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  1. That's a bummer. I haven't jumped back in to playing, but I did log in the other day and this was the gist I got, that finishing Nightwave might replace my normally scheduled catching up on story and weapons/frames if I want all of the cosmetics/rewards. I can't say whether or not I dislike Nightwave since I haven't been a part of one - I really like the idea of it. I think every game benefits from more content and more ways to play, but there's diminishing returns with timed/seasonal events and especially if anything becomes exclusive as part of them. I was hoping the forums would have something I missed. I wish DE would address this in a more meaningful way than "we'll figure it out" because for people like me the only reason I started playing Warframe was because I saw a mountain to climb and now it's starting to feel like parts of that mountain are becoming exclusive based on if you had time to play during a specific event - I hate that feeling. The haziness around completing an in-game collection of cosmetics has been enough for me to walk away from games in the past, as silly as that might seem to others. I've consumed a lot of the content Warframe has to offer so it's kind of a big deal to me when I miss something completely. I think for new players they may realize they are in the middle of something, missing out on it (and previous events), and then ditch the game over it. Cosmetics may not affect the game for some, but it does for me both from a general fashion frame standpoint and the collection/100% aspect. I understand that it doesn't affect actual gameplay, but when you're mowing down everything in sight with 10 forma'd frames and weapons the only difference is in how things look. It feels like because I don't have time to play, as a cosmetic collector at least, I am being punished. It seems like this is becoming the norm in games and it's not entirely inclusive which bugs me. Maybe I'm just getting older and have less time for them but it's sad to see the games I could always rely on start pulling content based on when you had time to play - even if it's just cosmetics. I think there are better and more unique ways to provide rewards and incentives around seasonal events while still including new/returning players.
  2. Hi there, I read in another post that DE had addressed on a stream, the fact that they don't like timed exclusive rewards, and that all rewards/weapons/frames, barring founders items, would be available in-game on some sort of basis. Has there been any more news around this regarding Nightwave? I started playing 3 years ago and I'm fine with grinding for things - it took almost this long for me to finish my Acolyte mod set and it felt great when I finally did it. Same with vaulted weapons/frames. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time for Warframe at the moment. This is how my life works - I'll have a month or two to binge, I spend a lot on platinum, I grind whatever I can and make as much progress as possible, and then I have to put it down for 3-4+ months. Nightwaves is the first time I feel like I'm missing out on something and it's making me feel apprehensive about coming back at all. I enjoy collecting things - I hit MR25 and leveled every weapon and frame I could as of late 2018 and I have always looked forward to coming back and having a bunch of new content to farm for, or story to progress. If I can't work towards 100% on a game at my own pace, chances are I won't play it. I saw a comment on reddit saying the game "feels dead" at the moment due to being in-between "seasons" - that seems wrong. I can appreciate seasonal events but I would hate to see Warframe become so tied to its seasonal events that the player base is affected. DE has carefully constructed a treadmill that I enjoy running on - but it's a very finely tuned machine and the small details tend to make the difference. I would have a stronger desire to come back to the game if I knew the following: Seasonal content was available on some sort of defined schedule - even if it's annually like some other events. This would signal that Warframe has been growing while I've been away and that it's always ready for me to come back and catch up on my path to 100% without any fear of missing event specific rewards. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The seasons/series completed in the past had a similar "meaningless number/diminishing returns" format or prestige system as forma as opposed to a completely unique or unobtainable/non-repeatable system. If Series 1: The Wolf of Saturn Six is tied to February - May, then so be it. I wouldn't mind that. Let's say I return to Warframe in February 2020. I assume there will be a new Series active during that time. It would be great if I could progress in both Series 1 (Wolf of Saturn Six) and whatever series is going on at that time in 2020. In this example Series 1 is always tied to the Series released around February-May. This would allow DE to recycle some content while expanding on the lore/story of that particular series and it turns into a periodical story line of sorts. We can expect more "Wolf of Saturn Six" related story every February-May DE could create their very own Avengers arc by tying Nightwave Series together into a pinnacle event some time in the future. Seasons could also become "replayable" as in, we would have the ability to start progress on them and work towards them at any time after their intermission period. This could get hairy to manage if they aren't tied to time periods like above, but does give us much greater freedom of choice. Obviously I haven't taken the time to figure out the logistics, I think after a year or two, they would HAVE to be limited by time periods or risk fragmenting content too much. As long as we aren't "locked" to an event and things are repeatable at some point, players will jump between them to farm for old rewards and to help returning/new players. The way it currently feels is locked to a specific one-time period, which seems restrictive. I believe choice is one of the most important aspects of live games or games as a service and being able to play the game on my terms has always been something Warframe got right. I know it's been stated and I'll just have to be patient, but I would love to see more discussion whether it be from the community, or DE, on this topic.
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