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  1. Perhaps then the problem is being able to stun/nuke the entire room. Not disable abilities, just change the ones that only take 1 button to clear a tile. If that were to change, then maybe we could get better AI that could react faster, flank, and dodge some of our attacks. I would really like to see the AI use squad based tactics that play off of the individual strengths of the units to make the whole team more difficult to fight. Also having them be aware of one another in a fight would be a nice change. Try to surround us more and not just charge at us in a conga line.
  2. Here is my initial feedback. So far, enemies are just bullet sponges with an increased spawn rate. Not really hard, but not really easy either. What I would like to see in regards to enemies: - Upgraded AI (pathfinding, squad teamwork, flanking, dodging, etc.) - More Eximus units - Having them be faster and more agile Rewards are non existent. Steel Essence has not dropped once for me, so that sucks. There is really no reason to do the Steel Path other than the Teshin Operator cosmetics and clout. What I would like to see in regards to rewards: - Steel Essence is rewarded similar to how the Granum Crowns are. Guaranteed one per mission, with a possibility of more for endless. - Riven Slivers and kuva should drop from the extra caches in missions. - Scaling rewards need to be a thing. 3000 credits for end of mission rewards is a feel bad moment. Granted, I have been doing this solo, since public has failed multiple times to match me with someone else. Honestly I dont know how many people actually play the Steel Path, so maybe fixing the things above will naturally fix the lack of players in public. Edit: Forgot to mention this, but Teshin as the speaker is a great addition. He is probably my favorite part of this update. Please use him more.
  3. Agreed. Now just let me play the quest with my friends and it would be that much better.
  4. And yet, to do the Granum Void, its Xoris or you're doing it wrong.
  5. "Operator! Want to hear a funny joke? THE SERGEANT!!! AHAHAHAHAA...hahahah...hehe ..... ...get it?"
  6. Which is why my original post said that things like new mods, weapons, and other non cosmetic exclusives should not be in the Steel Path. The difficulty should not change, or be nerfed on arrival. It should be that difficult. The Steel Path is designed to skip the 30-40 min wait for enemies to get to their higher level, and what Im suggesting is that the rewards should also reflect that 30-40 min jump. Give the players reason to do longer runs in the more difficult mode. I think it would be worse if a player asked themself 10 mins in "Why am I doing a lvl 140 mission when I could get the same thing doing a lvl 40 mission?" Im glad you enjoy the higher level enemies, and that playing against them is enough reward for you, but not everybody thinks that way. I think The Steel Path is the perfect opportunity for scaling rewards. This would not hurt your enjoyment, and you might be able to convince others to go for longer runs with you. Hopefully down the line they take a look at scaling enemy AI and improving on the enemy combat, because this mode could also be a perfect testing ground for harder, smarter enemies.
  7. I get that. For me, Rivens are the most fun thing to do/get in the game. It gets me to experiment with new guns and I like unlocking the challenges. I just think there could be something for everyone. However, I dont think the lvl of enemies really matters. What I wish they would do is take a look at their AI, because at this point a lvl 100 enemy dies just the same as a lvl 1 enemy, just slower. This is why I think there should be a little extra reward. Unlocking the star chart again for some emotes and ship decorations that nobody will ever see isnt enough incentive for a casual player to want to try the new mode.
  8. The Steel Path has the potential to breathe new life into Warframe, because unlocking the Star Chart again on a higher difficulty feels like a New Game+. However, the proposed "Hard Mode" is missing the + in New Game+. There is no reason to unlock the Star Chart all over again. The reason Im writing this is because I believe The Steel Path in its current proposed state is wasted potential, and I don't want to see another mode thrown to the wayside after a few weeks. So what rewards could The Steel Path offer? Here are a few ideas: - Significant Resource Boost - Radiant Relics - Conclave Standing - Riven Slivers - Focus Lenses - Umbral Forma... maybe? There are other rewards that could go here, like new weapons, mods, kitgun/zaw blueprints, arcanes, but I feel that The Steel Path should stay away from locking gameplay changing rewards behind its mode. Resources like Riven Slivers and Focus Lenses can be aquired elsewhere in the normal part of the game, but The Steel Path provides more experienced players with a way to get them faster. Similar to how it gets us to lvl 100 faster. It just feels bad to play a lvl 150 mission and get the same 1500 credit cache and a vitality that you could get playing the regular game.
  9. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission!
  10. I wish I could free them by hacking a console, then they have to follow you to the exit like a rescue target. This wont waste any Granums, but the drawback is they dont immediately teleport away. Also unlocking them with a Granum should give a small universal medallion, something players will actually use.
  11. Warframe: a cooperative game where more than half of the quests are solo only. What ever happened to the cooperative part?
  12. @[DE]Megan Excited to play the new Glassmaker mystery. Got enough Cephalite Resonance to see what it did. Glassmaker talked for a bit, then presented me with a couple of choices. Do you know what happened next? I went to bullet jump to the one I thought was correct, only to miss the platform by a foot. Thought it wasn't a big deal, thought I would try it again, because usually falling into a bottomless pit means nothing in Warframe. But the mission kicked me back into the starting area, and to my surprise, all of my Cephalite Resonance had been used. This sucks. No way around it. If I failed because I got the questions wrong, that would be one thing. But for falling? Really? In MR Tests they even give you a couple of attempts if you fall, and they at least warn you ahead of time that you could fail and be punished for it. But I never even got a chance to play the Glassmaker. And now I have no Cephalite Resonance, and I'm not sure if I even want to get more. This feels like a "Gotcha" mechanic, and it sucks. Hopefully that wasn't the design intent behind this. A simple fix would be to respawn the player at the beginning if they fall, you know, like for literally everything in Warframe. Or if you fall, you get sent back to the scene with your Cephalite Resonance intact. But please don't punish your players for playing your game. Most of us want to enjoy the stuff you guys make, but its terrible mechanics like this that lead to bad first impressions. Please remove this unnecessary punishment from Glassmaker.
  13. I just dont want it to take my Resonance if I happen to miss the platform. 10 Cephalic Resonance wasted for no reason. Could easily just boot me back with the timer still going. Right now it feels like a "Gotcha" style mechanic to make players play more, which feels bad man 😞
  14. TYPE: In-Game: Railjack Mission DESCRIPTION: Credit Amount is not the correct VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Complete a Railjack Mission as normal in Earth/Saturn/Veil Proxima EXPECTED RESULT: Earth Proxima Missions reward 30,000 - 45,000 Credits depending on the node. Saturn Proxima Missions reward 50,000 - 75,000 Credits depending on the node. Veil Proxima Missions reward 80,000 - 150,000 Credits depending on the node. OBSERVED RESULT: ~ 700 Credits upon Mission Completion REPRODUCTION RATE: Every Railjack Mission TYPE: In-Game: Railjack Mission DESCRIPTION: Fire deals no damage VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Acquire a fire while in the Railjack mission EXPECTED RESULT: Fire does considerable damage to Railjack over time OBSERVED RESULT: Health and Shields do not change. No damage is dealt to the Railjack REPRODUCTION RATE: Every Railjack Mission PLAYER NOTE: I feel that fires on the Railjack should be similar to how the fire effects look when destroying a reactor on an enemy crewship. A small fire dealing a lot of damage doesn't make sense
  15. Every Railjack mission that I have run so far gives around 700 credits. Is this supposed to be a random bonus or is it not working correctly?
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