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  1. --------------- Syndicates: --------------- Universal syndicate sigil that is a placeholder for which syndicate you want to represent. So when you change syndicate you don't need to update every single appearance config. You swap what the universal syndicate sigil represents from the arsenal, near where you select your front and back sigil. Assassination squad personality: Each has at least one unique looking assassin operative, they also come with the existing syndicate assassin eximus 'drones' as assistants / auras / affinity bundles. If a friendly syndicate invades you (due
  2. Also, possibly an alternate avionics loadout idea. Avionics Avionics is the god stat. Is there a way to use the current railjack upgrade system and remove the avionics stat or make it less important. Also, currently there are 9 mod slots, and there are currently ~5 mods that seem like must haves. So you get 4 choices to make. Would it be possible instead to have no hard slot limit and remove the non choice mods from taking space from other situational mods. The 'core' mods could be free to install (it just costs dirac to level them up to max potential). The core mods are anything
  3. Provided for dev inspiration I put a general ass chapping post here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1247245-the-devstream-asked-for-railjack-feedback-for-an-upcoming-revisit-heres-what-chaps-my-ass-and-what-i-would-like-to-see-changed/?do=findComment&comment=12023802 ------ But here are some more ideas ------ UI ideas: Add ship minimap in top left when manning a station? (so you can see borders / crew / player positions somewhat) Fade out allies and yourself when manning a station and you aim at a spot that is blocked by players or yourself. Very noticeable o
  4. "What chaps my ass" list: https://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/chaps+my+ass.html Add 'standard' warframe functionality to railjack: Mission vote when selecting new mission / drydock like normal warframe Railjack appearance slots like normal warframe Railjack loadout slots. At least for avionics, doesn't seem like weapons really need loadouts. Allow access to in railjack warframe arsenal between missions, similar to normal warframe. Player can force exit themselves to drydock to leave the group between missions, like leaving a group in normal warframe
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