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  1. Stance forma? What's that? Oh, the most useless addition to this game. Thanks for the Xoris nerf! Appreciate that since it was more powerful than rivens, by far. Much more powerful, I will say.
  2. Imagine nerfing things that are popular, but then notice your playercount bleeding. And that popular thing isnt even the meta is the sad part. But DE doesnt understand their own game, so they dont know that. Plus, ignoring rivens because that scams all the players who invest in rivens. So essentially, you are just scamming your own playerbase plus either being incompetent or downright lying to them.
  3. Ur game is dying and all you think abt is nerfs? Smart move, DE. Cant say im surprised tho.
  4. Hahaha big changes but i will be surprised if you even uphold 50% of whats written. Personal experience. I just think this is a second opportunity for toxic partners who are friends of DE. Now DE can say the partner has become a better person and admit them in.
  5. I suggest to stay away UNLESS u like the parkour and combat system and want a part-time job.
  6. 2 on rhino prime so far so i can have 4+ builds on him
  7. Hey guys, I want to try and get this weapon and do want to heavily invest in it (aka 5 formas because of my OCD). But before I do that and waste a lot of time which I don't have right now, can you please tell me in your opinion, what are the chances of this weapon seeing a nerf. I'm not talking about the rivens, but just the weapon itself. I made a very short, 1 question poll here (a "Yes" or "No"): http://www.strawpoll.me/20215735 Would appreciate that, thanks! Also, what are some safe but very good kuva weapons (again, excluding rivens) to get and invest in right now? I know kuva bramma is a potential risk. Edit: Also, what elements go well with kuva nukor and in general whatever kuva weapons you recomend. Thanks!
  8. what is actually disgusting is DE releasing a weapon of this caliber without any thoughts and then go on to nerf it several MONTHS later once everyone has invested a lot of time in it. there is no one at fault here except DE. and yes, you can't blame people defending the bramma. they spent time getting it and modding it and formaing it. they deserve to keep what they got. you cant advertise something and then take it away after it is obtained. that is the definition of scam. literally. edit: just to clarify, i dont own any kuva weapons although i do intend to get one once im confident it wont get nerfed (kuva nukor probably?)
  9. I'd rather do 50 runs of the same boss then farm something like equinox at its current form. At least I know i am making some progress towards getting it. I can log in warframe, do 5 boss rounds, log out. Yay, I made some progress towards getting equinox. But this RNG crap is rlly pissing me off because it is everywhere in warframe. And i mean everywhere. They couldn't even let ephemeras be achievement based as it was promised. They had to ruin that by making it RNG as usual. And this is why this game isn't doing great recently. DE really needs to change their ways fast because there DEfence force and their DEfenders are decreasing in numbers fast.
  10. He just said its a good thing you don't need to do those to get to highest level. Some people can't read properly...
  11. Damn these new liches and RJ acts. Guess i will just ignore those. Maybe liches i will do. RJ no way in hell am i touching that garbage.
  12. I am scared to put formas or invest in any equipment now...what if it gets nerfed out of nowhere?
  13. Trust me, you won't get any flak. DEfenders are still there, but they are hiding right now. Even they can't defend this garbage system. And let me tell you, rivens are the worst type of system I have seen in any videogame ever. In 20 years, I have not seen a more absurd system than rivens. Ever in my life.
  14. Rivens were such a mistake for this game. They are literally there for DE to make money off of you by getting you to buy plat and spend a lot on them. ON TOP OF THAT, for your time and money spent, they can get nerfed anytime. SO NOW YOU INVEST IN OTHER RIVENS. DE gets more of your time and money. AGAIN IT GETS NERFED. Rinse and repeat. Truly a brilliant business model (not sarcastic)!!!.
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