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  1. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Least seen Warframes?

    No gun can easily replace 100% instant armor strip, instant oneshot with CL or 100,000+ finisher damage that deletes groups of lvl 150 armored enemies. Also, so what if Ash isn't the "best" at armor strip, invisibility, or mobility. It's the fact that he can do all those things at once. No other frame can strip armor, go invisible, proc finishers at will, and deal ridiculous finisher damage with slash procs all at once. I understand your point but sometimes being able to do multiple things at once is better than just doing one of them.
  2. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Least seen Warframes?

    Honestly, the whole "poor man's x" is a sloppy argument. For example calling Ash a "poor man's Loki+excal" doesn't make sense because those two frames aren't related in the first place and they can't do things like strip armor or deal true damage like Ash can. It's like calling an apple a "poor man's orange+banana" Also just because a frame isn't in the "Meta" doesn't mean it's bad. Hell, just because the frame is in the "Meta" doesn't mean it's good either. Take Chroma for example, you always see people request and use him for Eidolon hunting but never anywhere else or how most people only use Equinox for focus farming/ESO nowadays. Mesa isn't used in ESO or Eidolon hunting but people still use her. You also have to take into account of playstyles and "fun". Because if everyone only used the "Best" frame for everything than literally everybody would use Octavia but thankfully that's not the case. Every frame is unique in their own way, so a frame you and I may find useless can be ridiculously powerful in someone else's hands.
  3. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Least seen Warframes?

    I don't really see frames like Nyx, Atlas, Wukong, Nezha, Mirage, Titania and Ember anywhere. After the Resonating quake "fix", Banshee went back into the underappreciated frame category again. I never see frames like Ivara or Loki outside of doing spy pubs(usually trigger the alarm too.) Limbo is rare anywhere but grineer/infested mobile defenses I rarely see Ash either but he's more of a solo frame so I guess that's not a surprise.
  4. (XB1)Angryspy101

    ash is still on a wheelchair

    That more of your fault than Ash's. I play on console too and I use Ash's Bladestorm build an I never broke my controller. 😛
  5. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Wanna talk about Trinity + Castanas?

    Woah! Someone who is capable of thinking logically. I don't see how people think that a frame who is undeniably one of the best support frames in the game should also be one of the best DPS frames too. It doesn't make sense. Sure, getting rid of this cheese combo would remove a build/playstyle but this kind of playstyle isn't something that should even exist unless your idea of fun is looking at the ground and spamming castanas while jumping. Like it or not, Trinity's main role will always be supporting her team, not destroying armies through walls. I mean, if Ash, a frame exclusive to dealing damage isn't allowed to nuke groups of enemies through walls with his 4, then why should Trinity keep it?
  6. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Ash's teleport should be free-aim just like it is in Conclave.

    Yea but free-aim teleport's mobility would only seem crazy on the plains. In actual tilesets, you're going to be in tight space most of the time. Also, I suggested that teleporting without a target will only work half the range so. With target= 50m Without target= 25m
  7. Ok so, Ash can use his teleport without needing a target in Conclave but he can't do this in PvE. Which is weird because making it free-aim would support it's original purpose of being a mobility skill and not a CL/finisher bot. Hell, Ash's most appealing theme is being a master ninja of teleportation. Keep the finisher interaction with enemies but allow Ash to teleport freely at half the range.
  8. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Looking For Commission Art

    I made some Ash bladestorm pics http://imgur.com/gallery/todPK3I
  9. (XB1)Angryspy101

    I'm so tired of hearing about Saryn

    Do people still think Ash is struggling?
  10. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Why i stopped playing Ash since rework to bladestorm

    Well to be fair, no other AoE ability can deal over 100,000+ finisher damage and delete lvl 150 corrupted bombards, while also giving the frame complete freedom to do whatever they want.
  11. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Ash joining Bladestorm issue

    It's inconsistent, sometimes it will send you back into the original position sometimes it don't. As for your other question, I don't have a problem of teammates killing my targets because it isn't laborious at all to spend 2-3 seconds to literally swipe right and left. Especially when enemies are clumped up together in tight spaces, and if teammates are always killing your marked targets than either you're too slow or you're playing low level missions. I always get top damage & kills with him.
  12. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Can Ash's smokescreen be an actual smokescreen already?

    The argument of Ash being slower to kill enemies is than other frames is just out of place. I always get top damage and even kills in a group on high lvl content with him. Because sure a frame like Mesa and Saryn can clear a room faster, but they can't always clear a group of enemies due to how energy hungry their kit is, meanwhile Ash can basically spam his bladestorm and other abilities till his heart is content due to how dirt cheap his kit is and how Ash can still gain energy from other sources ( EV Trin, harrow, Zenurik, etc) while using Bladestorm. Add this to the fact that Ash can use his weapons to clear out a group of enemies while his bladestorm clears out another makes him a very versatile and aggressive damage frame. CC have never been an issue with my Ash because Bladestorm + My formad/Rivened weapons can kill enemies faster than they can even kill the objective. Hell, CC isn't even that important, especially when like 80% of the game wants you to just kill stuff. So the only time CC on Ash would actually matter would be mobile defense, but you're playing a frame that can literally oneshot groups of lvl 100 enemies with his 4 ability so you shouldn't need CC when everything is dead.
  13. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Can Ash's smokescreen be an actual smokescreen already?

    In that case, Ash's teleport would essentially be useless/outclassed. Why would use an ability that opens one enemy to finishers when I could use one that opens a whole room?
  14. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Can Ash's smokescreen be an actual smokescreen already?

    That's kinda redundant since Ash can already open enemies to finishers with his teleport. I would rather just have his smokescreen stun and slow enemies down for the duration of the ability.
  15. (XB1)Angryspy101

    Can Ash's smokescreen be an actual smokescreen already?

    As a wise man once told me, "The best kind of CC is death." I mean, Enemies can't kill you or whatever your protecting if they are dead by Bladestorm.