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  1. Ash rework suggestion

    Not really.... Sure the high energy cost is bad, but to be fair Ash's first three abilities are really cheap and if you use efficiency they basically cost nothing, so you will usually have "spare" energy to use for bladestorm. The ability can takeout lvl 170 enemies with or without armor/shields while also making ash invulnerable to damage allowing him to recover shields, energy, health, and even pickup loot safely, that alone makes bladestorm better than half the ultimate abilities in terms of damage and survivability. As for marking its really just all opinion, some people like it, other do not. I personally don't mind marking, since one mark can kill lvl 50s, two marks for lvl 80 and three marks for anything higher, bladestorm also scales with the combo counter so you can potentially kill lvl 170 enemies if you play melee ash. Just like every other ultimate, bladestorm has flaws, but it's definitely not the worst ultimate if you know what your doing.
  2. To be fair, the nerf isn't even that bad, bladestorm can still kill lvl 150 enemies if you know how to use it properly. Only thing Loki has that is better than ash is Invisibility, other than that they are completely different from each other.
  3. Loki has a longer Invisibility and ash's Invisibility is the weakest invis among the other stealth frames
  4. This change would make 10x more sense for ash rather than loki.
  5. Ash Bladestorm Energy Costs

    I don't mind the energy cost for bladestorm since efficiency exist, and Ash's first three abilities cost are dirt cheap by default and if you use efficiency they basically cost nothing. Besides bladestorm is meant to be used as a backup ability for certain situations.
  6. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    This for demonstration https://youtu.be/JMwh3V64748
  7. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Yeah, so if you have an reliable way to ragdoll enemies, you can kill pretty much anything at lvl 100 with shuriken. It's one of the strongest bugs out there lol.
  8. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Nah, it's a bug with shuriken + ragdoll, try using the sonicor with Ash's 1. It's broken.
  9. Is Atlas Bad?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Ok, I know that atlas's damage from his 1st ability is great, but there is no way he's going to out damage those frames, especially Ash/Mesa/Excalibur, who are leagues better at dealing with enemies on higher lvls with a decent build. The problem with atlas is that he basically only has one ability/playstyle which is just punching the crap out of everything. He's pretty bad in a sense of 3/4 of his kit is pretty useless in high lvl missions. But hey, he is a fun frame tho.
  10. Ash Rising storm augment change

    Damage increase is the LAST thing bladestorm needs, the ability can kill most lvl 100 enemies in seconds by just have a steel charge on ash. Energy cost isn't much of a problem with all the things you can do, energy pads, efficiency mods, Invisibility etc. The clone only aspect is cool but it would kinda turn ash from an powerful assassin to a summoner. The thing with bladestorm is that, the ability is only meant to be used when you ACTUALLY need it, Ash's main source of damage should always be his weapons & and first three abilities, my smokescreen + status/slash melee is usually enough to out DPS and survive longer than most damage frames in higher lvls anyway. The problem with ash is that he can hit harder than most frames but he hits slower to balance him out.
  11. Chroma is too powerful!

    For now....
  12. Chroma is too powerful!

    Yea , except ember only does that on low lvls, ash on the other could wipe rooms on low, mid, and high lvls because finisher damage and slash procs. Also, unlike world on fire, bladestorm made ash invulnerable to damage. Nice try, but old bladestorm ash was 10x better than WOF ember, that's why it needed to get nerfed.
  13. Chroma is too powerful!

    Yea, Because now I can play ash in public without scaring my teammates.
  14. Dev stream 100 Tactical Potato ..Chroma Prime confirmed ??

    The point is that you can solo missions with ash without forcing 3 other players to run CP with them. So all of your weapons can strip 100% armor from lvl 150 enemies in just a single hit? Impressive, but still you can just use a viral weapon to kill enemies faster with ash. So? Ash is actually better than some of those frames in melee builds because he can use smokescreen to gain a stealth melee multipiers and his passive basically buffs any melee weapon that procs slash, he can instantly perform finishers on his enemies at will(no casting time). Ash can have 1,000 health along side his decent armor and sprint speed so any crossfire won't oneshot him. Best of all, ash won't be targetable by enemies anyway. At this point everybody should understand that bladestorm isn't supposed to be Ash's main source of damage, ash isn't saryn or Excalibur or ember. Use bladestorm when the time actually calls for it, you are invulnerable to all damage so you can easily gain back your shields and if you use sentinels, you can potentially gain back health and collect loot. Like i said bladestorm isn't Ash's only way of dealing damage(surprise surprise). Shuriken can rekt anything below lvl 60 with a couple of cast and the augment can strip 100% armor, smokescreen gives ash safety and more melee damage which he can actually use since he has stats that supports melee play, Teleport grants free finishers and the augment only increases it's effectiveness past lvl 100. Bladestorm can kill anything past lvl 170 but it should only be used when ash actually needs it. Plus he arguebly has the best passive among the older frames since it increases the power of any weapon that procs slash. I wouldn't say better but rather alternative way. You're entitled to your opinion, if you don't like ash than there is nothing wrong with that, but from what I see from most of the community, ash is nowhere near being as forgotten as atlas.
  15. Dev stream 100 Tactical Potato ..Chroma Prime confirmed ??

    Finally, someone who isn't afraid to admit that Octavia needs some retooling.