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  1. Yeah, the Pandero nerfs are pretty mystifying to me as well. While I owned the weapon and put many forma in it, there are many weapons which outperformed it in practice. Pandero's theoretical damage output if all fan-fire shots connected with heads was stellar, but being pulled out of ADS and having massively reduced accuracy made aimed headshots just as viable in many situations while also being more ammo efficient. If possible, it would make many users happy if the Pandero was instead bumped up in MR requirement instead of artificially hammered down to fit the new budgeting system at its current lock. I still believe there's many viable alternatives for strong semi-auto secondaries in the low MR range, and I don't think newer players will be struggling to gain higher MR with the amount of frames, companions, sentinels, achievements, and solid low-lock weapons choices readily available for quick ascension through the ranks.
  2. If this augment worked without increasing drain over time, then I can entirely understand where DE is coming from here. Base resonate with 265-280% range is currently one of the best methods in the game for soloing interception, usually covering 2-4 nodes in the vast majority of tilesets. The only downside to this is the energy consumption, although a maxed channeling efficiency build with Primed Flow on even non-prime Banshee makes it entirely possible to sit tight for an entire interception round without having to move once. Having a no-frills deployable with twice the range, constant stagger, and no increase of energy expense over time would increase that to 4 nodes on most interception maps, making interception relic farms far easier than any alternative. Range could be cut to 235% using only two range mods, freeing up additional mod slots for survivability and added duration while still having better final range. There was a lot of BS potential with the other route if DE handled Banshee's augment poorly, and it may have led to trolling potential that exceeds Limbo on, say, Defense, where Banshee could have comfortably pushed enemies way in the distance back into their spawn zones without ever killing them. I don't fully agree with the new approach for the augment, either, but I can definitely see why they were hesitant about the original plan.
  3. Landpaddle

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Two people have mentioned your second point by now, but both times I asked to carry the battery were met with a simple 'no'. I guess Nyx P and Nova P respectively with Primed Flow don't count as high energy pools, and that's fine, but the cutoff point there with what would have been required was never made clear by the raid leaders or any of the other experienced raiders with them. (Also yes, I know Nyx is below average for raids, but it's all I had for the first one.) As for netcode, I don't know what to add. Both school leaders expressed disdain for it and told people to do everything in their power to account for it, but the means of compensating for it forced two people on every button during the hijack segment to just... sit and watch a slowly moving objective, occasionally pressing a button to add CC. Yeah, it's similar to a lot of farming nodes, but I was expecting a little more action in a raid than being able to casually stroll to the kitchen and grab a snack. Maybe that's an unrealistic expectation in a game where people optimize for afk farming, but I don't feel like it's an unreasonable desire to want a little more action and movement where your battle is focused on enemies themselves instead of the game's netcode.
  4. Landpaddle

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Hi. I'm a semi-new player who was carried through LoR a while back courtesy of the Raid Schoolbus. Here's my two cents on the experience: 1) The puzzles and strategies involved in LoR seemed less focused on execution than build composition and memorization. Hard frame CC was valued over the rest of your loadout, rendering newer players without primed mods, corrupted mods, and heavy forma investment largely useless. 2) The new raiders were not permitted to attempt carrying a battery or follow the hijack cart: this meant that 4 players were just following waypoints and orders while the experienced half did most of the legwork. As a result, the raid ended up feeling more like a movie that was out of our control than something we were actively engaged in. I understand and appreciate the tremendous effort and free time that bus drivers put in, but no amount of work makes up for raid mechanics that are built around prior raid experience over general mastery of mechanics and on-the-fly problem-solving skills. Given the above criticisms, I am tentatively happy to see raids being retired, but only under the notion that they will actively be reworked or replaced with better systems. I hope that those who do run raids will find other means of enjoying Warframe for the time being, and I wish DE the best in making a more engaging raid experience that strikes a chord for both new and old players this time.
  5. Landpaddle

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    I would admittedly like to have seen the Stradavar listed, considering it's basically a slightly worse version of the advanced Latrons, and its very minor gain in sustain is somewhat undermined by significantly higher burst and status application by the Latron Wraith/Prime. Like +5% crit in both modes to make semi-auto more comparable and auto benefit from the usual crit build, and an identical status chance of 15 or 20% across both modes to make auto good for corrosive proc spraying? That, or just lowering the MR req to a more power-appropriate MR6 or lower. Like others have stated, continuous weapon status application also needs another pass, since 100% status chance a second is topped by even 10% status chance on a semi-auto at 10 fire rate, and 40% status chance on a 13 fire rate auto weapon is basically the equivalent of 500+% status chance/second on a continuous weapon, making them less viable for proc spreading than their auto/semi-auto counterparts. Really positive changes otherwise.
  6. Landpaddle

    Hotfix 19.13.1

    The change to Nyx is extremely problematic, since very little to no players use Absorb/Assimilate for the damage on release, but the protection it provides for yourself and people within. It seems that not only does friendly fire result in more drain now, but *enemy* fire also causes over 10x as much drain per tick of damage. You're a slow-moving tank with little to no mobility options--it's now the worst form of invincibility on a frame, and that's for a frame that only had soft CC and one-target-at-a-time hard CC to go with in a horde-based game. Where you could previously stand in front of 8 level 110 corrupted heavy gunners for a good full minute and still have half your energy pull, doing so with one level 100 heavy gunner depletes it in the same time frame. Previously, this absorption of friendly fire was patched out when a player was using Assimilate Nyx. This was done to prevent AoE damage from depleting your enemy reserves from full to empty within seconds. Now, it's virtually impossible to play that role of slow, barely mobile tank/soft-cc without running into more energy issues than any other frame, at the cost of more restricted invincibility as well.
  7. Landpaddle

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    #779060 Edit, additional map escape holes: #779084 #779086
  8. Landpaddle

    Weapon Sounds: Remastered

    I've noticed that the gunplay is definitely more satisfying since the changes to these starters weapons. I picked up a Lato and MK-1 Braton and brought them through the star chart, and it was definitely much more enjoyable to use them than before. In terms of what weapons to tackle next for this kind of treatment, I'd vouch for the Soma, Magnus, and Gorgon series. The Soma in particular, despite being one of the most used weapons in the game, sounds absolutely pitiful, with no punch at all to the firing foley. Comparing it to the regular Sybaris or Buzlok, or even the Braton *before* the remaster, is like night and day.
  9. Landpaddle

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    #776253 #776257
  10. Landpaddle

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    #692232 - Segments of the ground in a Corpus spy vault on Laomedeia, Neptune are 'sunken' beneath the floor textures. Did not happen before TWW.
  11. Landpaddle

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 6

    As much as I appreciate the swift response, I am disappointed that the progression stoppers in the 'The New Strange' quest have not been fully addressed yet. I'm presently stuck on the 'Craft Scorched Beacon' part with no beacon blueprint in my inventory. If you could run a script that either resets the quest or grants players at that stage of progression the blueprint if they don't already have it, I'd be very grateful. Hearing the same dialogue ad nauseum is making me a sad player.