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  1. So you telling me for a bran new player to get a Gold potato they have to wait 4 weeks is ok? Don't make sense they said this system would be better not worse. Btw this is a free to play not pay to win and if making it a long grind for 1 item is a way to make it pay to win then DE is screwing up...
  2. is it just me or did this make it so new players cant get stuff easy like with alerts.. you guys actually made it worse. I get making umbra formas hard to get but for like mods and helmets you would have to wait weeks
  3. This really grinds my gears just because you don't have these rivens to sell you want them nerfed on bran new guns..... they just barely came out and I don't know if you noticed but warframe is about being overpowered... we finally get pistols that are worth a crap and already complaints... now I know why ember was nerfed into a piece of crap...
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