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  1. @[DE]Rebecca I am curious though, how is this first to be implemented? Will it be an update or something similar, or is it something that is background related and is implemented similar to how Nightwave dropped globally?
  2. Sadly with my admittedly crap internet about 6 months of the year I really only can answer questions in Chats, so I know that feeling haha. I'm too used to people thinking I'm demeaning them, since intent is slightly hazy in text format haha. I've always loved helping people learn about the game, and that will never change, no matter what Title, if any, I held ^.^
  3. I can personally see it as having a possible dark side to it of people "downvoting" genuinely good and helpful Tenno, if that will be a thing of course, though I'm just paranoid. I will say the same thing I told people wanting to be Guides for the Cosmetics only though: If a reward is your only reason for helping, then you shouldn't help. Help because you want to ^.^ And I'm not saying that is your only reason, just stating my view on that matter is all
  4. It will be sad to see the Guides go, even though I had never had any interest in being one. I help because that's what I enjoy, never needed a title to do it. Hopefully we all keep helping and caring for each other as fellow Tenno.
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