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  1. Why is this still an issue?! Happening at the time of posting on Valac (Europa) for the Neo fissure. 4 years of inaccurate labeling? Edit: It should specify the full mission type, as in 'Crossfire Exterminate' vs 'Crossfire Spy', in the fissure list.
  2. The Nightwave Weekly Challenge 'Test Subject' requires the player to complete 8 Zones of Sanctuary Onslaught. Upon reaching Zone 9, the Challenge is counted as only '7/8'. Clearly something has gone wrong in the counting. Kills: 24,170 Eximus: 158,000 Zones: 360,000 Mission Score: 542,170 Rank S
  3. Titania Prime always uses her vague floaty drifting "walk/run" instead of the Animation Set actually chosen. It ruins the aesthetics, and the purpose of having and choosing specific animation sets. I don't like the default Titania Prime walk/run to begin with, but it is especially galling to have it completely disregard Animation Set. That seems like a bug to me, or at least a highly-questionable oversight.
  4. Found this thread searching for why the animation seems bugged. How on earth was this state possibly considered acceptable? Her walk/sprint animation genuinely seems unfinished or broken. It's just... lacking.
  5. Yeah, I found this thread searching for anywhere I could actually give feedback on the upcoming Update. Unfortunately, given the timeline, the Update is going live on all platforms in less than a week. Meaning they're extremely unlikely to change anything pre-release, and would have to find a way to 'undo/rework' the existing system if they wanted to change it significantly. So disappointing.
  6. Why is Rank 10 Command promoting scrapping existing crew? Seriously. I know that at least some of DE's own staff have Railjack crews they've grown fond of. Why are we being incentivised to replace existing crew in favour of these "Elites" (which seems very non-Fortuna in its ethos), rather than having 'Elite Trainers' who can boost existing crew?
  7. Surely the developers and other staff members have crewmembers they already like. It is utterly baffling that Rank 10 Command would suggest players abandon the crew they've built and progressed with, instead of training up the existing crew to be even better. Edit: I really like the idea of using 'Elite Trainers' as a form of Valence Fusion rather than replacing crew entirely.
  8. Still reporting the same issues: Legitimate Queer terminology is prohibited as "profanity". Actual slurs are considered acceptable by the filter.
  9. These issues continue to persist. DE needs to stop treating being Queer (and relevant terms) as profane. DE also needs to block actual slurs from being used.
  10. Relevant DE staff may wish to take a quick look at the Steam Forums announcement for this. Far too many individuals there are handling the inclusion of a Pride palette less than graciously.
  11. Also confirming this bug persists. 1/2 Crewships killed. No more will spawn, even after flying to the limits of the map in the hopes that might reset it. Appears to have ruined the last minutes of the Affinity Weekend for me. I was ranking up a Necramech.
  12. This is especially tiresome in Railjack Fissures, where I will run around fighting in my Necramech only to notice that the Void Sinks murder the Sentinel no matter where 'I' actually am in the Necramech. Please just make Sentinels immune/inactive while in Necramech, given that they do not follow the Necramech and are thus not actually 'in use' at all.
  13. I caught Sporule Avichae only days ago. Don't use bait, and just keep trying. Paradoxically, the mid-tier animals are always the hardest to find, because the bait is more likely to give you the rarest.
  14. This has made a huge difference. They still feel a bit purposeless, but at least Railjack Fissures are playable now. Much much less risk of inflicting eye strain and headaches and migraines with this batch of changes, and the screen effect is even (mostly) helpful instead of intrusive now. It still should never have released in the state that it did; someone should have caught it and recognised the issues. But thank you to the team for actually listening and working to address it. (Just wanted to comment on this given I was one of the ones hammering on it as a problem before.)
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