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  1. sammywa123

    What happens to the Kubrows that are consigned to Lotus

    nice thanks for the info
  2. So what does really happen to all these pups/Kavats. is there an army of them waiting to be used later on... or do they just go poof... would be funny to see what happened to 40 kubrows that I have consigned so far (all named PooPoo, because they didn't have lotus pattern :P).
  3. sammywa123

    Dojo's bugs

    this is a very big problem for all dojo rooms... sometimes when I am building something to make it line up perfect I have to put It far inside the wall until I realize its all the way in the next room... so inorder to get two walls to line up it either has to go inside wall some or have smaller pieces put in but then wall is not the same. its frustrating to say the least. also not being able to put stuff 5 feet in front of a doorway is very annoying. like in a grassy area, in front of every door is a bald spot....would like to see an out of bounds where remaining objects sticking through will be vaporized and stuff inside will remain.
  4. sammywa123

    DE Index is broken!!!

    posting your specs means nothing if you get a host that has terrible internet it causes you lag not him, and that would cause this problem if you played that long you should know this..
  5. sammywa123

    Plains of Eidolon: Abandoned?

    "Its my money, and I want it NOW!!!"!… yep sounds like you right now 😛
  6. sammywa123

    Why are Cells dropping in such high amounts

    500 cells here.... plastids are my problem resource cause dojo decorations are a thing...
  7. sammywa123

    DE Index is broken!!!

    easy fix 1) host your own index and you wont have lag (if you have great internet) 2) play as limbo or have someone in your squad as limbo and freeze their base.... they will never turn in points.. 3) and this happens often people in your squad are hoarding points tell them to turn in
  8. but what about fissure missions this wont work as I have to select relics
  9. Hello DE and Players.. just wondering if we can ever get a wait for host option for people like me that have really bad internet.. I try to not be a host and its a pain in the rear. and that's really just me being considerate.. some people do not do this and tend to not care and the rest of the squad pays for it with extreme lag. I sometimes have to push the mission activation button and cancel 30 times!! before I finally get in a squad and not be the host. Now I know what some of you are thinking and are going to say just use recruit chat to get in squads or go with clan.. this is sometimes not possible and it would help to have this for all types of missions. let me know what you think and if DE is watching please do this if its not too much work.. 🙂
  10. sammywa123

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    This really grinds my gears just because you don't have these rivens to sell you want them nerfed on bran new guns..... they just barely came out and I don't know if you noticed but warframe is about being overpowered... we finally get pistols that are worth a crap and already complaints... now I know why ember was nerfed into a piece of crap...
  11. sammywa123

    Arbitrition rewards.

    Endo is always needed I don't know why everyone has to complain about it, how about they just remove the alerts all together and we go back to having no endo, except what we get in our daily sortie statue lmao Didn't they just say they are adding rivens to the list of possible rewards you can buy? Just sayin
  12. sammywa123

    Update 23.6.0 -- Where are you?!

    Nice Cant wait....
  13. sammywa123

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3

    Oh wow love this skin...... drop rates on unvaulted relics still horrible i see... 12 hour farm for 1 relic = Ragequit
  14. sammywa123

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    Farming these Relics are a nightmare 12 hours of farming only came out with 1 of the new relic... add to that the RNG on cracking the relics makes this unacceptable.. please fix this