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  1. You forgot to mention scrambuses. Basically more annoying than all 3 of those u mentioned.
  2. Congrats for 1 million twitch followers (useless achievment) and also congrats on failjack! I mean railjack, oops.
  3. Saber, im sorry bud but please behave yourself. We have an A D U L T here. oh my gosh!!! And adults know how to behave themselves. Can't you see how little problems there are in the world with adults ruling the world? We are in heaven basically.
  4. bold of you to assume i will farm this crap if it doesnt get fixed. im leaving the game if it doesnt. thank god i didnt spend an insane amount of time on this to have major regrets.
  5. no one cares abt this useless S#&$ty archwing bugfest called railjack. what a trash addition to the game just like requiem relics. what is unrelated here is railjack, the whole update, for the entirety of warframe.
  6. Theres no opinion here. Hek is factually worse than vaykor hek. Its easy to prove this. As for the build, try to add damage mods on hek. Building for full status isnt really worth it.
  7. The update wasn't that great....but okay. I am glad you are excited I suppose.
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