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  1. You should stop flooding the forums with meaningless replies and let people voice their opiions. I bet it will be back too, in 4 years.
  2. Every reply you make to these posts, meangingful end-game content gets pushed 10 years.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/KBjEg What an insult.
  4. Are you talking about Eidolons again? I think so!
  5. So why isnt conclave being removed, that has a smaller playerbase and takes up resourcers. It gets more patches and fixes than raids after all. Not to mention the raids were only severely bugged (still completeable mind you) at certain points which begged for fixes, and other than that they BARELY get fixes and have been working and playable in a good state for a while. Raids have mechanics, you literally shoot eidolons just like any other enemy and great, youre done, no communication needed, just a gear check. I'm not saying the raids were perfect by any means...ive played other games like destiny which have great raids and WF's were no where near as good, however they still offered a different gameplay style to the rest of the game and a bunch of people found them fun. Most people who want raids to go either never played them or just got salty because arcane prices were out of their reach. Lastly, if you take a look at the steam achivements for the ammount of people who have killed ONE eidolon, just one. It is a very small ammount. Around 3~ %. Now how many people do you think actively do eidolons in that group, a lot less. There are very few people who actually participate in eidolons, i'll give you a hint its because they are mindless and boring and don't require any thought. If you want them to better use their resources how about they try making some ACTUAL end game for once. Don#t get me wrong, if the raids staying in the game severely hurt them on the back end, thats not up to us to decide, OF COURSE they have and should take the raids out of the game, however the whole ordeal about "temporarilly removing" raids which they've said before and have not lived up to the promise, not giving us any real details the proccess, a poorly worded forum post and the quick change of arcanes from raids to eidolons (to me they clearly couldnt think of any new rewards and decided to make removing raids a good excuse to do it)...all in all it was just really badly handled, thats why most of the raid community is sadened. If we had hope that a new raid (which is what they said is their new aim) would be added into the game in half a year with some new rewards and cool mechanics and no bugs i bet everyone would be thrilled, but they wont, far from it, DE cannot be trusted anymore.
  6. Lol, eidolon caps dont require coms, nor teamwork. They require a gear check and thats all. No mechanics, no diffculty, just my bleeding eye balls.
  7. "reward" You mean a badge which means jack all? ok cool.
  8. What would be the point in showing the weapons...they dont know how to mod them anyway its not like you would actually see how good they are.
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