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  1. Oh cool, rerunning the sacrifice promo drops for folk who joined since then. Noice.
  2. Oh you mistake me. I have no optimism. I just want the train wreck to be entertaining.
  3. I'm wait and see on what they do wit harchwing because as is i both do not want to do vanilla archwing missions, but at the same time they were actually interesting... just a visual mess (i admit freely i am an edge case.)
  4. And yet he is not wrong in pointing the finger at DE and outright going 'you say buff but your actions say 'anything the players have fun with ends up getting torched, the players blamed, and the meme has been going around when a new fun thing is found 'hotfix incoming! Fun Detected.'
  5. I like the idea of Advocate. Or possibly The Subrogation: The substitution of one person in place of a creditor whose rights he acquires.
  6. Brozime summs my feelings up pretty well. https://youtu.be/Xhg2bR57xaE?t=663 This encompasses my feels on DE right now utter pessimism. I wouldl ove to be wrong and it not end up two worthless buffs for seven or twelve nerfs to the fun thing. And y'know what the damning part of this is? This isn't me joe random who has been playing casually for the past fourish years. The video is of one of the founders who has reputedly gained partner status and is supposed to act as a cheerleader for the game basically confirming that sinking pit in my stomach isn't just personal paranoia and I am not alon
  7. Did you have to donate to get the syandana? Because I'm not seeing it. Edit: it's in the store for ten credits.
  8. After whacking a few forma onto Xaku? I found myself activky avoiding athe lost because 'This is clunky to use in a fight and I am constantly mis clicking' The timer numbers kept blending into the power icons at the lower right of the screen. This is partially an eipyesight issue, but with the usi bumped up to 130% ithere were still many instances of me thinking the power had run out except no n umber blended into icon. Could vast untime get an end animation that has more distinctiveness than the body bits melting back onto the frame? Found myself in a posit
  9. Then what was the point in making the ability? You made the power, stop crying when by all logic and reason it leads to a state you don't like because you're too stupid to think behind 'huhuhuh we make number go up. number go up bad.' Isn't that what we get accused of doing? Being too stupid to think past 'unga bunga big number'? Don't fall into that trap. Scrap and rework. Weapon stealing SHOULD be a good form of CC (see radial disarm.) Give it some sort of defensive ability to compensate for lack of offensive range in shooting down enemy projectiles from anything that still has weapons,
  10. Not sure if good or bad they haven't responded to me offering up my account if they hit 15k during stream.
  11. So Yu are basically making them worse. How about you reevaluate gas because as of right now gas is useless.
  12. Yu are bound and determined to not give the grasp of lohk weapons more firing range aren't you?
  13. They never said that, only that they would look at ir. Like they looked at xoris, looked at limbo and khora which they nerfed MID EVENT, like they would look at hema research costs... Oh yes I remember that. And the part thwt throws salt on top of salt here is how they quickly hold up stats going 'its just fax gies' for nerfs and when those stats show a thing needs a buff 'it is what it is' So no,now is not the time for calm. Historically Dae hasn't done anything without players collectivky breating down their necks. Do so POLITELY
  14. The way Scott and Steve behaved on the latest dev stream does not inspire confidence or hope for improvements to the underused abilities and a fea rthat anything worth using will be nerfed into the ground 'to preserve choice.' I realize reb was joking, but it was in poor taste. Even in worse taste though was scott talking about deleting mesa rather than buff. That's the part I don't get. They are quick and eager to nerf and trot out data as excuse. Here is data effectively going 'these abilities NEED buffs because a majority see them as useless.' Yet when asked if they plan on buffing ba
  15. Don't get me wrong, the ensmallening is nice. The universal skins appreciated, and a few of the changes are appreciates. However it seems you go out of your way to antagonize the playerbase, then come out bawwing and crying at how mean we are when we are sick of you fiberwagging at how 'your feedback is in bad faith' or acting like you are preserving choice by nerfing things into the ground, and then blatantly ignoring changes we want because things bork.
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