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  1. Technically, Xoris essentially not being useable with certain abilities is it being touched because now nobody has any real reason to use it except for the new activity which even then people would just bring Mesa. It's only real use and niche is gone all because of a misunderstanding of DE's misplaced sense of balancing. I've USED the Xoris and it sucks just as a melee weapon. And who's exactly the glass cannon frame here, both Mesa and Saryn can tank a good amount of damage when built properly on top nuking rooms, Face it.
  2. I mean I didn't like using it at all when I got it but the fact that things like this is getting nerfed due to the idea of "restricting player choice" meanwhile frames like Saryn and Mesa singlehandedly dominate the DPS frame roles and go untouched for years bothers me. Especially since the Xoris wasn't even the best statstick nonetheless a good melee weapon...
  3. Wait, do people actually have issues building/maintaining combo with Ash. He's like the best frame for that...
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