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  1. Please give us back the gimballed forward guns, instead of locked ones. It felt so much better and more immersive and useful to be a pilot, at least for me.
  2. Partially incorrect. According to the info DE gave about the Orbiter years ago, the Landing Craft is in a hangar bay, completely separate from your quarters where you take missions, access the Arsenal, etc. In other words, you are only in your Landing Craft when going to and from missions. Though, DE loves to always change things they state over the years.
  3. That is true, but it is something to remember for when you can do it. Tis an annoying bug, but one that sadly is still quite commonplace.
  4. Try a hard power cycle, by turning off the system, unplugging it for about 7-10 seconds, then replug and turn on. Clears the cache, and usually resolves that issue.
  5. Neither I nor my clan mates have experienced an issue like that personally recently, but one way to possibly fix it is hard power cycle, turn off the system, unplug the power supply for about 7-10 seconds, then replug and power on, clears the cache. Fixed it for me the last time I had that issue, back in PoE release.
  6. Oh believe me, I agree wholeheartedly that the wait can be stupidly long. The main issue we have compared to other games is that Warframe doesn't have a proper test server outside of the Dev build and just Live build on PC. If we did have a test server, there is a high chance that we would get updates quicker, and more simultaneously with PC, because the testing could be done before releases, with far more variables than just what DE might pull in the Dev build.
  7. Normally I'd agree, but some of the Tenno complaining are some I see in Region regularly, where I have explained multiple times for the last 6-7 updates how the Cert Process works.
  8. Told y'all it would more likely drop today, as has been the usual pattern for updates. Buncha impatient Tenno we have.
  9. As do I, you are not alone. My main day of play is Saturdays, maybe Sundays.
  10. Probably just lack of resources to devote to us honestly. We all know PC is a tad more important than console for several Dev studios.
  11. The Cert Process has usually been a week long ordeal, especially for larger updates. It will more than likely drop tomorrow.
  12. Not gonna lie, I was trying to ignore that logic personally. I just shook my head at it and moved on lol
  13. The Cert Process, especially for fairly large updates, usually takes a week anyways. Not only that, but with it being in cert, it is quite literally out of DE's hands when it drops, if you want it faster then you need to hit up Microsoft's Cert team.
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