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  1. Yes they did. But you didn't. And I was talking to you.
  2. Sony isn't buying warframe or DE. Sony is buying Leyou. If you think this is important, consider this : you didn't even aknowleged Leyou in your posts. Hell, I'm pretty sure you haven't even herd of Leyou before this.
  3. I'm feeling ignored right now. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ropalolyst Here are sources to prove what I said. Two things to remember : and eidolon is just a sentient zombie. sentients come in many similar units (whit the exception of sentients leader like Natah, Hunhow, etc...) In other words, the Ropalolyst you fight on jupiter IS a "regular" sentient. However, the one you saw during Revenant quest is probably an eidolon indeed.
  4. It was supposed to be an eidolon at first (when it was in development), but that has finally been scratched and now he's just a "regular" sentient.
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