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  1. Why don't you listen to the players? They know the game far more than you do. Quite literally. YOU DON'T EVEN PLAY YOUR OWN GAME FFS. AND IT'S NOT EVEN A PVP GAME.
  2. Remove arbitration revives OR remove automatic pick up of the damn things. And fix defense arbitration.
  3. Gara is a much, much better frame than frost. And this is coming from someone who has played frost for 25 percent of his game time (300 hours) for 3 years. Get gara, learn how to use her, leave out frost. Irrelevant frame nowadays.
  4. Everytime I read UI in patch notes I get mini heart attacks.
  5. It was kinda obvious rivens the way they r were never ever a good idea for warframe. And RNG and kuva farming is not the only reason.
  6. Classic DE response. As expected. Very unprofessional, useless, ambivalent, and 5 years too late. You would think after 5 years, maybe they came up with a decent answer but of course not. They are busy with railjack. Dont have time for this. Anyway, I request you to delete this because this doesn't serve anyone and is hilariously asinine in its vagueness.
  7. Remove arbitration revives. Fix ESO host migration. Revert loot nerf.
  8. REMOVE arbitration revive mechanic. I dont want to play floor is lava every time someone dies, which is all the time. I beg you to not please ruin your own game.
  9. Remove the stupid arbitration revive mechanic. I dont want to play floor is lava when someone dies. Its pissing me off that you ruined an already S#&$ty game mode and on top of that added more rng in the form of idiotic rivens without increasing the capacity. Stop ruining your game please.
  10. Please remove this revive crap from arbitrations. It makes no sense whatsoever. If a player dies, usually that player will die again. That's just one out of 100 reasons why this stupid feature was implemented.
  11. Ew, new content. I much prefer melee 3.0 (and other FIXES).
  12. Is that given anywhere? I checked the wiki, and it says riven disp is from 1 to 5. I have never heard of this 0.5 to 1.6. I am just trying to see how much they nerfed strun wraith lol
  13. Can someone explain me those riven numbers? I thought the disposition was from 1 to 5. Why do I see 1.35 for example?
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