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  1. Pre-order exclusive, I believe, from last year.
  2. My attempt at drawing, I just started so many of these are gonna be eeeek. Day 10: Pattern
  3. thickbeagle

    Uranus Spy

    During the Second Dream quest (and regular missions) the uranus spy has a puddle around the base elevator that you can enter into but not escape. There are landing areas for the archwing to go back on land but none of them activate when you get near.
  4. sees "preorder" *shivers* *flashbacks to the sacrifice collection*
  5. Perhaps the system could be changed so that if you get the "booster" category from the reward pool, it would prompt you to choose which one you want? Maybe that gives the player too much power in the eyes of DE, but I think it would be a small yet powerful adjustment.
  6. Yes, also happened to me and my noob friend that i was helping through the quest today, extraction was immediately marked and 20,000m away, also incorrect location. No checkpoints for each fomorian shield thing you have to destroy.
  7. Bruh moment, apparently the t-shirt is very see through, which was not mentioned when I bought it. I was really hoping to wear it as a shirt? Is there some style that involves see through t-shirts now?
  8. It's coming up on a year since we've bought Sacrifice Collection T-shirts. I've looked around, apparently some people have gotten their umbra statues, some are still waiting, and almost nobody has received their T-shirt yet. I've looked at past emails, the last one saying the estimated ship date was early August. It's now mid September, with no T-shirt or update. I've been waiting, and I'm still waiting. I knew when I bought the T-shirt I wouldn't get it for a few months, but if I'd known it would take this long I wouldn't have bought one. Are we getting an update, another notification of delay, another pre-generated bot response from support? Who knows? Idk what to think, but I would sure appreciate some transparency on this.
  9. Does it straight up not work for you? Cus when I tried it out on my prisma skana it didn't do anything 😞
  10. Hey yeah, I just checked my account and I don't have the lotus ink glyph, so either my submission link couldn't be opened, disqualifying me for 'participating' or the glyphs are still rolling out? The link worked for me, and apparently a couple other people, as my post had a few reactions. I am really concerned here. Is there someone I should message to sort this out? I'm incredibly disappointed my poster wasn't a part of the contest 😥 .
  11. @[DE]Megan I'm worried my link didn't work, or y'all didn't look at the link posts, I really thought I had made something neat for the poster contest. I realize now that I should have put it under the screenshot category after looking at the winners for that section. Definitely limited to just captura and in game tools. I saw many posters that were very near my skill level in the honorable mentions, so I was honestly disappointed mine wasn't there, especially since I put down so much time and effort into mine. It was really fun and I had some great laughs in the process. Don't get me wrong, everything that was shown deserved to be there, and it was fun seeing all those different styles. Yeah I'm a bit salty, but that's just how the cookie crumbles I guess.
  12. A cheeky Shining reference, anyone? https://imgur.com/a/x2Ln0Zd
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