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  1. So, ive been doing some testing and found myself using the Tycho Seekers. Not sure what that Galvarc thing is supposed to do, neither sure about Milati... Galvarc is some sort of beam that doesn't 1 shot? and Milati doesn't really help at all it feels.. or i am doing smth wrong? Anyway, Tycho Seekers are really awesome, you can just 1 shot those annoying Outriders or panic-button shoot on the ramsled that is about to hit you. ( and also it looks awesome when you blow up smth, you hear that and see that through the entire system XD So what Ordnance type you are using any why?
  2. if you're looking at the Planet you're orbiting you see your Liset near it...or a silhouette of it.. I wonder why it isn't the Orbiter? And when are we getting to see and use the entire Orbiter instead of that small room? I know Railjack is becoming usable soon, but i wonder why our Orbiter gets so little love only. We are being int here for the most time in our lives and we can only visit the "Navigation" and those tiny rooms? The entire Orbiter itself seems to be huge, i wonder how the engine room looks like, what the fright rooms and the docks for the different Landing Crafts lo
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