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  1. I'm going to develop the post later, but it's clear as the sun that these 2 enemies are totally worthless and doesn't bring anything to the table.

    Volatile Runners aren't going kamikaze no matter what. They're going to fail. Every. Time. 
    Their self destruct action is really too slow for human reflexes.
    Even if it manages to blow up, its damage is ridicle.
    Melee Attacks stops their detonations.
    Ranged guns take them down with ease before they can even be in range to stun you.

    Boilers are pretty much in the same position.
    If you shoot them, they will pop Spawn Pods... which get oneshotted no matter what.
    Spawned infested are lv10 and can be taken down by a Sentinel (with no mods on its weapon).
    They 99% get bugged and won't melee nor attack you.

    There's enough space to play with better mechanics, and making them a real threat.
    Start by making Volatile Runners faster in their actions and more lethal in their explosions. Give them a fair counterplay.
    So, they should be fragile and fast, or slow and tanky.
    Maybe telegraph the explosion with some kind of flashing texture animation.

    Boilers can work in the same manner. If you're afraid of overpopulation and performance problems, just make them spawn Volatile Runners, which anyway are going to die asap.
    Skip the Spawn Pods step. Too much easy counterplay there.
    Eventually make them explode with a large Infested Tar slowing Tennos so they can be caught by the horde.

    Make it more dynamic, let's put more risk, let's require more interaction from the player, than just holding down Left Mouse Button or spamming E...

  2. 4 hours ago, RealPandemonium said:

    Revert the Nekros nerfs.  Overall capability is way down and performance issues have not gone away.

    A whole mess of players were hoodwinked into celebrating nerfs, while actual Nekros players had their frame gutted.

    I'm actually a Nekros player since its release, now I'm having more fun than before with the new SotD.

    Please don't talk about Nekros players making the assumption it's an angry minorance sharing your feelings.
    It's an attracting (but fallacious) idea to believe in.

    Nekros ATM is able to solo Defenses and Mobile Defenses, than before its "NERF".
    Also keeping alive 4 Sentient Fighters for more than 20 minutes wasn't possible.
    Also having not to care about your build anymore; there's no more need for Natural Talent or stacking Duration over 50% or Efficency.
    About Damage Nerf, even before, Shadows weren't doing damage properly. At least now they properly draw Aggro.

    The only thing I'm not satisfied of is Ancient Healers not Healing nor Shadows nor Nekros.

  3. In the most recent Cephalon related story it was intended that the Golden Lords are Immortal.


    Ballas is above me, Executor of the Seven, smiling. He says, 'How simple and pure you are, you idiot beast. We have died countless times! Yet remain eternal!'

    Am I missing something?

  4. 3 hours ago, SirWolfen said:

    Exceptional is pretty useless. If you want more chances at the 2 uncommon rewards you're better off going for flawless and wasting less traces than just always going radiant.

    It's not a waste since in RNG you never know..
    The point is it's better aiming for the highest chance, if you're working with a team of 4 people.
    Elesway it doesn't really change, if you go alone you could take an Intact or Radiant relic (if you don't want to play by max/min) then there's the chance you can even get a common reward from a Radiant relic.
    Again, refining for lower levels it's a way to make Economy on Traces, but nothing else other than that; it's misleading and not really worth.

  5. 3 hours ago, VaykorKek said:

    Some of my friends do exceptional runs when ducat farming. I personally dont do it but it does seem to work for them, so there's your explanation for a reason behind anything other than radiant existing. ( they make back the traces they use each run .

    The point is you're doing economy on Traces, but you'll just have less chances than the optimal.


    3 hours ago, _Vortus_ said:

    Opinions backed by no facts makes blanket statements pointless.   Track a couple hundred runs of each type, log it and then present the argument.   Otherwise, unless DE posts numbers or another player runs a big enough experiment, it's all just opinion when it comes to whether they work or not.

    It's simple as it looks, there's really no need for datas.
    Check the WIKI.

    You can also try backing your own statements, cause if you think I'm wrong, then you'd know something I'm ignoring which you blindly trust.
    You know, we're on a Forum to discuss.
    ...Unless you yourself don't really know if there's an alternative. And then what's the point of being so aggressive.

    Elseway what's left to you is to tone down your ... attitude, thanks.

  6. Imaginative but too much juvenile.

    It draws form an immature pool of ideas.

    What's the point of it being "the second Warframe"? What's the point of a familiar bond with another Warframe?
    These are all points that mostly inspire adulescent audience in a cheap way.

    It also contradicts with Lore standards. Warframes are supposedly immune to Infestation contagion.

    Skills are probably boring and doesn't fit with Warframe's gameplay.

  7. On 1/10/2016 at 5:09 PM, Toramaru said:

    I lack the maturity to understand why people come here to say that it is simply a matter of preference, that Volt is in a good place, while implying there's too much fuss over the matter.

    I also lack the patience (despite being usually quite patient) to wait for DE's feedback/reply on the matter, considering the 67 pages. Volt is certainly not as good as the majority of other Frames (and since I really like melee I'm sticking with Inaros), having, as @YagoXiten said, a rework that added very little to him.

    67 pages... It's not concentrated feedback.
    It's mostly made of chit chats.
    No surprise if nobody is going to spend a day lurking inside all of this to find something valuable.

  8. On 1/10/2016 at 1:19 PM, MakeLuvNotWerFrame said:

    Just imagine Warframe elemental combo effect during the Mythbuster's Fire vs Extinguisher episode


    one could say if there were to be any effect involving fire vs ice there would also be a friendly proc chance to make things

    "Fair" (amusing)

    Realistically when water & fire meet water turns to vapor and fire loses heat, lose enough heat and the reaction process stops, fire dies. (with respect to exothermic chemical reactions, of course)

    But!, in a situation such as in the current tact-survival you are in a giant metal oven that's a-flame, unless you drop earths polar icecaps into the ship

    nothing is really going to make an impact.

    In-fact when using life support it should come with an explosion as  a mass of combustible gasses just got added.

    But thankfully this is a silly game mode not overly realistic, much to the frustration to a decent many.


    Really appreciated your lesson.

    Too often too many people just start arguing going "all in" with "Fantasy Physics and Chemistry" without knowing what would happen for real.


  9. 14 hours ago, WaRsHooTer666 said:



    Do you know what? The nightwatch enemies are a perfect example that you (DE) have perfect solutions for making the game more challenging / difficult!
    I mean.. i made a few runs and the whole teactical alert.. and do you know what? i saw many people dye more than once.

    ...even i died sometimes because of the cc-ability of an enemy and the manics..

    Inshort: I saw many flamethrower and enemies with a "rip line"-ability, manics with finisher attacks which can even kill valkyr during her 4th..
    + rockets and so on ..

    MY POINT is that people needed to pay attention to manics and other enemies to not get insta-killed..
    BUT it made a lot of FUN...

    NOT like damn corpus units which take away your fun/abilities/waste your energy/ and weapon choice....
    Pls stop this non-sense DE.. You clearly know how to make them more challenging without taking away the special feature of this game ..namely our abilities.

    I have many doubts about your current direction (which focussed on taking away our abilities)
    I´ve spend ~2k € in this game to support you and get that shiny Accessoires ... because i really appreciated your work in past..
    I didnt need to do that .. i know how to earn platinum..

    Im sure that you are able to make/keep this game great and more interesting. This game could survive as long as for example diablo 2 or Wow..
    You have a loyal playerbase full of veterans and founder, but you need to choose the right decision´s to keep them.

    Further .. you should listen more carefully .. many players dont like powercreep (example) .. and there were already many solutions mentioned by other players..

    However, i just hope that someone of you will read this...
    You have achieved a lot and could reach even more..

    Best regards (and wishes)

    I don't mean to lack respect of you.
    ...But I think you and many other people don't know what's a perfectly balanced Challenge and so get satisfied just by some randomic shuffle of cards.

  10. That happens only to toxic and unconstructive feedback.
    I suggest keeping conspiracy themed arguments out.

  11. What's the point into having more refining ranks into this system?

    Actually we have:

    Everyone is going to refine Relics to "Radiant" quality for the higher chance of getting the Rare Reward. ◄(Fact)
    Everyone is going to look for Radiant Relics for better runs. ◄(Fact)

    Essentially, refining a relic for Exceptional or Flawless means wasting a relic and Void Traces.

    The only outcome this system has is misleading people who don't understand it into refining a relic for lower ranks.

    Did DE ignore this result?
    Or is there in program the chance of dropping relics which aren't Intact and have an higher rank, which can still be refined?

    [Again the "illusion of variety" error made in different major features of the game?] ◄(Fact)

  12. 14 minutes ago, xaanos said:

    This last event was fun with just the right level of difficulty. This is how things should scale. Make them hit hard enough to hurt without getting silly high armor.

    Totally diasagree.

    ►The event was totally lazy designed; 
    ►no Lore links, nothing written to explain the circumstances better;
    ►nothing new, no new mechanics; 
    ►no counterplay to Environmental Hazards;
    ►no counterplay to Tonkors oneshotting;
    ►no counterplay to Manics instagibbing you;
    ►no brain usage actions repeated "ad-nauseam";
    ► Again another Event which brings along and underlines Warframe's biggest problems.


    1) Challenge, Difficulty. Artificial difficulty, Enemy Scaling (Modding just for damage), Enemy AI and counterplay strategies. Spamming Immortality, CC or Invisibility, oneshots.

    2) Most Missions are boring, not dynamic. No strategy or brain usage. Gun and Run.

    3) Combat: it's spammy and doesn't involve brain usage. It has no Flow


  13. On 30/9/2016 at 7:32 PM, bernad2218 said:

    it seems like this will do something right


    no it wouldnt, most experienced players here know how to deal with stamina since Conclave 2.0 existed waaayy before U17

    ...Cause Stamina 1.0 was pointless. With the correct refinement it will work fine. We still haven't seen a Parkour 2.0 with stamina.

    Sorry to blast your "skillbased" fantasy.

  14. 10 hours ago, Daggerpaw1 said:

    I've only come to realize this during the Nightwatch tactical alert where they spawn non stop. Here's why:

    1. They have invincibility frames (why?)

    2. They can teleport, which adds to the $&*&*#(%& nature of the next point.

    3. They can proc guaranteed kill finishers on you from the back. Even when you're in mid bullet jump trying to get away from them. In fact, you don't even need to have your back toward them. Even if you're facing them head on, they'll just teleport behind you and proc the finisher.

    Remove the finishers. I have never felt so cheated and annoyed while doing a mission in Warframe. Getting constantly instakilled by enemies who have multiple invincibility periods (unless you 1 shot them) and from any position at any point is beyond frustrating, and this event has brought this fact to light. It is only because of these enemies that I will not participate in this alert anymore since I have finished the last mission. Manics are not difficult, they're cheats. Difficulty means a reduction of the margin of error. With manics, there is no error required for them to kill you immediately, in addition to being generally annoying when spawned nonstop. No matter what direction I go or turn, they can always proc the insta-kill finisher simply by teleporting, even if I'm facing them directly.

    Please fix this.

    Manics just need a counterplay mechanic.
    Something like a "struggle fight", an action performable by the player reducing the Suppression duration.

    But they won't made it anyway... Too much effort.

  15. 23 minutes ago, Otakuwolf said:

    Was anything learned from those infamous "Broken lights" in grineer tilesets ?

    I've spent 90% of the latest Tactical Alert survival mission time on fire for literally no reason other than "RNG decided so". No Hyekkas or scorches were around, i was not touching the fire spats around... then why do i get set on fire every 5 seconds ? I don't think it's "a feature of the mission type" because that also happens a lot in normal missions as well when the ship is on fire, and while from one side i do understand that "explosions can set things on fire" at the same time it would be nice to have something like a warning that something somewhere is about to explode, even one or two seconds long so at least i know why i bursted into flames in that moment instead of rolling my eyes at the game punishing me for no other reason than pure, simple, and broken RNG.

    As extra note, the average chance to be struck by a lightning is around 1 out of 300.000 , but that doesen't seems the case in the Grineer shipyard where you can get hit by RNG lightnings up to 3 times per minute.

    So, RNG damage is not fun no matter the amount you take (would it be 100 points as 10 points), it's the equivalent of the game punishing for no reason, and if it must exist then please consider adding some kind of warning that something can or is about to happen on a certain spot.

    I totally agree with you.

    There must be a logic in damage, there must be a telegraphing factor for bigger damage, something that makes the player think about it and gives it the chance of counterplaying it by reflexes.
    Elseway it's just a plain dumb mechanic.
    The same with Tonkors in the same mission. There is little to no warning to you being oneshotted by them.

    There must be a visible danger and a counterplay. How do you counter costant Lightning damage, costant Heath damage?
    In those missions there aren't any other way of sustaining that kind of elemental Hazard.
    That's why the game ends up every time into spamming Immortality/CrowdControls/AoeNukes/Energy.

    On a side argument, that's why I always thought that Critical Strike chance has no meaning to exist in Warframe.
    It's a mechanic made for RPG or many competitive PVP.
    It has no place in Warframe, an action shooter, where Aim should be rewarded instead of it.
    The only use for it is pleasing people looking for big numbers, red numbers, getting satisfied from a brainless RNG coincidence.
    Like winning on a Slot Machine. It leverages on many feelings related to gambling addiction.

    It all boils down to LAZY game design.

  16. 3 minutes ago, CCamp88 said:

    I cant speak for anyone else. But anything new is fun to me. Hell, going back and being able to redo tac alerts is one of my most wanted things in the game. Not for the prizes/rewards, but for the lore and the scenarios most put us in.

    In this event there aren't even so many Lore lines and scenario descriptions like many past TAs.... It's gaunt at its best.

  17. 6 minutes ago, CCamp88 said:

    Remember they aren't necessary to complete. Pretty much all tac alerts have been for the fun/challenge. April Fools day.. last halloween. Hopefully this halloweens :-D 

    Dude and other dudes.

    I'm a Veteran (I dislike using these kind of terminology, but most people can't understand it otherway..), I played most of the past Tactical Alerts.

    The focus of this Topic is "Damn! DE, you still do the same uninspired things! When will you start proposing something new and enjoyable?"

  18. So essentially setup 3-4 Grineer missions with some major elemental hazard and unconventional skinned enemies...

    What's special about it? What's tactical about it?

    The fact you've to spam Energy Vampire, Crowd Control, Immortality, Energy and Vitality Pizzas to stay alive?

    The fact enemy's Tonkors oneshot you?


    These "Events" underline again Warframe's problems:

    1) Challenge, Difficulty. Artificial difficulty, Enemy Scaling (Modding just for damage), Enemy AI and counterplay strategies. Spamming Immortality, CC or Invisibility, oneshots.

    2) Most Missions are boring, not dynamic. No strategy or brain usage. Gun and Run.

    3) Combat: it's spammy and doesn't involve brain usage. It has no Flow.

  19. On 24/09/2016 at 6:31 AM, (PS4)Doctor-Blitz- said:

    The massive loosening of players started more or less with the nerf orgy 

    Sorry to contradict you, but since the Nerfs I enjoyed the game a little more.
    I'm not playing actually cause' there's nothing else to do and cause' WF didn't fix its basic problems: 

    1) Challenge, Difficulty. Artificial difficulty, Enemy Scaling, Enemy AI and fight strategies. Spamming Immortality, CC or Invisibility, oneshots, Modding for damage, 

    2) Most Missions are boring, not dynamic. No strategy or brain usage. Gun and Run.

    3) Combat: it's spammy and doesn't involve brain usage. It has no Flow.

    4) Mod system isn't refined as it should, it just offers the illusion of variety.

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