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  1. dayum , you have a twisted mind man xD
  2. Clan name ArtistsLair Clan tier Ghost Clan platform PC Your Clan role Founding Warlord full gallery : https://imgur.com/a/gMYnwjW I want to thank all the Warframe community and devs for this opportunity. I had so much fun with this. New decorations are AMAZING. I couldn't believe that you added even more recently!!! Decorating is one of the most fun activities to me. Speaking of challenge , since the beginning of this contest i decided to challenge myself and decorate something unique for my quite fresh clan. I named that hall "The Mountain" ( don't need guidance , it will be obvious , in the gallery pictures ) . Not only i created a "mini Mountain" but i also added a building , looking like a base. First floor of that building is pretty simple. Transporters , doors to future rooms (i already have few good ideas ). Second floor is simple yet modern. I didn't want to overcrowd that one. Third floor is a mini bar made from mainly Corpus decorations. Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone! 🙂
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