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  1. I wanna know if they had a gun just off camera pointed at pablo going 'SELL THIS STEAMING GARBAGE FAT MAN'
  2. So basically I am going ot get punished for subsuming warframes and being an erly adopter leaving me to have to spam subsume. Hard Dislike.
  3. Are you going to call our feedback to the information on hand 'in bad faith' this time? I know none of you particularly care, but you responding that way really soured me on how you personally handle community feedback.
  4. My question is twofold: Will command intrinsic get a restructure as the whole thing seems like base functionality or spreading out what should be four or five ranks of material (barring liches and on call being high rank. That is fine) and when will liches be able to do more than act as a defender, especially since you can't put a lich on call?
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