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  1. So yeah,, it's not like we didn't ask many times for this but DE refuses to even read these posts .. i guess: So welcome to the Club XD
  2. Cant really play 3D games anymore since Warframe... all games with characters are so slow, movement is clunky and chunky.. guns sound awful, melee isn't existing or fun... The only thing Warframe is lacking is fully customizable Operators in the fashion of Sims or Eve online.
  3. Either that or just let em buy it right off the shelf instead of trying to lure me into this amazon ...crap... I mean i will never make an Amazon account.. ever BUT i gladly buy stuff from the SITE using $... SO if you want me to buy Syandanas from you for $, out them in the Market or make $ Packs like the Deimos Support ones..bzt cheater so more people can buy them.
  4. primary kiguns can still not use rifle skin.. fail...
  5. Yes, now that they edited the OP it makes sense.
  6. i remove all my critics on the SKINS Here is why: *Edit: Corrected the Oscira weapon skin names. Originally they were dedicated to the new player starter weapons, but we then changed them to be universal Staff, Pistol, Thrown Blade, Rifle, Bow, and Longsword Skins. They edited it so now we know.. its Universal... THANKS!
  7. They arse Skins, for BRATON, Paris, and all the starter Weapons... DE thinks new players would spend platin for Weapons they only use about 5 minutes... Like COLORS, players buy this stuff when they got acclimated with the game.. and while they do so.. they will see what weapons they really want... and its not the guns they can use those skins for...
  8. Braton, Bo, and all the "starter" weapons you see in the first Mission... OSCIRA COLLECTION Jump into the future with the high-tech style of the Oscira Collection. Includes the Oscira Armor, Sugatra and Syananda. Plus, Bo, Braton, Kunai, Lato, Paris and Skana Skin And some people wonder we have so weird bugs in this game XD I mean look at some of the mod descriptions lacking proper grammar... Since coding uses keyboard as well, you get the idea...
  9. tried to use skins on Primary kitguns, nope...
  10. Yeah i wonder, i mean, way more people would buy the Skins if they were universal... If they made the skins UNIVERSAL they would get more $$$ instead of putting that minimal changed skin of necramech behind a platin wall...
  11. What about this? Old Bug reports not being fixed before new ones? Can we at least trade back teh stuff to get the platin back? i mean i cant use it like this...
  12. Particle Quality has to be medium at least for this to work graphically ( the bouncing visuals ). I had it on low ( because i never noticed a difference, but with the drakgoon i see the difference... ...)
  13. impossible to make a list, but none was as good as warframe... some might have higher textures but the general style was awful...and/or they performed bad on my RIG.
  14. I wanted to have something similar to excavations/thumpers, but we can not repair pets so i thought 30% is the limit where we "save" our pet from being in danger?! Or how else could this be solved?
  15. Sims3/4 kind of FASHION for Operators, i want bodysliders, more ethnical options, and all facial parts with sliders instead of blends..
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