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  1. Still hoping to get that Ability Menu opened up. Being able to hold L1 and have gear hotkeys or secondary fire or channeling or whatever on the d-pad would be awesome.
  2. Please let me bind stuff other than powers in the ability menu? Pretty please? It'd really help controller players fit more stuff on our controllers. I'd love to be able to hold down L1 then hit gear hotkeys on the d-pad.
  3. Is this the right thread to ask questions in for the next stream? Here's a couple: Is channeling still being removed/reworked in Melee 3.0? If not, are you working on changing how it works on controllers? Locked input to right stick press is really bad, and I'm still using a button mapping from before that update because of it, making melee channeling completely inaccessible to me. Any chance we can have the ability menu expanded? I'd like to be able to put gear hotkeys and stuff there. It really feels like we're basically losing half the available inputs on controllers since the only input mappable to the ability menu is focus and transference.
  4. Again: Please fix melee channel on controllers. Right stick press is a *terrible* place for it, that we're not allowed to move. Consequently, I'm still using an old controller setup that places crouch on the right stick, and completely removes melee channel, because in no universe is right stick good for melee channel or secondary fire. Allow us to bind melee channel as an individual button, instead of as an alternate to secondary fire (or, as it was previously, other gun-mode buttons). Additionally, allow us to mitigate the lack of controller space by letting us bind things to the ability menu. Here, as you can see, is my current layout. Note that secondary fire is in a sensible place, with toggle crouch where you have secondary fire currently. Secondary fire is *horrendous* when placed on the same stick as "Look". You do not want to have to perform a different input to shoot with the same input you're using to aim. It's imprecise and likely to interfere with your aiming. Here's my ability menu. Notice all the N/A? That's because you won't let me put place marker, melee channel, and maybe secondary fire over there, freeing up room to put roll in a usable space (I currently almost never use it), or even use reverse camera, or whatever future functions you might be adding. Hell, I'd even have room to put some commonly used gear slots over there, so I don't always have to open up the gear wheel. I'm gonna probably keep suggesting this until it happens, so. Hope someone reads it eventually.
  5. *Please fix melee channeling on controllers* There is absolutely no reason why channeling should: 1: Be unmovable. 2: Only be placed as an alternate to shooting inputs while Melee mode is active. 3: *Ever* be on a stick press. Please allow us to bind channeling as its own independent button. Additionally, fix the issue with controllers running out of available buttons by allowing us to place more inputs in the Ability Menu. Yes, I know it was originally just for powers, but if we can move around focus and transference in it, we should be able to bind other stuff to the keys we would bind focus and transference to.
  6. Please fix channeling on controllers. I still don't have it bound (By maintaining my pre-patch that made it unmovable binding). Specifically: Please let us unbind channeling, bind channeling as an independent input, and give us additional inputs we can bind things like channeling to by expanding the ability menu to allow any input to be bound in it.
  7. Still think you all should let us bind any action in the Ability Menu, almost doubling available inputs for controllers, and allowing mouse and keyboard players to put more things on convenient keys.
  8. Reposting from previous thread. Still have channeling unbound via shenanigans. Additionally, please let channeling be a toggle.
  9. Just reposting from previous threads. I still don't have Melee Channeling bound at all on my controller. Also, allow Channeling to be a toggle.
  10. I guess I'm just gonna keep making this suggestion forever and be one of *those* people, but: Please let us bind things other than focus/transference under the ability menu. It's a simple fix to the current issues with controllers lacking enough inputs. Channeling doesn't have to be an alternate to another input while in melee mode if we have nine additional inputs.
  11. I'm gonna say again, just because it seems really obvious to me and I have no idea why this isn't how it is already: Just let us bind actions other than transference and the powers in the ability menu. Assuming the face buttons stay immutably as powers, this would give us L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3, d-pad up, d-pad down, d-pad left, and d-pad right, minus whichever of those you have set to open the ability menu. This is nine extra inputs, for us to put things like gear, marking, channeling, the map, pretty much anything we're currently not able to fit on a controller. It'd be nearly like having an entire additional controller, that you access by holding down a shoulder button. I can't imagine this should be exceptionally difficult to implement, either? Most of the functionality is already in the game.
  12. Seriously, big suggestion for how to make Melee Channel work better on controllers: Let us set it under the power menu, and make it a toggle. So if I want to be channeling, I just hold Power Menu, toggle it on. If I want to not be channeling, I hold Power Menu, toggle it off. I'd also like to be able to put other stuff under the Power Menu. Just make it work like a shift or alt key, letting me have any button do anything different while I'm holding it down.
  13. Managed to trick the game into not binding Melee Channel entirely (Not like I use it anyway) A suggestion: Let me put melee channel as a toggle in the Ability Menu. In fact, let me bind literally anything to any key in the ability menu other than ability menu itself, so I can basically double my useful buttons on controller >.>
  14. Controllers are basically broken right now, since Melee Channel is basically forced into overriding either aim or fire.
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