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  1. I'm not disagreeing. i'm just stating those that went up trying to justify pumping brakes on power creep? no duh my bruh it's hard, that's why you are head of a department (DE has several hundred people we don't see on camera so it isn't just, example, scott or pablo stuck in a windowless office all day forced to work on spreadhseets. it's a whole team of people that end up answering to them.
  2. Currently rivens are very profitable. Why would they WANT to listen to us? We are a minority it seems, while a majority just silently plug plat into trade chat.
  3. Given that DE has outright opposed something reasonable such as farming items/material for single use stat locking, and in the past ... FOUR YEARS since riven introduction (Let that sink in, rivens showed up in late 2016 it is now early 2021) the only improvement had been to level off costs past x number of rolls and frankly bad dispo changes based purely on useage stats rather than taking weapon caricteristics, slot (primary, secondary, melee) and or use case into account... Just raw useage stats except in rare cases such as the khom where they manually tweaked some numbers so it could get 10
  4. I see it as them pulling back to duck away from criticisms. I hope to be wrong, but I do not see this as a good thing. Half as many dev streams, and til tennocon 'Duurrr we can't say anything TENNOCON BE THERE!' non information with a bunch of softball questions with half of those dodged or non-answered.
  5. Gonna be blunt. I really don't care so long as you have this inconsistent 'rules for thee but not for me because the rules are never explained and then unevenly enforced' Malarky. Til that gets settled it doesn't care who ownes you. Or are you going ot call this post 'in bad faith' like feedback you specifically asked for?
  6. Or possibly have conclave standing affected by UNIVERSAL medallions? Steve throwing that conclave jerk on twitter out as an excuse was just that, an excuse. Conclave Jerk on Twitter was just the guy they pointed at to go 'SEE! We have support for taking away functionality! Nevermind the universal medallions value got nerfed already and they're hard to farm! We're gonna make them stop working with conclave!'
  7. Are these going to essentially be static poseable articula, or can you assign functions to them like an NPC that you interact with and access arsenal, or another to access inventory (yea you can do so from the esc menue but still.) Can they be given travel paths and patrol routes? Because this has the potential to breathe life into Dojo's enough so I might actually care about them ESPECIALLY if they can have assignable patrol paths (even if it's just 'npc x goes to here here and here. Here is home room for them.) Legitly this has a great potential to add a sense of this being a base of ope
  8. Can the glaive changes be put up on the public test cluster feedback?
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