sortie, where we fight off hit squads and progress to boss fights versus our Kuva Lich nemesis. So how could the Kuva Lich system progress forward without having to revert what has already been done? 1 - Have the Kuva Thralls spawn in like Syndicate Hit Squads during regular missions, connecting them to the rest of the game. These Thralls have a guaranteed spawn on planets under the influence of the Lich Thrall Hit Squads can sometimes spawn with the Lich as their Commander Thrall Hit Squads can randomly spawn in other missions where the Lich doesn't have influence, integrating them into other parts of the game. Thrall Hit Squads spawn into missions at lvl 60+ depending on the Rank of the Kuva Lich. The level of the mission does not change. (ex; Mariana lvl 1-3, Thrall Hit Squad lvl 60+) Thrall Hit Squads spawn with 10-15 enemies, all of varying enemy types (ex; Kuva Thrall Bombard, Kuva Thrall Guardian, Kuva Thrall Hyekka Master, etc) Thrall Hit Squads can spawn multiple times in a mission depending on the amount of players. (ex; 4 players with Liches spawn 4 Thrall Hit Squads, gaining murmurs for all) Thrall Hit Squads have a greater chance of dropping the rarest resource on the planet where they spawn. (ex, Spawn on Ceres, have a greater chance of dropping Orokin Cells) 2 - Give the Kuva Lich its own "Lair" where the player can attempt to gain back some of their stolen resources. Lairs spawn on the planet where the Kuva Lich was "born", and have a theme based on the Kuva Lich Lairs work like the Assault gamemode, and upon a successful completion give back some of the stolen resources. Lairs have a guaranteed spawn of the Kuva Lich, after the main objective has been complete. Lair Locations are not known immediately, and require a successful Spy, Capture, and Interception mission on any controlled planet to unlock the mission. Lairs remain visible once unlocked, and can be replayed to get back rewards until the Kuva Lich is killed or converted. 3 - Once a player knows the correct sequence to kill their Kuva Lich, they get to fight their Kuva Lich at the Lair Once a player finds the correct sequence, the Kuva Lich retreats and says something like, "Lets settle this, Tenno. You know where to find me!" Once the Lich flees after the correct sequence, all planetary nodes lose their influence from the Lich and Thrall Hit Squads will no longer spawn If you are fighting your Lich in the Lair when you get the correct sequence, the normal convert/vanquish screen pops up as normal Defeating a Kuva Lich in the Lair gives you back all of your resources that have not been stolen back previously I feel that this would help to build upon what already exists with the current system, and would help make the system feel closer to Nemesis Fight. This also helps the Kuva Lich system connect back to the rest of the game by allowing players to complete Kuva Liches at their own pace. If a player wants to sprint through the system, they can attack the Lair multiple times to get back their resources and fight the Kuva Lich faster. If a player wants to play it slow, they can experience the Thrall Hit Squads during their regular missions.
  3. This would be true if the players were playing in public matches. A solution would be to have story quests limited to Friends/Invite for a cooperative experience. The learning experience would benefit from cooperative play. Being able to experience and see what others are doing would allow the players to learn together. Lets look at the Golden Maw portion of The War Within as an example. During this part of the quest the player learns how to use Void Cloak and Void Dash. Originally in The War Within, players learn through trial and error, figuring out the best way to utilize their newfound power. If the player makes a mistake, they are instantly killed and sent back to the last checkpoint. This process is repeated until they exit the cave and escape the Golden Maw. This process helps to teach the player how to use Void Cloak and Void Dash through negative reinforcement. The game offers no explanation for what the player did wrong, and the player might not be inclined to use Void Dash or Void Cloak again in other missions. However, if we then add another player to the experience without changing the original mission, both players learn how to use Void Cloak and Void Dash through cooperative positive reinforcement. The player from before still experiences the negative reinforcement from the instant failures, but is able to see where the other player is succeeding and where the other player is failing. Together, they learn from each others actions and positively reinforce the desired outcome of Void Cloak and Void Dash. In extreme cases where a player is incapable of completing the task due to control issues, bugs, or glitches, another player might be able to help the other to succeed and complete the quest. Adding another player to the equation increases the likelihood of both players succeeding, which would improve the experience as a whole. I debated whether to go the simple post route, but decided not to since it might become misconstrued as a demand which was not my intent. I wasn't sure how best to tag the Dev Team, since a general DE Dev account doesn't exist, so I decided to tag those who are connected to player experience and feedback. Perhaps this letter would have been better in a physical format and not on the forums, but it has been interesting to see the responses of other players. From the perspective of my clan and those that I play with I have seen a decline in player enjoyment, which has been attributed to forced singleplayer experiences as well as RNG, time gates, grind, etc. We are not the majority, however I believed that our experiences should be applied as usable feedback to make Warframe a better experience for everyone. He is, and he does his best with what he can. He enjoys playing Warframe with me, since we don't get the opportunity to see each other often, but he struggles sometimes by himself. I can't be there to help guide him with what to do, and since a majority of quests have recently leaned towards singleplayer, he is finding it more difficult to play.
  4. The Second Dream did have Forced Singleplayer moments, but getting to that point could be completed with a squad. Only a small percentage of the overall quest was Singleplayer only, and it was mostly a cutscene. I never said that the quests should be retroactively redone to allow for other players. That would be nicer for newer players. Im saying that quests going into 2020 should not force players to play singleplayer and should adapt the Halo esque approach when dealing with multiple players in an individualized way. In the end, the reason to play Warframe is to have fun. Things don't necessarily have to make sense in order to be fun. The Co op Halo example is a good reference for having fun with multiple friends even though it doesnt make sense for there to be 4 Master Chiefs running around. Games are allowed to stretch the rules of making sense as long as the output is player enjoyment. If you sacrifice player enjoyment for the sake of making sense, you don't have a functional game.
  5. I agree. My squad had to help one of our own because he couldnt hear the Golden Maw and kept dying without knowing what to do. I don't expect the old quests to get changed anytime soon, but hopefully this letter will help them moving forward with new quests.
  6. I tagged members of the Dev Team as it was a letter addressed to them. The forums is the best place to provide feedback, and since this letter was more formal in nature I decided to address some of them in hopes they see it and pass it to the rest of the Dev Team who are not on the forums. Im glad you could complete the War Within, Octavias Anthem, Chains of Harrow, Sayas Vigil, Vox Solaris, Apostacy Prologue, The Sacrifice, Mask of the Revenant, and the Chimera Prologue in 15 minutes. It often takes longer for others. I also dont like Forced Group events, since its the same as a Forced Singleplayer experience. The quests themselves wouldnt have to be altered, only your Operator would be shown in the cutscene. Gameplay would just incorporate others. Quests like the Chimera Prologue might have to stay singleplayer only, since they are stealth focused and not combat focused.
  7. Its not just for my sake. I have had this problem happen to me multiple times over the past couple of years, even to the point where my clanmates don't want to play anymore because they can't enjoy the story with their friends. Everything else in Warframe has the option to play either singleplayer or with others, and I believe from my own experience that it would benefit all players if the story worked the same way. Warframe is an ever evolving game that changes constantly. Changing their product for the sake of the players is how they got here today.
  8. This letter was not a demand. I am not entitled to anything, and I dont expect them to drop everything and cater to one person's needs. This letter was also not directed at you or others that choose to play singleplayer. You get the choice to play the way you want to. Shouldnt others?
  9. Im glad you enjoy playing solo. Continue to play Warframe as you see fit. Removing Forced Singleplayer does not effect your ability to play solo, it merely allows others freedom to play how they would like to. Everyone wins when Forced Singleplayer is no longer required.
  10. Hello @[DE]Megan, @[DE]Steve, @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Pablo, @[DE]Bear, @[DE]Marcus, and fellow Tenno, Warframe, for many, is a cooperative game. Players log countless hours because they can enjoy this amazing experience with friends. One of the main reasons I keep coming back to this game is to keep in contact with old friends and family, some of which haven't played in months. Its fun to play with friends cooperatively, and you (DE Dev Team) yourselves are starting to push for more cooperative content like Railjack. So why do some missions force singleplayer? Sure, story quests in Warframe are focused around our Operator and our individual role in this universe, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the quests themselves have to force singleplayer. Forced Singleplayer contradicts what Warframe is at its core: a cooperative game. Ever since The Second Dream, players have wanted a more story focused Warframe, with cutscenes and cool new tidbits of lore. You gave us something that we hadn't seen before. This quest is undeniably the best in Warframe's history, but everything after The Second Dream has either been met with mediocre responses from the players or downright hatred for the quest itself (Golden Maw in The War Within). So why is this? The War Within quest was not as well received as TSD. Why? It wasn't a lack of story or cutscenes or new content. For the first time in Warframe history there was a Forced Singleplayer experience. I remember jumping onto Warframe that day to play with my squad, only to be disappointed that we couldn't play through it together. This detracted from the core element of the game. Many of the players that were expecting to do this brand new experience together, with their friends, were instead forced to do something completely different. I guarantee you that the Golden Maw portion of the quest might have been actually fun if players could fool around with their newfound Void Powers together. The same goes for every main story quest following TWW. If players get on to play Warframe with their friends, why would they waste their time doing a Forced Singleplayer story quest? Players like to play Warframe their way, and for some this means only playing with friends and family. By making quests Forced Singleplayer, you are telling them that their way of playing is wrong. Lets look at an example: someone has last played since TWW and they are logging in today. They are interested in the story of Warframe, but don't know what to do next. They ask for assistance from one of their friends who has done the quest before, and their friend says that they will help them. However, the friend tells the player that those missions are Forced Singleplayer, and that they can't play with them. The player just wants to have fun with their friends, and since they don't have the time, they will not play the story quests. This has happened to me multiple times. My father, for example, wants to do the story quests, but can't because he isn't as skilled with videogames as I am. He only enjoys playing Warframe with me, and doesn't have the time to do these Forced Singleplayer missions by himself. Why would someone waste their time on a Forced Singleplayer story quest if their primary reason for playing is to have fun with friends? One of my clanmates refused to do the opening quest to Fortuna because he didn't want to waste an hour of his time playing by himself when he could be enjoying the rest of Warframe with his friends. So what is the solution? From a player's perspective its quite simple. The Second Dream had the answer all along. Instead of Forced Singleplayer quests, make the cutscenes and Light-Or-Dark-O-Meter an individual sequence with the rest of the quests cooperative. During cutscenes only your Operator is displayed, but the actual gameplay of the quest allows for up to a whole squad. Other games do similar things to this, most notably the Halo series. Halo is focused around The Master Chief, a single soldier, but the cooperative campaign allows for 4 Chiefs at once in the same mission. Warframe could take a similar approach and make their story quests fun and memorable for the right reasons. This doesn't mean that the quests themselves will require a squad, but will have the option for one. If you still prefer to do the quests singleplayer, you can still do that. Please reconsider the Forced Singleplayer quests. Those who enjoy playing the quests Singleplayer don't get harmed in this process, and it only makes the rest of Warframe stronger by allowing others to help each other through cooperation. Everyone here wins. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that 2020 will be a great year for you all. Best, A fellow Tenno
  11. I dont even want a Liset anymore. Let all my stuff be in the Railjack! Imagine entering a normal mission, but instead of jumping out of the Liset you jump out the bottom hatch of a Railjack. I do like the idea of a Liset being battle ready, could be a soft intro into Railjack as a whole. Also INB4 "Lisets are stealth transports only!"
  12. Can't wait for 20 minutes of Rebb flying around in Archwing collecting resources.
  13. This is valuable for any game designer. Please take a look at this and pass it on to the rest of the team. @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Steve, @[DE]Megan
  14. I think this stream really highlighted just how badly Railjack needs autopickups for loot. Either that or a 5000 meter vacuum. That and enemy scaling really needs to be looked at.
  15. Changes sound good. Will have to test to confirm.
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