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  1. so the game mode now has kill stealing?
  2. what about the actual problem with the amps energy issue costing so much when not playing as host?
  3. uhhhhhhhhhhh klamora prism need fix to plz
  4. so if a nullifier bubble can resist the heat and force of the sun why are they not invincible? saddest update i have witnessed so far, and klamora amp is still an issue that would be nice to fix maybe?
  5. klamora amp is broken for non host players, energy consumption to high
  6. klamora amp has issue, only works as intented when host but when not host the energy is used to fast
  7. (antigravity moa animation) from neutral standing, moa will float up slowly, realize it and then struggle to get back down and rotate around in the air, can either float safly down and act confused or fall onto ground and jump up startled, maybe cross its legs and act like its meditating too. reactions to emotes can be something like flipping around in zero gravity or try to nod its head and accidentally loose control of gravity.
  8. The Klamora amp part is bugged, works while hosting but uses an insane amount of energy when not hosting
  9. The Klamora amp has an issue where its ammo usage is 10x higher when not playing as host and it really kills the fun, will there be any fix for this?
  10. Is the Klamora amp going to get an ernergy cost reduction at all?
  12. can the energy cost on the klamora amp be reduced please, the small burst doesnt do it justice.
  13. dat new titania helmet has some major duck face issues
  14. garudas claws should be exalted weapons, possibly infusing the forth skill with them to make the claws fire outwards
  15. when are the masks sold in cetes going to be fixed, they get to big and operators grow double chin
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