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  1. I avoid this, i am never fast enough dodging... Feels like a different game, i am not interested i this kind of mechanic. It is also badly designed, at least give us our abilities ... Even Stormbringer in Genshin Impact is better designed than this Nihil guys mechanic... Sorry but i hate it so much...
  2. Does Tennogen offer this kind of mechanic to be built ?
  3. No reason to ruin it for the rest of us... by stating it is insane ( or any good ) DE will surely nerf it... What i learned in this game is this: Good Build? never share it... Good weapon? rename and reskin it so people don't know what you're using... Really... if you wonder WHY.. google for VYRA NYX DEVASTATION Build .... I was literally the only person using that kind of Nyx Build, and then after people noticed it can work and it was in fact very good.. DE nerfed NYx... Now we have "armor strip" that is "okayish" .. but when you youu at the old psychic bolts it is a joke...th
  4. Team? whats that? ah you mean host migration... mhhh
  5. Frost Prime, i didn't even play him often, its not my oldest frame either... All i now is its annoying.. i want WISP to be my default frame.
  6. Ordis could use more dialogues... its been ages he repeats the same stuff over and over again... Hey DE, ever thought of implementing "Replika AI" instead of using 10 year old samples?
  7. Time gating in this game is madness anyway... We are void demons godlike creatures yet we "pay" an IA to do its f-ng job and wait ages for smth to complete while you could basically rush it... But i understand DE desperately needs some cash because maybe no one buys platin? Anyway... then there is clan stuff like color research that can not even be skipped with platin...really? why not? what does take my Dojo workers take so long to research for basic pigments? Anyway.. time gating is bad... most of the time i lose interest in specific things because of the wait...
  8. I agree with everything EXCEPT it is the LANDING CRAFT not the Orbiter =) I wonder if DE actually knows/reads our opinion on this and if they even care at all... I mean from the people i talk to, the people write here and so on, the majority is very uncomfortable with the new UI... I am a bit disappointed that it at least seems DE doesnt give a f... about ... i mean the easiest solution would be to make it optional to use the new UI .. OR at least an option to switch back to the OLD UI so everyone will be satisfied... I would even pay for the old UI..lol
  9. My Friend and me encounter the same issue... how hard is it to fix this? I mean can i do smth on my end?
  10. So yeah,, it's not like we didn't ask many times for this but DE refuses to even read these posts .. i guess: So welcome to the Club XD
  11. Cant really play 3D games anymore since Warframe... all games with characters are so slow, movement is clunky and chunky.. guns sound awful, melee isn't existing or fun... The only thing Warframe is lacking is fully customizable Operators in the fashion of Sims or Eve online.
  12. Either that or just let em buy it right off the shelf instead of trying to lure me into this amazon ...crap... I mean i will never make an Amazon account.. ever BUT i gladly buy stuff from the SITE using $... SO if you want me to buy Syandanas from you for $, out them in the Market or make $ Packs like the Deimos Support ones..bzt cheater so more people can buy them.
  13. Well after a many times of Fishing and Mining i became really bored of doing so. But then it is needed to do so to get materials. But as i read the forums many people are annoyed by that fact. So here is an idea to make this more interesting: (we can keep mining and fishing as it is BUt we could add something optional to it:) MINING: A Craftable Excavator (GearWheel Item) - can be deployed on any OpenWorld map, once it is deployed you have to go near it and press (x)(activate). Once activated Mobs will come and try to destroy it, after 2-5 minutes it will complete and you get X-Amount
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