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  1. please allow hildryn to use other weapons in her 4th and any status effect taken in her 3 to be put onto enemies linked
  2. is the wolf supposed to give standing? i heard it was supposed to give 1k but i didnt get any when i killed it
  3. moa doing a handshake like the robot in big hero 6 - requires player to do handshake emote
  4. available for purchase in psn store, clanmate already has it
  5. could we atleast get a 'who's that pokemon' outline picture of the next prime? fuel the hype? plz?
  6. its low enough that it would seems fine too, but high enough to stick with (as a dev stand point may see it)
  7. i would think maybe 20%, i can see combo with 4th to get doubles then melee through the spears
  8. just wondering if pablo will be relooking at vauban and chroma too? as it feels like the vauban .... buff? ... was a little sparse and chroma prime is inbound
  9. -Are you guys planning to do a riven disposition relook after you have finished with the rework?
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