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  1. I've recently starter to farm them. In solo, with Khora, two Primed Animal Instinct (one on my companion and one on Venari), a Thief's Wit, and a Loot Detector, all at max rank, it take me aproximatively 20 minutes to find a fragments. With 4 fragments for a song, and 7 song, I'll let you do the math... I still managed to get the two first song (venus ambiance, and fluid mechanics), but let me say that... ...yes, DE, this need a rework.
  2. I like this ! Let me try... Valkyr : the Barbarian/Berserker, the one that jump first in the battle will screaming incoherent things like "LEROOOOY"... Nova : the Sorceress with powerfull powers, and occasionaly the brain of the team when brute force doesn't work for some reason. Ivara : the Ranger. Who is totally not a Thief, don't listen to the bad mouths. Khora : the Druid/Summoner, always fighting along her two fabled beasts, a Kavat and a Kubrow : "Venari", the mighy, sublime, and legendary orokin kavat, and "H0T DawG", the other one.
  3. What you're seeing is juste a preview, click on "fund construction" to actually apply the pigment (will take 24h).
  4. OH COME ON ! Of course we remember the legend ! 😛 Also, have you read the first post ? "It completely obliterated my entire party even though the other guys were high mastery." Zealot is Leroy Jenkin in disguise confirmed. Step 1 : Punch them in the mouth. Step 2 : Don't get punched in the mouth. Step 3 : ??????? Step 4 : Grofit. Joke aside, those are basically glass canon. As long as you have a decent weapon with you and you keep moving, they're done for.
  5. Here is my top ten of the worst frame of the game : 10) None 9) Because 8 ) Every 7) One 6) Of 5) Them 4) Can 3) Be 2) Useful 1) Speed Volt
  6. Not anymore. Now, you get nitain in the nightwave shop.
  7. Alright, I'm gonna do it. ^^ Old random alerts are gone, and won't come back. Sorry ! 🙂 (regular alert like clem missions, or event, or gift of the lotus are still a thing, though) But instead, now we have... N I G H T W A V E *insert nightwave jingle here* Lorewise, Nightwave is a pirate radio presented by Nora Night (yes, it's a new character), who told us stories happening around the system. Right now, it's the season 2, and it's centered around a mysterious cult and the infested. (season 1 was about an escaped Grineer convict, "the wolf of saturn six".) As for the gameplay... 1) Open nightwave interface. For that, talk to your radio in your ship, or press escape, and click on the big shiny button at the bottom right. You'll see a bunch of challenge (like killing 150 ennemies with a specific element, doing 5 sorties, or... making a gesture. x)). 2) Do those challenge to gain nightwave reputation. (no need to click on them, just do any mission and complete any challenge you want/can) Each 10k of reputation, you gain a rank and a little something. (often exclusive to the current nightwave season !) Skin, sigil, and even a warframe slot ! Aaand... 3) ...among the loot available, you'll see special "token". You can use those token in the nightwave shop. This is where you can buy orokin catalyst, Vauban, helmets, etc... basically every rewards from the long lost alerts. Here you are, dreamer ! Enjoy !
  8. It... actually work ! 😮 And it DOES look cool ! 😄 For those who want to try : 1) In your ship, go into operator mode. 2) Stand near the transferance chair (in the somatic link room at the back of the ship) so you can open the focus menu by pressing X (don't open it yet !). 3) Launch one of the wolf emote, and then press X to open the focus menu. 4) Quit the focus menu you just opened... And enjoy !
  9. ...can someone lock this thread, please ? It's been one week of Shtposting, now... Time to move on. 😕 (also I'm tired of people quoting me (especially when their only argument is basically "LOL DIDN'T READ"...))
  10. First thing first, do you have at least one frame slot for each frames (40 right now, excluding prime variants and incomming frames) ? If not, now is the time. 🙂
  11. I didn't even know you could find those caches with mods. ^^ Personnaly, I just go around the circle, listening to the distinctive sound of the caches. If you don't find any and the cercle seem small, search for a cave.
  12. Servers won't fix the problems, read the others posts before talking. Also, don't make me say thing I didn't said. Also, don't quote me on a topic I've unfollowed because everything had already been said. ... ...actually, please, just stop talking.
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