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  1. Do you? You seem to sprout up at every opportunity to do just that.
  2. Yes. This exactly. I could not have stated it better myself. Having been smack in the middle of the last "scandal" it's just terrible to see it go this way. And don't get me wrong here, what's going in the world right now, in the US, i fully support. But none of this should be up for discussion here. At all. Ever. So what i believe, and the causes i support, may not be the same ones you support. So why in the mother trucking Hek is it all of a sudden ok for you to dive into that stuff when you guys literally told me to keep politics and religion out of chats? Unbelievable. It was y'all that actually kept saying (Glen) "That topic isn't appropriate for our space ninja game" I've kept my mouth shut as much as i could but this is just straight up BS. I don't care much if you alter or hide my posts anymore or if you even suspend my account. What the community is telling you is if you put rules of conduct in place EVERYONE playing the game or using any of your platforms should adhere to them. Especially the developers. But no, instead you've shown that you are unable to understand that not everyone will agree with you. Instead, we have the senior staff blatantly mocking customers and supporters of the game. We're not flipping whales, Steve. Also, since i veered slightly off topic, it's true, -redacted community member name- is extremely toxic and insufferable. It has nothing to do with his gender or sexual orientation. Why you've continually invited him to events as VIP and let him spread his toxicity in the community for this long is your fault DE. Not ours. I am all for good times and highly value respect. But those times have long gone. You want to ignore or skirt around very serious issues? Hey that's fine. Me, my time and wallet are going elsewhere. I also realize that this post might go completely ignored but i really felt like i had to put this out there. These are MY words and experiences since the moment i decided to join you as 'official volunteer' - not any other way around. If that means you slap a warning point and a neat little speech about my post here today, save it I'll gladly terminate my account. I am sorry but you're quite literally making me ill. (More than any of you at DE will ever truly know..) TLDR: You don't even follow you're own rules. I've spent a gigantic chunk of my personal finances and time supporting you. I am now done, unfortunately.
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