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  1. I remember the team saying on stream that normal areas are not really built for it. For example doorways are too small for a tenno on a k-drive to get through. It would be cool to be able to use weapons on the k-drive though. Could have some sort of mobile heists where you chase one of the Corpus Wheels.
  2. Yeah it seems like this wasn't tested. The dialogue doesn't even have time to play if you want to complete the quiz in time. If there has to be a timer, it should only appear after that sections dialogue is done. Also when the timer runs out, only the middle platform should evaporate. Cause I'm pretty sure I was on the last question and the answer platform disappeared as I was jumping over to it. Really frustrating.
  3. Deadly Maneuvers and the Magnus makes me wish you could dodge without interrupting reloading.
  4. Affinity is shared, so I'm not sure what the problem is? Also when levelling up a gun you don't want to use, it's more effective to have allies kill things. As a group you are usually meant to be killing as many enemies as possible, so just contribute however you can and don't worry about the kill count.
  5. Cool it isn't just me. Why isn't there any matchmaking for railjack DE?
  6. Like what PublikDomain said, if the players damage potential is a huge range, there isn't any standard you can actually calibrate enemy durability to. Player damage needs to be more predictable somehow. Maybe a super basic way could be to reduce total +damage over a specific amount, so stacking +damage becomes less effective. Basically a soft cap for +damage and possibly other stats.
  7. An 'Archwing follow' mode sounds sketchy. It sounds like the qte-like follow mode in Infinite Warfare or Ace Combat Assault Horizon Why not just increase archwing speed so they can actually keep up with fighters normally?
  8. Difficulty: Did some rank 4 Lich missions after the patch. I didn't notice the enemies being any easier to kill. Though according to the graph I saw, the new scaling doesn't kick in until after level 80. So that is probably why. Besides level 5 liches, is there any 'normal' content that is actually is changed by the new scaling? At least with my mod pool, level 4 Lichs are where I feel like I need to start cheesing the game and where a lot of the arsenal becomes unusable. But level 3 Liches are fine. Since being able to switch up my loadout regularly combats burnout, not being able to use the majority of the arsenal makes Lich grinding more painful past level 3. The railjack troopers are still wayy to tanky when you board their ships. It's fine to have tanky enemies when they board you. But when you are on grinerr crew ships and stations they should be more like normal enemies. Otherwise it's best to just ignore them entirely since you want to complete your boarding action as quickly as possible and leave.
  9. Changes seem like good progress: I wonder if rerolling the Larvaling for the weapon you want is going to be annoying. I guess you can just play normally until the thrall you want shows up. Any idea how this works when multiple players want that weapon on a lich? Is it still going to be a race? Can you remove the need to 5 forma everything for mastery? Cause these weapon don't need 5 forma and I'm not willing to part with the forma for mastery. So it kind of makes the weapons not worth collecting. I'm glad Steve swallowed his urge to arbitrarily kill players. It sounds like the liches still only die the one time, missing the point of the Lich theme and making the gameplay mismatch with their voice lines.
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