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  1. What if its just For Tuna? a Fishing Event! would be the best Troll Eva ! 🤣
  2. https://twitter.com/philslaya/status/1054550947878318080?s=21
  3. Honestly i like the new Cursor and when the new interface changes drop with will show as to why its needed saying that i am gonna miss the simplifying of the old way of changing your loadout in your arsenal its gonna take a while to get used to Yes i feel in time people will come to see the benefits this adds not only to user accessibility but also having a sleek interface, lets be honest with soo many options added every few updates in terms of options where avoiding a massive long term potential issue. Too many clustered panels clogging up the UI interface and overall just making Warframe sleek in design, just my two cents on the Topic. ❤️
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