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  1. Also the indicators for pickups on the minimap (those for destroyable caches... the small metal ones... those white squares.. you know what I'm talking about) are not disappearing when the cache is a dead body - walking through them picks an items inside but the indicators stays on - it really confuses me when I am clearing whole map and that little square on the minimap is still there It also happens sometimes with doors to:
  2. Infinite falling still not fixed, same as getting grabbed... Infinite falling bug repro: - get to stage 3 of fight (when the arena destroys and becomes smallest one) - fall down from tower/get killed on arena You can't do /unstuck as it teleports you back to the last tower (which is invisible for some reason)... If the teleport trigger would be lower, I could just do melee falling attack to land on that broken part of the arena and then try to do bullet jump to get back into fight, but that's not possible at the moment... Getting grabbed bug - can't do transference to switch neither to operator mode nor warframe - you just kinda have to pray he somehow drops or kills you... Also one more thing - sometimes after the cinematic (those during fights), enemies still damage you and after couple of seconds they do insta kill...
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