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  1. I am once again asking DE to please revert the mining detection audio changes. It is extremely difficult to pick out against other audio sounds, unlike before. It is nigh-impossible to pick out when invisible, which is the most peaceful way to do mining and fishing. It is anti-accessibility, because before one could navigate almost-exclusively by the detection sound. (The ridiculous brightness changes were acknowledged as a problem. Why not the ridiculous audio changes?)
  2. Oh hey! Someone else experiencing this ridiculous bug! I've personally gotten a 50-70+ seconds cooldown on Volt's 4 for no apparent reason in regular missions, multiple times across various locations. Is it occurring across different warframes for you?
  3. I'm not sure those were the only ones causing issues, though they were the worst offenders. However, if you're fixing visual issues, would you also kindly revert the mining audio change. It is far too hard to pick out now, especially with other noise going on, and nigh-impossible when invisible. That makes for significantly worsened accessibility. (It was possible before to navigate towards mining spots primarily using audio. Now it is not.)
  4. No. You didn't. This is just like the mining tool locator sound being changed. You've just worsened accessibility again. Revert the blinding/buggy visuals. Revert the mining detection sound changes.
  5. Same hat. Would also like to add an infused ability to another slot without having to remove, reinfuse, & pay the cost again. Edit: Turns out there's a workaround for what I wanted at least. Just swap the slot order in the Arsenal if you need the ability on a different build.
  6. Archguns equipped to your Necramech use Appearance Slot A. You need to edit them elsewhere and they will be recoloured accordingly on the Necramech.
  7. Confirming that this is still (shockingly) an issue in the current patch. Platform rose, got stuck inside it, used /unstuck, got spawned below the arena with no way to reach Kela or the Extraction. (In my case, there's a possible link to the fact I was rapidly switch-dash-switch'ing with Operator for Zenurik around the time when the platform rose.)
  8. Undo this. Who the heck thought this was an improvement of any sort? 0/10 accessibility. Clarification: I used to be able to navigate and track between mining spots primarily using the audio. It is now absurdly quiet and hard to pick out. This is especially noticeable when invisible, such as when using Ivara's Prowl to mine in peace. Revert please.
  9. Wow. This is ridiculous. That's almost 4 months and not even an acknowledgement of the issue, much less a fix.
  10. Why is this still a thing? It seems like an obvious oversight, or a project left incomplete. It's especially odd that Red Veil lacks a Combat emote. Perhaps equally odd that Perrin Sequence lacks Engineering.
  11. Same bug is still an issue. Either alter the challenge instructions or fix it so that K-Drive slams and damage-dealing K-Drive mods count (as they should) for the challenge.
  12. Why is this still an issue?! Happening at the time of posting on Valac (Europa) for the Neo fissure. 4 years of inaccurate labeling? Edit: It should specify the full mission type, as in 'Crossfire Exterminate' vs 'Crossfire Spy', in the fissure list.
  13. The Nightwave Weekly Challenge 'Test Subject' requires the player to complete 8 Zones of Sanctuary Onslaught. Upon reaching Zone 9, the Challenge is counted as only '7/8'. Clearly something has gone wrong in the counting. Kills: 24,170 Eximus: 158,000 Zones: 360,000 Mission Score: 542,170 Rank S
  14. Titania Prime always uses her vague floaty drifting "walk/run" instead of the Animation Set actually chosen. It ruins the aesthetics, and the purpose of having and choosing specific animation sets. I don't like the default Titania Prime walk/run to begin with, but it is especially galling to have it completely disregard Animation Set. That seems like a bug to me, or at least a highly-questionable oversight.
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